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'Wobbly spacetime' is latest stab at unifying physics



Asymmetrical symmetry anyone?

Voyager 2 found! Deep Space Network hears it chattering in space


Re: This is truly amazing

I suspect the 1970s tech keeps working because of its simplicity... technology today would have failed because VGERs cloud subscription account was full, or such like.


I can't help feeling there's a Who? Me? or On Call article (or both!) needing to be written about this

UK's dream of fusion power by 2040s will need GPUs



...Inside a top secret FUSION research team finance meeting:

Project Sponsor: Right team, we need to find a way of getting more money out of government, so we can keep up with our research jamboree, er I mean, scientific experiment

Project Manager: Good thinking. If we get this right, we could be securing our selves gainful employment until we retire

Chair: That's right. We're looking for at least another 25 years.

Worker #1: But won't they realise we've got nothing to show from the billions we've spent already?

PM: Apart from an enormously upscaled metal ringed doughnut and a very small lightening bolt.

W#1: Yeah

PM: No chance. We;ll just tell them it's really complicated, use the word "quantum" a lot.

W#2: We did that last time.

PM: Did we?

W#1: Yeah, and we even threw in some virtual reality terminology

PM: Blimey. Hmm, OK any ideas?

W#3: How about Artificial Intelligence

PM: Not sure, could use it a bit, but we don't want politicians to think that Terminator will be in charge of the national grid one day

Chair: Good point. Also, if we do go AI, it might work out the problem for us, then we'll be out of jobs before retirement.

W#1: Why don't we talk about simulation models. Then we'll need an enormous spend to replicate everything we've done so far, but this time as a model inside a computer.

W#2: yeah, and then because we'll need thousands of GPUs, what with the global chip shortage, we will legitimately not be able to make any progress at all

PM: Genius! We'll get paid for achieving bugger all for years to come!

Virgin Media email customers enter third day of inbox infuriation


perhaps the problem was VM had been sending out regular updates by email?

Gen Z and Millennials don't know what their colleagues are talking about half the time


Nothing changes

I think when many of us first started out in industry we didn't understand what a lot of manglement were talking about - it was called "a lack of experience". Now we have that experience we understand that manglement don't know what they are talking about, but that's an important lesson to learn.

Hot DRAM, Micron promises $100b for 'largest chip fab in US history'


Re: 40 football fields?

Yes, but is that an Imperial or Metric Texas

UK's largest water company investigates datacenters' use as drought hits


I understand that Datacenters would need to use water.... but I would have thought a mostly "closed loop" type approach would employed.... if anyone can explain or point to decent papers/articles I'd love to learn more.

Australian wasps threaten another passenger plane, with help from COVID-19


There's a simpler solution....

Get rid of the hole altogether.

Issues ropes with knots tied in them every 14.3 meters.

Pilot simply opens his window, throws out the "log", counts the knots let out for 28 seconds.

Job done.

Admittedly, might need to count very quickly.

What could possible go wrong?

Engineers on the brink of extinction threaten entire tech ecosystems


We seem to have reached the point where the people whose skills actually create wealth, I.e. those that make and invent stuff, get paid less than those whose jobs exist solely to support the corporate edifices that grew up as a result of the aforementioned workers skills and intellect. I read today that partners at pwc are expecting an average bonus payment of £1m+ each. The world has gone mad when it pays more to audit the success of someone else, than to create the success itself.

Microsoft's Dublin datacenter to help take pressure off Ireland's renewable energy


I read it more like we have this life insurance so why don't we kill ourselves to take advantage of it, and just hope in the meantime we don't need actually need it.... oh.

AI's most convincing conversations are not what they seem


True story, and I think it might prove Turing was right, but not in the way he anticipated.

So, I had the misfortune to chat to google’s support team on a couple of occasions recently. They were actual humans, but it took me a good ten minutes of chatting to them each time to discern this.

However, rather than seeing this at the time as an amazing advancement in AI, I felt it was more a reflection of the education system and google’s view of small customers.


Re: The real issue

Which is the stupidity of the whole media circus - most of the human race spends its life trying to get turned on.