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Black Friday? More like Blackout Friday for HSBC's online and mobile banking

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No Loss

Loss of BF because of HSBC is no loss. BF, like Halloween, is just another crap US-ism we can all do without. Much like HSBC really.

Microsoft unleashes Copilot preview on Windows 10 insiders

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No Icon for copilot on my OS..

Maybe 'cos it ain't Winders.

Firefox slow to load YouTube? Just another front in Google's war on ad blockers

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Re: Firefox and YouTube shenanigans

Funny really, especially as Google fund Firefox to some extent.

The whole internet has become a cesspit of advertising shit. Google admits to it, others just faff about in the swamp.

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I will not tolerate Google telling me how I run things on my own computer!

For "Google", read or any other F***ing company either.

Windows users can soon ditch Bing, Edge, other bundleware – but only in the EU

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The article seems to think that the EU (European Union) and the EEA (European Economic Area) are the same thing. Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are in the EEA but not in the EU for example.

Microsoft warns it may ‘throttle’ its generative AI services for ‘excessive’ users

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“excessive” users of its generative AI services will have their access restricted.

...of course they will, much like "unlimited data" scams by mobile carriers.. Any excuse to up prices, or move people to a more expensive level. All to raise cash to pay their electricity bills that have risen exponentially in their data centres.

You get a Copilot, and you get a Copilot – Microsoft now the Copilot company

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Keep this crap off of my Linux desktop. Please take note Linux Distros (well maybe not Canonical or IBM?Red Hat)!

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Disabled for now. Just a gimmick until it is proved to be reliable, secure, and private. Any bets on the last?

Google dragged to UK watchdog over Chrome's upcoming IP address cloaking

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I just ACTIVELY ignore internet/web adverts and will not consider purchases from them at all.

Apple exec defends 8GB $1,599 MacBook Pro, claims it's like 16GB in a PC

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Re: Insult to injury

Yep. Friut-Fan-Boys have always had more money than sense.

UK may demand tech world tell it about upcoming security features

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Most politicians haven't a clue about computer systems, or computer security. Mind you, they haven't much of a clue about anything, except their own priorities.

'Corrupt' cop jailed for tipping off pal to EncroChat dragnet

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Misleading headline (Not actually a cop?)

I believe she was a civilian worker rather than a warranted Police Officer. Same rules apply though.

Microsoft scratches Surface device policy – some get extensions of up to 6 years

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Surface Pro 3

I "updated" my July 2015 Surface Pro 3 to Linux 4 years ago. Runs just fine for the occasional portable use I need.

And NO, I'm not upgrading a Windows 10 Desktop to Lipstick-on-a-pig 11. That'll go the Linux route as well if Microsoft doesn't see the crime of making millions of PCs become e-waste.

YouTube cares less for your privacy than its revenues

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Re: Nail, meet head!

I started getting this crap on YT a fortnight ago. Those channels I subscribed to, especially through Patreon, were told why I was withdrawing from their channel.

Then I EFFED OFF of YT. Bye Bye.

Microsoft calls time on Windows Insider MVP program

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Insiders Builds.

A/B Testing has about killed the Insider Program. Taking time to download it all only to find you have the build with nothing in it, is bound to put people off. I quit bothering 2/3 years ago when Langowski started. About the same time I went to Linux full-time.

Privacy advocate challenges YouTube's ad blocking detection scripts under EU law

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Pity the YT Content Makers....

....because as soon as this crap started, I unsubscribed to most channels on YT. I only have 3 or 4 now, and IGNORE everything else.

Apple jacks prices to juice profits because $19.3B a quarter isn't enough

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Re: OMG!

"Selected markets"

Those places where people are stupid enough to pay them, In other words, more money than sense.

CEO Satya Nadella thinks Microsoft hung up on Windows Phone too soon

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Nadella has only...

Nadella has only himself to blame. He cancelled Windows Phone almost as soon as he became CEO. Mind you, for us, it would have probably degenerated into a far worse advertising medium than Android.

Brit watchdog slams Microsoft as it clears $69B Activision Blizzard buy

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Cloud Streaming

I'm too old to worry abut this, but I'd like to be around to say "I told you so" if Cloud Streaming of games, does take off.

Indian authorities raid fake tech support rings after tipoff from Amazon and Microsoft

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The sad part is that in the UK, a lot of call centres (e.g. Virgin Media) employ local people with Indian accents. This, unfortunately, means that any call from that company that I deal with is instantly deemed suspicious. Nine times out of 10 I just put the phone down on them, which probably comes across as rude.

Take Windows 11... please. Leaks confirm low numbers for Microsoft's latest OS

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Similar thoughts. It is basically Windows 10.1. Unless you are happy with Ads and Edge being trust in front of you, I'll just stay with Windows 10.0 (secondary to Linux for gaming in my case).

Down and out: Barclays Bank takes unplanned digital detox, customers not invited

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There's more branches on a broom handle. Round here they are all closing. If the online banking doesn't work, you are f****d. Don't suggest the Post Office, they are also closing, if not already.

Windows 10's latest update issue isn't a bug but a feature – to test your patience

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Re: Again?

Once I fixed it and got the update, the FIRST thing I did was get rid of that gross search "pill" on the taskbar. More UI bloat. FFS

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Proof that...

Windows 10 has been left in the hands of the B Team or Interns, while the supposed A Team works on 11/12. A bunch of morons.

Hell no, we won’t pay, says Microsoft as Uncle Sam sends $29B bill for back taxes

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Tax Burglars

Corporate Companies can afford to pay due taxes, but pay good money to accountants and lawyers to avoid it. The rest of us, who can least afford the taxes, or the "weasls" to get us out of it, get stuck for a greater proportion in consequence. Shame on you Microsoft, (and the rest - you know who you are - the likes Amazon, Apple etc etc).

I see Bernie Eclestone (F1) finally got his due in a UK court. Pity he only got a suspended sentence.

Microsoft says VBScript will be ripped from Windows in future release

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VBscript stripped ...

... from Windows to make room for more Adverts and AI crap. Cynical or what?

Not even the ghost of obsolescence can coerce users onto Windows 11

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Re: not happening

W12 could possibly have the added problem of AI bloat and a subscription base.

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Re: not happening

"Company's will also make a choice between a hardware refresh and paying MS for extended support"

There's no guarantee the MSFT will offer extended support to W10, and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't.

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A subscription model

Just about had it with subscriptions. Like renting a house. After a while (few years?) you could have bought it outright many times over. I personally think it would be the death knell for Windows, especially outside the Enteroprise.

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Lipstick on a pig

As Windows 11 is basically Windows 10 with a mangled front end/GUI, a large smattering of irrelevant crap and getting infested with crap adverts, it is no wonder people have stuck with 10.

Japanese PM says international AI regulations will be here by Christmas

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Which Christmas?

Microsoft Cortana's farewell tour comes to the Windows Insider program

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Now I wonder if Copilot will end in the same manner. Let's face it, it is only a supercharged Clippy/Cortans. Nothing would surprise me.

Microsoft delays debut of IoT security offer due to 'unexpected system challenges'

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Where's the dictionary?

Has anyone at Microsoft got a paper dictionary? Have they looked up the word "security" lately? I didn't think so!

Microsoft introduces AI meddling to your files with Copilot in OneDrive

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The more I read about Microshit...

...the more I'm glad I don't use their stuff anymore. In fact, technology in general is getting to be an ad laden, data scraping total nightmare.

Beneath Microsoft's Surface event, AI spreads everywhere

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Re: Glad

Fortunately, it is not available everywhere - - yet.

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Re: If you've seen my posts you'll know I'm not usually moved to crude language

Of course you can, get off Windows and find a decent Linux Distro (not Ubuntu - Canonical are as bad as Microsoft).

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Data Guzzler

Watching this non-"event", I got the distinct impression that Microsoft will have to scrape all of your date (and file content) to allow Cipilot to work. If you haven't moved off of Windows and OneDrive, especially Windows 11 by now, do it before 26th September and the arrival of 23H2. Your privacy is in great danger.

Microsoft Bing Chat pushes malware via bad ads

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Re: Bing Chat contains ads as part of the user experience

"AI" will only make crapping ads on us even easier, FFS.

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Re: Bing Chat contains ads as part of the user experience

Another reason to dump Microsoft and especially "AI".

From frying Panos into the Fire? Amazon confirms hiring of Microsoft veteran

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I wonder ....

....how long he will last at Amazon. There isn't a good track record for longevity of ex-Microsoft staff who go to Amazon. The culture is totally different I gather.

Europe wants easy default browser selection screens. Mozilla is already sounding the alarm on dirty tricks

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Re: Deja vu, all over again...

Since then, new kids are in tech jobs and "what goes rounds, comes round again".

The home Wi-Fi upgrade we never asked for is coming. The one we need is not

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marketing... marketing. In other words. BS.. BS.. and even more BS.

European Commission hits Intel with new fine over antitrust findings

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The EU probably....

....sees big tech companies as a revenue stream! I would never trust bureaucrats or politicians any more than big tech and their shenanigans.

Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay abruptly announces departure

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Windows 8

Finally, one of the last of Sinofsky's Windows 8 crowd goes. Great news.

Microsoft Edge still forcing itself on users in Europe

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Re: The browser wars continue

Trouble is, MSFT are not even getting anywhere. There must be a story about "are they short of cash" that we don't know about?

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Re: Disgraceful

Spot on "Version 1.0"

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Microsoft is a disgrace. I use Linux and with the Brave Browser I have no problems. Gave up on Microsoft and their shenanigans with the death of Windows 7.

I suppose to be fair, all the corporate IT companies are just as bad.

After injecting pop-up ads for Bing into Windows, Microsoft now bends to Europe on links

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Re: "Dont Switch" [sic]

It's Microsoft's Apple envy in full swing.

Windows File Explorer gets nostalgic speed boost thanks to one weird bug

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This doesn't mitigate the utter disaster that File Explorer is in the latest Beta Build of 23H2. Incompetent.

Google rebrands 'android' as 'Android' to remove any doubt about its affiliations

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It never fails to amaze me the amount of time, effort and money that firms expend on changing logos. Probably pay for all those sacked staff.