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No more premium rate numbers for docs

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Non-Geographic Numbers

Like has been said on here, many phone packages incorporate free calls. These 08 type numbers are pretty much always exempt from these packages because the person you are phoning is getting a kickback on your call. It makes me laugh companies who use these 0870 number on their sales and support lines, personally I will go out of my way to avoid such companies.

So, you call your surgery, and then find out that the doc you want to see can't see you for x reason. Also then you can't future book because they don't accept appointments in the future, this I think was a method by which the 'GP waiting lists' were 'Enron-ed'.

How about another tack, If you make an appointment with your GP, you fail to turn up then you get a bill for the wasted time, maybe around £10-£20. This then goes against the 'health' account of your address, which means that no further appointments can be booked for that address until the account is paid. Failure to do so will result in same recovery actions as is possible with the great value council tax, deduction from salary, benefits etc.

Jezza Clarkson cops flak for 'truckers murder strumpets' gag

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Between Health and Safety and Ofcom, the country is going to grind to a politically correct standstill.

If this is the biggest thing in your life you have to complain about, then you need to get out more.

Sad gits.

Top prosecutor warns against growing state power

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Another government database?

Like they don't have enough data to lose already. What is it with these people that they must have their hands on every single 'bit' (sorry) of data that gets transferred.

We have managed without the 'uberdatabase', jeez, they haven't even got the ID card database running properly. I have to question who is going to get the job? Someone who can actually do it, to budget and timescale or is it going to those who have screwed up so many other government IT projects?

Criminal record checks could hit over 14 million people

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Another cash trail for the lawyers...

How much does this government owe lawyers? It seems to be all they do now is generate new lines for lawyers to cash in on.

The iPhone arrives, but is O2 being taken for a ride?

Geoff Hirst

does the 'i' mean 'incomplete'?

So, no multi-sms send. No MMS capabilty. Doesn't do data that well either, but it has a flashy interface.

So, if they do a nano version with only the number 0-5 on the keypad, will it be half price?


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