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Biden to inject Intel with CHIPS fab cash 'next week'


More Ice Cream Makers than Cows

This is the Obama Battery Factory, the Trump Foxconn real estate game all over again. Think about this for just a goldfish brain moment. At present, two fab factories are handling all global chip fab, TSMC and Samsung. The "CHIPS ACT Battery Plant II" program is calling for roughly 10 fab chips in the United States. So exactly how are these Fab plants going to all make money?

Worse the cost estimates already place any chips fabbed in the United States at a 50% increased cost. And who is going to bring their Chips to Intel for Fab. Aside from the fact that Intel failed at 10nm Chips they compete with fabless companies. Why would NVIDIA or Qualcomm bring their proprietary chips to Intel? It won't happen. Further, look at the placement of the INTEL Fab factories alone.... Columbus Ohio to take advantage of unemployed Auto Workers and their Unions and Arizona which has a water shortage.

Then you have the largest buyer and maker of chips in the world, CHINA. So what's the plan, Stan? To convert Vietnam into a consumer products manufacturing hub?

Think about TSMC... they are going along with this when it will only destroy their markets. This is because TSMC doesn't believe the US can be successful in FAB plants. This is the Foxconn story. TSMC and Samsung are along for the real estate deal. Meanwhile, Japan gets nothing from any of this.

Oh but but but it is different this time... The Gov really means it. OK fine. Name one successful Gov picking winners foray that has been successful in the last 60 years. There is none. Did you see the much-hyped new lunar landers? One blows up on launch losing all its fuel and the other falls over on its side on the moon. Yup, Gov picking more winners. This is just another Super Collider in the making.

Oh BTW... the entire US Semiconductor business is just 2.3% of the GDP and shrinking 3% annually. The business model of chip-making is wretched. Shelf life is short and if you can't find a buyer then you go broke. So what is the plan? Is the US military going to buy all the US-made chips? Or are we back to Foxconn claiming LED and big-screen TVs will be made in Wisconsin, or Texas, or the Rust Belt in Ohio? the UAW will show them how to make chips!

Bizarre backup taught techie to dumb things down for the boss


The old story, Employee is always smarter than the Founder

I don't like these kinds of stories because they are hearsay and intended only for self-aggrandizement. It is not just IT, it rears its ugly head in lots of fields. In medicine for example a doctor will present an impossible case with a superior diagnosis that he or she alone was intelligent enough to discover and thus saved the patient's life where every other doctor would fail. I had a case like that. A 30-year-old male came to the Emergency Department in the Hospital with hematuria. He reported that he had flank pain the evening prior but none on presentation. Any doctor will tell you that this is probably a kidney stone that has passed and hematuria is a common day-after symptom. A physical exam showed no abdominal tenderness and no flank pain. So what did I do? I ordered a CT scan of the abdomen to see if the stone had moved to the bladder or was caught in the ureter. The gold standard and much cheaper approach would have been to order an IVP which would competently show the progression of a renal stone through the kidney to the bladder.

The radiologist called me and told me the patient had a red hot appendix. So we took him into surgery. Did that make me a great physician surgeon, smarter than all my peers? No, because it was just dumb luck and the kind of case that brings nightmares years later. It possessed the likelihood of an absolute medical malpractice screw-up. As for ordering a CT scan for no pain or trauma is regarded as poor utilization. Dumb luck, not a "smarter than anybody else doctor", saved this patient's life. I know of cases where the acute appy was missed and the patient died. In fact, I know one case where the patient went to the Emergency Department twice over two days and was sent home where he died that evening. That patient was 40 years old with a surviving wife and two children. And this chap had mild abdominal pain.

The stories that the SUPER DOCTOR gets published through letters to journals to feel big and important, do not instill confidence in the profession. And as for doctors laughing at patients that are laypersons, that's bad form and only done by the lowest of creatures that crawl into medicine. There are some that do it but most doctors find such conduct repugnant to the profession.

So now comes the IT War Story... where the Boss, the founder of the company is portrayed as a moron and genius IT, saves the day by careful planning and adjusting to the needs of the stupid man, the Company founder. We won't go into the grand number of companies the IT founded. No, instead we are expected to laugh along with the supercilious at the phrase, "I need my trash." One must denigrate the Founder as a clown in order to raise the IT's flag of superior intelligence. Save the fact the founder was intelligent enough to found a company and give the IT a job.

These war stories about how stupid everyone else is should be flown under the Banner "How Great Thou Are." Then you would have your self-proclaimed super-intelligent hyenas, feeding themselves with grandiosity and more reinforcement of how smart you are and how stupid everyone else is. A lovely way to start the morning with a lot of self-puffery.

You either act professionally or you don't. But with each war story of how Great Thou Are, you denigrate your own profession. And you look small when you laugh at others; it is a pitiful trait.

Apple broke the law fighting Atlanta union, says NLRB


The greatest success of the NLRB is....

Since this garbage was passed under FDR, Unions have declined in popularity with each decade. The Majority of states are now RIGHT TO WORK STATES which bar UNIONs from controlling employment.

Let it be known that FDR opposed all Government Unionization. The Union's claim to oppose greedy business owners is missing when they oppose Taxpayers who are not greedy business owners, they are the bill footers of government. Look where you have your Gov unions... Longshoreman, The US POSTAL SERVICE, American Public Schools. And in each instance, the Government service operates with no efficiency. Most prominent are the declining Maths and Science scores of Murican Students which coincide government-mandated education.

And the Longshoreman who have 100 ships backed up all year long and worse at Christmas, have a long history of opposing all automation. Shanghai which is fully automated and has no Unions, moves 500% more cargo a year than Long Beach and Port of LA combined.

China files complaint with WTO against US chip export controls


Muricans are economic illiterates

The US Semiconductor industry is 1.2% of the US GDP and falling. If you block chip sales, US Companies go out of business. Tech has a very short shelf life. Remember LED light bulbs and how fast they demolished other bulbs made in the USA? China has 98% of the global LED business now. So is Biden Tariffing LED bulbs in order to grow the US business? Solar panels... 97% made in China. Joe's energy policies to cut oil and replace it with solar have no US solar panel makers to move this silly agenda along. So Joe Tariffs Solar Cells and Electric Utilities can't put up solar arrays because they can't get product or the price. Politicians are idiots.

China will win their WTO case. The tired dog of National Security has failed before.

In January China's anti-dumping case was found in favour of China and ruled China Can Place Duties on $645 Million in US Imports.

China has brought a second case which they will also win.

The US is so accustomed to bullying, even when they lose their cases, they cry it ain't fair... the US BULLY transforms into the US Victim. Boo hoo WTOOOO...

Newsflash Murcia... you are not going to stop China Growth. You are only going to turn into the Rope A Dope....

US Department of Energy 'flooring the accelerator' with $2.5bn battery loan on battery plants


This insane policy failed ten years ago...

My original post was "REJECTED"... I find that interesting. Why? Because I listed a dozen Obama Headlines regarding his FAILED BATTERY policies which included Plants for LG and others as well as half a dozen of those companies that went belly up. I annotated the headlines and proof on the Register is quicksand for a post.

What is it with politicians which Ayn Rand called the intellectual bottom rung... pushing EVs and other rainbow technologies by gov subsidies. Batteries are not a solution. EVs and hybrids now fill the landfills and junkyards. The bodies of these vehicles are in good shape but nobody is going to pay thousands for batteries that last no longer than your IPHONE battery. The advertising sizzle exceeds reality. And in the land of green that is a common thread. Wind Generators do not last 20 years, they crap out on average in 5. Solar cells get weaker over time as do batteries. Meanwhile, Diesel still produces the same energy output and doesn't depreciate BTUs.

The most ludicrous idea is that Murica now views batteries as the most recent source of their NATIONAL SECURITY RANTINGS. And it is always Asia's fault for making cheaper better batteries.

Obama spent billions on Battery plants... net result... no batteries produced, lots of bankruptcies after the gov funds disappeared. Now Biden is back with the same old washed up Obama policies of free loans and phoney battery plants.

The cubesats lost in space from Artemis Moon mission


60% Grade is not a Pass

This reminds me of a patient crashing in recovery. The surgery was a wonderful success says the surgeon, as the patient circles the drain in recovery.

This NASA spin is sickening. This is 1968 technology. It is embarrassing. 54 years have passed and nothing has changed. No kid watching Walter Cronkite shedding a few broadcast news tears with Neal Armstrong's foot print would have imagined that 54 years later there would be so little progress and so much wasted money. Now the public is being asked to swallow the notion that 60% is a passing grade. Not at Caltech or Princeton. Maybe it's a good grade in Football Physics at LSU but it's a fail.

US Dept of Energy set to reveal fusion breakthrough


Cold Fusion PR

If there was a real story behind this, which there isn't, Peer Review would come first and Cold FUSION PR would come never. We are somehow expected to believe that these US Gov labs are at the forefront of technology. That's just not the case. For example, the trillion-dollar medical lab and research system of the US Government has never produced a cure for a single disease no a drug of any kind that cures any disease. A big fat nothing.

During the great Government Human Genome lunacy, the Government had a plan that would take 40 years. That's a lot of long lunches. Forced through funding cuts and mismanagement, the government had to go to the private sector where physicists applied algorithms to sequence DNA over a Government scientist's lunch hour.

Cold Fusion was a fiasco. It was the first time that a research group went public without Peer Review and analysis. And the Bromide public went wild over it with even greater enthusiasm than Ivermectin.

Enjoy your Cold Fusion II propaganda... Looks like Lawrence Liverspots needs more funding...

NASA's Orion Moon capsule to splash down this Sunday


How great is this... It's 1968 again!

Watching the capsule drop into the ocean... garnered all the excitement of a damp squib. The shape of the thing was the same old shape of the thing from the late 60s, 54 years ago... nothing has changed. This isn't a better idea. It is the same old rehash idea. More nostalgia anodyne bromide for those that think this 8 Billion dollar mission was anything other than a waste of dough. Japan failed to launch its rover to the moon... spark plug wires or something... Some Japanese engineer probably gave himself an appendectomy after this humiliation.

So this is diversity engineering and it just caught up to 1968... and NASA video was as good as super8 gear gets when it was turned on that is, when it wasn't being ignored completely. So that was selling the sizzle in 68... the only thing missing was B&W Cathode Ray Televisions.

But it did demonstrate one thing... how utterly unnecessary astronauts are to the navigation and driving this "SPACE CAPSULE"

MacOS9.app: A tour de force of emulation and integration


When all you have left is fond memories of DOS, you lose

The glorious past of slow computers, DOS and scrapheap technology... but but but Space Invaders and Start Trek on Apple talk... have you no soul? Nope.

States label TikTok 'a malicious and menacing threat'


Texas and Indiana both banned ELVIS PRESLEY DEVIL ROCK AND ROLL...

Ultimately making Rock and Roll more popular among Teens

Italy, Japan, UK to jointly launch sixth-gen fighter jet by 2035


Rising tensions with Russia and China? Try Murica

It is good that Italy, UK, and the other one... oh yeah JAPAN... are building their own fighter plane so they can use them against Murica when they finally get sick of being bullied by the John Wayners. Oh yeah and how exactly have Tensions risen because of CHINER? Is Chiner threatening to not send Electric Blankets to Europe this winter?

Two million year old DNA samples discovered, lodged in ancient sediment


Climate Change?

Hold the phone... the claim that plants and animals thrive in an ICE Age tundra is nonsense. They die as in this case. And they did it without burning carbon fuels. Astonishing.

Can't humans just study things without political rhetoric?

Intel expects to regain market share by 2024, admits to 'inefficiency in the fab'


Hope for handouts is eternal in Murica

The semiconductor business is just 1.2% of the US GDP and falling. There is nothing here of value that warrants billions of idiot politician taxpayer abuse. FAB is a low-margin, labour-intensive business unsuitable for the Lazy slobs of Murica. JOW BITEN just pissed away $39 Billion on failing UNION pension plans. And then the Chips Act ... and the handout welfare semiconductor companies want more. The red ink of the Chips Act isn't even dry and now INTEL wants this made into a prominent thing. Mana from Schumer and Biten. Intel should be dismantled and sold off as scrap. Qualcomm is about to eat Intel's lunch dinner and snack food.

TSMC founder says 'globalization is almost dead' as Asian foundry giant expands in US


Typical Taiwan slurping competition

Who in the USA is going to work in this TSMC pretend FOXCONN FAB plant? This isn't just crummy factory work, it is manpower-intensive boring work. And any clowns^ss that think this can be automated don't know FAB or Fab Testing. You are not going to divert burger flippers into this job.

The idea that "globalization is dead" should only look at Joe Biten's Trump supply chain in the US with again 100 ships backed up at the Port of LA and Long Beach. One intelligent poster noted...Where is the US going to buy the materials for FAB in the US which doesn't make them? The great political lunacy of protectionism will crash land like all Marxist protectionism. JOW Biten's clamp down on tech has only sent US tech firms into recession. If not Microsoft's endless patchwork thread-bare software, there would be no job security for the make-work crowd.

Taiwan wants in on the Gobbermment money... just like those honest folks at FOXCONNJOB. I would rather the Chinese spit in my face than listen to a slurper from Taiwan picking my pocket.

Globalization is not dead; its just the USA that is dying on the vine... Oh but but but Columbus OHIO will be the epicentre of all FAB... like McClatchy Tex is the centre of the giant politician's supercollider... Yeah, that thing.


Re: Globalization is almost dead

ASML disagrees with your silly propaganda AGAIN. The only loser that doesn't trade with China is Losersville Redneck Murica and they are morons.

Gunfire at electrical grid kills power for 45,000 in North Carolina


North Carolina Rednecks Starting the CIVIL WAR...

Trump recently called for the US Constitution to be suspended. The quickest way for that to happen would be Succession. By attacking the power grid, it separates the off-grid survivalist from the softies. Of course, they should have waited for a cold snap or blizzard. Though I don't think the Sandhills gets much snow. I am sure there will be some copycats and the Federal Gov will pass a law of some kind. The most nothing as possible of course.

But the good thing about this Civil War Strategy is that when you shoot the distribution stations, it knocks out all the power and down goes the police response and everything with it.

Killing trees with lasers isn’t cool, says Epson. So why are inkjets any better?


Well Written but missed one colourful point

It is all about colour printing. A Laser requires as many as four toner cartridges to produce bad colour prints. Ink jets produce better colour and make more money for the companies selling the little ink jet cartridges. But but but... now comes INK TANK printers which are the YUGO of our time. These bloody things clog up in mere weeks with a myriad of tubes that carry the life-giving serum to the print head. One manufacturer even recommended buying the Ink Tank an electric blanket and keeping it live on the grid at all times. What in bloody...?

There is nothing colourful about a monochrome laser but it is the most cost-effective printer. Do I need to write my contracts in colour? No. Will writing legal brief's in colour be beneficial? No. Teaching a Judge to read might help but colour won't help.

BTW, I am not exactly green but I stupidly thought that Trees were considered to be some kind of sustainable resource. You know, cut wood, grow more wood... but did I miss something that trees are now pets and should not be executed or ripped in saws which could be quite painful I should imagine?

US chip group: $52b is not enough, we need an extra $30b in federal funding


Re: We knew this was coming...

Sorry, I hold no favour with any political parties anywhere in the world including the USA. I see them as the Incumbent party and as Ayn Rand referenced them... the Intellectual bottom rung.

Biden kept Trump Tariffs even though they have been devastating to the US supply chain. And they are tax deductable in the US so they accrue no tax benefit to the Gov... just more red tap, more Customs headaches. It is just pathetic. Biden is a UNION man so he continues this hot mess. The Taxpayer takes it on the chin. That is the whole of both your political parties and the same in the UK. Please this is not unique.

It is most assuredly WELFARE. When you tap the intellectual bottom rung over a mere 1.2% of the US GDP, you have already made a losing bet. The US WILL NEVER regain its chip supremacy of the 1970s. Fab is a manpower-intensive low-margin business with a shelf life similar to bananas. It is incompatible with the Murdican or UK work ethic.

Biden and Schumer want to buy you an Electric Car. These are not ready for prime time. They burn houses down. They short in high rains, and they continue to lose range over time then you have to replace the batteries and you can't do it.

Give me a nice diesel engine that runs for 500,000 miles or a Toyota that runs for 300,000 and call it a day. The latest studies on Ozone BTW indicate that without carbon dioxide, you can have no Ozone protective layer. So perhaps Dems and the GOP are equally out to lunch with their moronic gov winner picking. Name one winner please. I have asked this before and experienced nothing but SILENCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


We knew this was coming...

Once the handouts begin...

These were 6 year Biden Schumer handouts to convert Columbus Ohio into the FAB CENTRE of the UNIVERSE... But now this Modern Day Supercollider, just months from passing IS NOW SUDDENLY NOT ENOUGH MONEY...

Leave us not forget the great Trump Trade War... Trump tweeted that The US GOV would backstop any losses from Soy sold to Chiner... In doing so this moron triggered Force Majeure and made all the 65 MMT of soy contracts VOIDABLE by the CHINESE. There were 300,000 US Soy farmers that had worked decades for this, the largest US AG Export. And it took that orange idiot and his patent ignorance of the commodity market to destroy it all in mere seconds.

So what was the outflush? Murican Soy farmers went from 300,000 soy farmers to 100,000 Soy farmers. They went from 109 MMT of soy production before Trump to 34 MMT post trump. The field was decimated. But it got worse... Brazil and Argentina, in a sought managed to produce roughly 200 mmt of Soy to sell to the Chinese markets. 'The US now makes almost no ecportable soy.

But last month Trump bragged that he had given the US farmer 80 Billion in farm welfare. A lot of bass boats were purchased.

Take home message.. in Murcia there is no longer a need to farm or fab... just latch on to the Gov Welfare System and go fishing. BTW, the US lost almost all of its AG exports under Trump. China took over the US Strawberry exports to Japan. Brazil and Argentina are growing even more soy, so the US Export market of the formerly largest AG export is DEAD... Thantks to the stable genius.

Joe and Schumer have done the same to the semiconductor markets, now in recession. China is working around all of it as they did with Soy.

But but but... Welfare means you really don't have to work at all... just learn to collect and learn how to lobby political idiots.

US ends case against Huawei CFO who holed up in Canada for three years


China gave Canada what Kidnappers richly deserved

Enjoy your Canola oil... Costs more in diesel fuel than the energy derived from an equal measure of Canola... a mathematical bust. Enjoy your fictional propagoonda.


Re: Primary or secondary?

The alleged activity occurred in Hong Kong, not the USA or Canada... further involved a European BANK! Neither Canada nor the US had jurisdiction. And she was the first person ever charged in history for the alleged acts of a corporation. When her attorney's presented evidence from the Bank of NO FRAUD, Canada quashed the evidence in favour of stalled detention, claiming that CANADA was not interested in judging the facts of the CASE. US lawyers would have ripped the DOJ a new ^ss#one in Court. Just as they did in the Ted Stephen's case.

Every loudmouth is a John Wayne until they get their lights punched out in Court. The Ted Stephens case resulted in 6 US Gov Attorneys getting sanctioned or disbarred for withholding evidence.


Nice spin for Canada BUT BUT BUT

Before Vendetta goes hippie... and you espouse more stumblebum Canadian virtue... Let's just review ONE SALIENT point. Meng Wanzhou was the FIRST PERSON IN HISTORY to be personally charged for the alleged activity of a business breaching some US sanctions.

Why was she the first person ever to be charged rather than charging the company? That's easy enough. Her father is Ren Zhengfei founder of Huawei and a Xi close friend. This kidnapping reeked. And China gave Canada some of its own medicine. You want to play spineless shill to Donald Trump... Good luck with that.

Canada behaved as a collective moron. They involved the otherwise moral and decent Canadian Mounted Police in a kidnapping scheme. Trump turns anything into a stench. Naturally, Trump attacked a woman. The filthy orange tiny hands that treat women of any brand with disrespect. He is a rude pig and Macron or Eyebrows, should have taken a swing at Trump and knocked him on his lard^ss.

There are the big three law firms in Washington DC that wanted the case to come to the US. They never lose to DOJ. One is Williams and Connolly and another Steptoe. The DOJ wanted CANADA to stall to just keep the woman under house arrest to amuse Trump's Administration as political leverage against China or Trump's Chinese loans. They did not want Meng's case in the US where they would lose. So they relied on the spineless Canadians to do Trump's political bidding. Canada performed flawlessly. They knew no person had ever been held for the alleged activities of a business. Further, they knew the alleged activity took place in Hong Kong. The US had no jurisdiction over a European Bank except its wretched reach through SWIFT. Leverage NOT LAW.

This woman in a sea of spineless Canadians and John Wayners stood with unflinching dignity and poise. She made Trump and her Canadian captors look like fools. Canada's great claim that they would never extradite a political case fell by the wayside. Instead, they were the kidnappers doing the dirty dead for Trump. One more Trump sycophant to cower to the bombastic loud blowhard. A panzy nation dependent on one trade relationship. Canada was in bed with the worst elements in its history.

In the end Canada was the bag holder. Biden wanted no part of holding a woman hostage to amuse Trump and his band of morons. China played hardball with Canada and the results could have been much worse. Tiny Canada spouting off at China for kidnapping two Canadian spies... got no support from the US whatsoever. It was Biden that cut the deal with Xi to exchange hostages.

The lesson for Canada is not that you need more law or legal revision over extradition. Try to envision some reality here. When India tried to extradite Warren G. Anderson the CEO of Union Carbide over Baphol, the US Gov rejected the High Court of India's extradition request claiming insufficient facts. So you see Canada, extradition is an arbitrary and capricious hot mess when dealing with the US. They have a very one-sided view of it... what benefits the US.

The same thing applies to NAFTA2 the rather one-sided US trade Agreement. Imagine a Free Trade Agreement where the US president under Section 230 can impose Tariffs on Canada with impunity... in the FACE of a FREE TRADE AGREEMENT.

Your arguments twist and turn in expansive legal theory. There was no theory here other than Canada being utterly mindless and kidnapping this woman without cause. Canada richly deserves the Trump Bag and the Trump and Biden Tariffs and the strip out of the Keystone 2. You are John Wayne's btch along with the UK and Australia. You are nothing but abused children tearfully seeking the approval of your John Wayne Daddy and punisher.

This is one saga, where the Canadians got just what they deserved... exactly as the UK got when naval hostages were taken by Iran and outfitted with shinny new bespoke suits. Richly deserved humiliation for the John Wayne shills... who got nothing but a good old fashion btch slapping for the world to enjoy.


Trump's Kidnapping

Trump reached total scumbag at this point... but but but his attempt to overthrow the US Gov pegged the ^ss#ole meter and broke it. What a guy... What a pig...

Arm hands board seats to Intel and Qualcomm alumni ahead of IPO


The last GASP of ARM...

Murica gets control of ARM... UK is out of business... Nobody can hear you scream when Manchester is shut down...

UK Declares itself officially as a Technology Free Zone. "The UK still makes wonderful sledgehammers."

US Air Force reveals B-21 Raider stealth bomber that'll fly the unfriendly skies


John and Joan Wayne... Peace through Nuclear WAR.

So "W" Bush, and the Brits of course, killed over one million Iraqi in search of Weapons of Mass fabrication. That's a false flag just like the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. In each case the US killed millions. In Vietnam, John Wayne got run out of Vietnam on a rail... and in Iraq, no sooner than the phoney Bush Democracy Mission Acompliced [with the Brits], the Taliban moved in driving their family Hummers.

But but but...What happened to the B1 Stealth Bomber... Oh that old thing could not carry nukes. They made 45 of those pieces of junk. But now.... here is the B21... The newest microwave popcorn out of Grumman. And at over twice the price of the B! at $666 million a pop... It's a fire sale...

Intel offers Irish staff a three-month break from being paid


Creative Unemployment

Intel to the Irishman explaining Voluntary non-paid leave... "Nile, how would you like to hang out at the bar for the next six months... second drink is on us..."

"We'll call the bar when we need you..."

Japanese cubesat sends home pics from the far side of the Moon


So in spite of the Japanese Tourist picture-taking fetish...

It was a FAILURE...

"The mission was designed to demonstrate the use of low-cost technology to land and explore the Moon's surface."

Low cost aboard a $6 billion dollar rocket? Japan gets the steak knives...

ESA names first Parastronaut: paralympian and aspiring surgeon John McFall


The grand spectacle of Diversity

What next the Deliverance kid in space? Oh that's right Bill Nelson went to space.

AI giant Baidu shrugs off US chip export restrictions as having 'little impact'


Re: No Surprise

More protectionist slobber. Semiconductors are less than 1.2% of the US Economy and less than 0.3% of the UK economy. I am afraid you are going to need to find some other excuses for your failures than "offshoring."

If you invent something and your politicians won't let you sell your product to the largest market in the world, who then buys it? Nobody. You go out of business. And your big Brother John Wayne doesn't buy any British products oh but but but, they are going to save you. These socialist arguments of yours are exactly why Britain has no foothold in semiconductors. Nobody is going to pay 400% more for some inferior chip with a short shelf life. And as for ARM, if ARM moves to the US Exchanges, you big brother John Wayne will shut down Manchester in a John Wayne minute. After all the US has the grand pipe dream that through gov money distributed by Joe Biden, the US semiconductor and FAB business will suddenly make the US the top of the global pyramid. And UK can fetch John Wayne his slippers.

When you start to think like Trump and Biden, it is a good sign you need to visit a psychiatrist. Trump was so dumb he didn't know Android was open source so when he announced this Boycott of Android to China, the only thing it did was destroy Google Services in China. Huawei came out with Harmony and replaced all Google Services with Chinese Home grown services. Protectionism strikes again.

BTW,, not one US company in China has left China. Remember the TRUMP declaration, "All US Companies must leave Chiner." Christ, he was a dope.

Your solution of attaching jobs to the Welfare Department so that Americans or Brits get to buy only products made at home assures failure in every way. No competition yields high prices and low quality. Remember the YUGO? Offshoring is nothing more than a populist argument that has no legs. It is for UNION bellyachers on bar stools with mush for brains. Semiconductors is a division of labour enterprise and doing nicely until Trump and Joe Trump came along. Now US and Brit semiconductor companies are fuel for a dumpster fire.

US Tariffs have destroyed the US supply chain. Ships backed up 100 deep at US ports. The Gov Customs now sorts and warehouses all imports for Tariffs further delaying the products and adding inflationary costs to everything. And in the US, Tariffs are Tax Deductible business expenses. So they harm capital, accrue no gov benefit and ultimately just raise the national debt. But your Boy TRUMP says they bring in billions. Trump and Biden are economic illiterates and dumb as dirt. But they tell you, populists, what to think...

US military goes zero-trust on software


US military goes zero-trust

And the feeling of the rest of the world is Mutual in regard to the US Military.

"There you go again Pilgrim... talking fresh about the US Military that saved Britain, and Europe so you can scoff in our faces... Maybe we should just bring a few Carrier groups into the English Channel to refresh your memory."

Intel makes it harder for Gelsinger to earn beaucoup bucks as CEO


Intel should give this Televangelist has walking papers for breach of contract

So it looks like Pat wasn't taking a cut for himself after all the firings and downsizing... But but but just wait... Columbus Ohio will become the Semiconductor Fab centre of the world... yeah and JUMBO the elephant will not be hit by a Train. Carnival Barkers are the same old self-dealing scammers...

JWST snaps first chemical profile of an exoplanet atmosphere


Proof that Carbon emissions are good...

Without blowing smoke out the tailpipe of your beater, you would have no damn OZONE! Zero carbon emissions will cause ZERO OZONE..

"Greens Serving Mankind" is a cookbook!

Foxconn workers protest over pay and lockdowns at iPhone factory in China


Meanwhile in virtue signaling Murica...

Walmart Manager blows away six colleagues in a Virginia USA Walmart store employee lunch room. See story page 26...

HP Inc to lay off up to 6,000 staff, cut costs by $1.4 billion


What's the matter CLOG-Oh-RAMA $120 ink jet cartridges not working out for you?

Don't worry, Ink Tanks take a bad idea to the next level and those machines are now clogging in a few weeks. But but but I kept it turned on 24 7 and bought it an electric blanket too... I cleaned it daily until the ink pad got loaded and soaked the desktop...

San Francisco politicians to vote on policy endorsing lethal force for robots


SFO Bums are very resiliant... Meet Ed209...

People will scream "ain't it awful!" but Ed209 will restore the streets of San Francisco in a jiffy. Fair warning bums, Ed209 doesn't like harsh threatening language...

"Bum, you have 20 seconds to comply... 15 seconds to comply... "

Israel sets robotic target-tracking turrets in the West Bank


Tank Turrets the new symbol of Israeli peace

And these are automatic so you can't blame anyone for actually shooting the rock throwers...

UK forces Chinese-owned company to offload Newport Wafer Fab


Re: Nexperia BV to sell at least 86% of NNL

The wafers at stake are about as high-tech as Crumpets. this company is at the bottom of the food chain. This is just UK meddling to suck up to John Wayne. British Unemployment for British Workers... That's the collapsing UK Gov model.



Seems simple - Government buys Railroad, runs independently as AMTRAK, provides gov make work jobs, loses money, pays no tax and is a giant black hole existing off the back of the Taxpayer.

Please name me one Gov business that makes money... silence..........

Intel hit with $948.8 million VLSI infringement verdict


One more reason why INTEL FAB will fail ... they steal your ideas...

I thought Ole Pat was some evangelical born-again religious right-winger... What about Thou shalt not Steal? Intel slipping into the moral abyss.

OpenPrinting keeps old printers working – even on Windows


My God break down and buy a new printer...

Remember George Washington's Teeth? They were made of wood and sat in a metal-hinged spring device. Imagine trying to go through security at an airport with that in your mouth! The preoccupancy with legacy hardware, obsolete hardware, is pathologic. It is a form of crazy cat collecting. How can 34 cats be pathological? Get dental implants. Imagine sitting across from George Washington as his teeth chomp into a well-buttered ear of corn, and talking at the same time. Hope you brought a raincoat and umbrella.

Breakdown and buy a new printer. They are not that expensive.

Husband and wife nuclear warship 'spy' team get 20 years each


Show sentence to gin up public FEAR

None of the information was classified as top secret or secret, falling into a third category considered confidential. They plead guilty to one felony each conspiracy to communicate restricted data.

The issue here is the Federal Sentencing guidelines. Any lawyer from the Federal Bench will tell you that these Statutory Guidelines are set up as SHOW SENTENCING to spread fear by the Federal Gov agency to send signals to other would-be lawbreakers.

Prosecutors alleged but failed to show the couple had any intent to flee the USA. Documents confirmed that the couple had discussed leaving the US but the reason was they hated Stinky Trump, enough to commit their dislike of Trump in email communications to each other.

This was a plea deal, actually the third plea deal. The judge kept rejecting the plea deals reached by lawyers and prosecutors based on wanting harsher sentencing guidelines. The sentencing guidelines by the court will be appealed. When multiple plea deals are rejected by the court that were approved by prosecutors and attorneys, that is a red flag. The judge has a thin resume, West VA Law school,

I suspect this couple will spend no more than five years in prison.

Suppose you were a nuclear engineer and you contacted a foreign gov to sell some information on nuclear subs. And that query was turned over to the FBI. Suppose in the end you made a deal with the FBI undercover took some crypto and gave them a few packages of fictional material. HAVE YOU COMMITTED A CRIME? Selling fiction is not illegal. The next step up would be selling restricted data, such as a speed test of a nuclear sub. That would be a crime if sold to a foreign gov based on the 1954 ACT. But is selling it to the FBI a crime? The Crime is a conspiracy to communicate restrictive data whether you succeed or not. That was accomplished in the first teaser letters that were given to the FBI. That was the elaborate cat-and-mouse game to see if the couple was selling fiction or restrictive data. Sorry, it is not much of a crime. It is thin.

Compare that to Trump's taking Top Secret, and Secret, and Classified material out the door of the White House and lying by saying all documents had been returned. The FBI then finds documents at Mar-o-Lago. In the Trump case you have a partisan Federal District judge attempting to block the Federal and FBI investigation and in West Virginia, you have a District Judge blocking plea deals by Prosecutors and Attorneys in order to exact more punishment. Both Judges are women with very thin resumes.

As an aside, do I think Trump will be indicted? No. He should be but Garland and Biden expressed long ago this royal fiction that you can't prosecute a standing or former President. It is a good ole boy's club kind of view. Garland has been scrambling and even walked the idea of a special prosecutor, which is insanity and a clear attempt to push this away from his desk. If Trump announces a run for the Presidency then Garland will withhold prosecution in order not to appear biased in an election. It was the same excuse used to stall an indictment before the Midterm elections.

I noticed Trumpers take the hardline with Assange and Snowden and likely this couple but want to treat Trump with kid gloves. I assure you the crimes of Trump are far greater than Assange, Snowden, and this couple. It is this kind of tenor that makes justice in the USA almost impossible. The UK unlike the USA, has extremely well-trained judges. In the US it is the failures at the practice of law that end up as judges and they function as political hacks.

One thing is certain... the more the Gov tries to gin up Fear, the higher the price on the open market. This couple were just flunkies that didn't know what they were doing.

Intel takes on AMD and Nvidia with mad 'Max' chips for HPC


It's All New... It's X86...

Well the NAME was changed!

Intel's top-spec Raptor Canyon NUC can double as a 700+W space heater


Email at he cost of running a blower dryer for 12 hours

Then again if the Cops are after you in Grand Theft AUTO 6, then maybe you should sweat a bit.

Another detour for INTEL... as it wanders through the wilderness looking for Trump, the son of Christ. [Trump's Father Fred Trump's middle name BTW was Christ... so Trump really is Christ's kid. And Trump's mother was named Mary... what more "proof" do you infidels need?

With potential hurricane approaching, NASA leaves mega-rocket on launch pad


Re: If it can't handle a little wind on Earth

Flawed Maths... I presume you were joking...

Taking into account density, gravity, and humidity, and altitude, a 170 mph earth wind at sea level, would produce roughly a 17 mph Mars equivalent.

Your point is well-taken but exaggerated due to poor maths skills. A wind on earth would have a momentum of 10x that of Mars. You clearly overlooked gravity in your air mass calculation. No wonder Issac Newton would blow his top when gravity was overlooked.

China's first domestic single-aisle jet, the C919, scores 300 orders


Re: Historically

From the clown that has never been to China. Sick of this Trumper Xenophobia bigotry.


Re: Historically

Sure ... again pure BS... Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce and Air China have announced they are entering into a new 50/50 Joint Venture (JV) maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility in Beijing, China. The new facility, BAESL (Beijing Aero Engine Services Company Limited), will provide MRO support on the Rolls-Royce Trent 700, Trent XWB-84 and Trent 1000 aero engines. Air China currently has all three engine types in its fleet.

At full capacity, which is expected to be achieved in the mid 2030s, BAESL will be able to support up to 250 shop visits per year. The facility will offer MRO services to Air China as well as our other airline customers based in Greater China and beyond. Today, Rolls-Royce powers 60% of China’s widebody fleet, powering more than 550 aircraft in service or on order. Our Trent 700 engines also power 90% of the country’s Airbus A330 fleet and the Greater China fleet represents 20% of all Trent engines flying today.

The KEY to aircraft independence is maintenance. This applies to any airframes entering China from the globe.

As for air pollution in Beijing, Last year Beijing met its Air Quality standard and this year had a marked 35% improvement over last year. Once again you spout off with no facts at all but loads of xenophobia.


Re: Historically

MORE MURCIAN BLOWHARD... "We can shut you down by Kneecapping Nancy Kerrigan"

China is the largest buyer of Aircraft in the world. They don't need Murica's approval. Airbus is happy for the business. The only component lacking in China's tech arsenal is commercial jet engines, none of which are made in the US but are made in France. Pratt Whitney and Rolls want Chinese business. You accomplish nothing by blocking China from buying engines other than losing global markets. How bloody arrogant you John Waynes are...

C919 is an astonishing achievement.


Re: Historically

More wholesale xenophobia and no facts as usual. C919 has been a careful slow process with no Boeing Corners cut. It has excellent engines and the frame is superbly designed. Slightly less speed, and less range, but the cockpit is better than Boeing or Airbus.

But of course, you know all about China having never been there. Keep Yapping vendetta..

300 aircraft is 300 aircraft sales not going to Boeing or Airbus. Boeing BTW is the US single largest exporter Last week a $17 Billion Chinese Deal went to Airbus. Don't think for a minute that Boeing shares your xenophobia. They oppose Trump-Biden Sanctions as destructive to Boeing's business. China is the largest buyer of global aircraft.

DoE supercomputing centers get $1.5B boost from Biden administration


Your kid failing maths? Murican solution... fund Transgender Maths

When the horse bolts why would you open your wallet or your neighbours' wallets and throw money at the hoof prints? Dare I point out that Murica was once the leading producer of steel. Today Murica doesn't have a single blast furnace in operation, and only makes hot and cold rolled steel and some rebar. NOTHING ELSE and Murican Steel is 60% scrap which rusts fast. Marketing scheme.. "Biodegradable Steel... friendly to the environment!"

How exactly is the Dept of Energy going to use this INFLATION FIGHTING SUPERCOMPUTER? The only motivation is that CHINER has more supercomputers. So the horse has bolted and these Democrats and Protectionist Republicans waste money on the Department of Energy which should be dismantled along with the Dept of Education... Maybe the US should start a Department of Home Schoolers.

BTW the DOE LABS have never invented a single process or fostered a single BTU in additional energy efficiency. But they will cling death to Ethanol... which even by AL GORE Polar bear standards is a total energy bust. Do you need a supercomputer to tell you Ethanol has a 70,000 BTU deficit with Diesel fuel? It costs more in diesel fuel to produce a gal of ethanol than the energy you get from burning the ethanol. I am afraid they will not like what the Supercomputer tells them... "Cannot Compute... ETHANOL is a BUST!"

Better living through BIDEN BLOAT.

China is likely stockpiling and deploying vulnerabilities, says Microsoft


Undoubtedly Chinese discovered vunerabilities that Microsoft built for NSA

If Microsoft made socks they would be out of business... too many holes and too much complaining about customers.