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'Scandal-plagued' data broker tracked visits to '600 Planned Parenthood locations'

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How about instead, we just outlaw data brokers? Seems much more foolproof a solution to me.

Oh, and then enshrine Roe vs Wade in legislation for good measure.

Meta says risk of account theft after phone number recycling isn't its problem to solve

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Re: Well if Meta are going to get roasted for this one

Yes, but your threat vector is now "the people in the same building as me", not "anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world".

Physical security is important too.

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"Signing up to use an app based system"?

I coded a TOTP implementation in my spare time years ago after reading some blogs online. My employer's site was automatically compatible with Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy...

Completely free on our part (I didn't even charge for my time), and my implementation has been largely untouched since being implemented... except that years later the CEO suddenly realized how important it was and mandated that everyone in the business use it.

Chrome engine devs experiment with automatic browser micropayments

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From my understanding, the plan is more:

"Ah, this user is sending me money. Does that reach threshold A? Okay, I'll turn ads off now. Threshold B? Oooh, they get to see the special stuff."

And then you tell the users what those thresholds are, a.k.a. the Humble Bundle way of doing things.

Forcing AI on developers is a bad idea that is going to happen

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-installs AI on your computer without you asking-

"Oh don't worry, the AI doesn't *do* anything until you turn it on, honest."

*Then why did you install it on my computer without me asking*

Australia passes Right To Disconnect law, including (for now) jail time for bosses who email after-hours

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I didn't know this was going through my parliament, but I'm proud to have found out.

Already wasn't going to vote for the other mob, but they'd certainly have lost my vote if they really want to repeal this.

Attempts to demolish guardrails in AI image generators blamed for lewd Taylor Swift deepfakes

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4Chan, please stop living up to your reputation...

Dems and Repubs agree on something – a law to tackle unauthorized NSFW deepfakes

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"We'll let the victims sue the people making porn of them!"

If the porn-makers can't be identified, what use is that? Why not just make it illegal, and thus the police's job to find and punish these people?

Microsoft's vision for the future of work is you trusting Redmond to get AI right

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I'm fully expecting LLM hype to crash in the next couple years, just like NFTs.

X hiring 100 content cops in bid to tame Wild West of online safety

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You cannot be *targeted* by ads. That's different from not being *shown* any ads.

Russia takes $13.5M bite out of Apple over in-app purchases

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On one hand, Apple is 100% being a monopoly here and the fine is more than justified. Frankly, it's underwhelming.

On the other hand... Russia.

Japan recovers moon lander data, puts craft to sleep due to solar panels' bad attitude

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Darn. Hopefully they can get it working again... if not, glad they got *something* out of it.

Law designed to stop AI bias in hiring decisions is so ineffective it's slowing similar initiatives

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Re: Intrinsic bias in AI hiring algorithms /s

More like "because they are trained on mostly white people, because that's who live in Silicon Valley".

Australia imposes cyber sanctions on Russian it says ransomwared health insurer

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Re: Linked to ten-million-record leak

'Cybercriminal' is the new 'terrorist' - and governments have been slapping sanctions on those without a trial for years.

Study: Thousands of businesses just love handing over your info to Facebook

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It's kind of amazing how surveillance capitalism simultaneously produces the results of "How collect so much information on me to target ads!" and "How do you not have enough information to target ads at me yet?!"

Facial recognition tech has outpaced US law – and don't expect the Feds to catch up

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Corporate lobbing has done so much damage to the world it isn't funny.

US Supreme Court doesn't want to hear Apple, Epic's gripes about in-app purchases

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"Cupertino insists on collecting a cut of sales, up to 27 percent, even if a non-Apple system is used."

How in the holy heck do they plan on enforcing that???

"Gimme 27% of your revenue."

"No, it's mine."

"It was referred to you from our app store!"

"Prove it."

How 'sleeper agent' AI assistants can sabotage your code without you realizing

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"Daniel Huynh, CEO at Mithril Security, said in a recent post that while this may seem like a theoretical concern, it has the potential to harm the entire software ecosystem."

Only if programmers are lazy enough to just copy-paste what an AI says without reading it...


...we're doomed.

OpenAI tweaks its fine print, removes explicit ban on 'military and warfare' use

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Anyone else getting a "Don't be evil" vibe from this change?

Uncle Sam tells hospitals: Meet security standards or no federal dollars for you

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Re: They knew what they were getting into. I say let them crash!

So what you're telling me is, if this hospital gets ransomware'd, they'd have no ability to recover or even pay the ransom, and would have to close anyway?

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Re: They knew what they were getting into. I say let them crash!

I dunno... making their funding conditional on basic best practice does feel like the only way to convince some boards that yes, they *do* in fact need to take action.

If you're gonna use AI-made stuff in your game, you better tell us, says Steam

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Seems like a pretty basic covering of their behind to me...

Trump-era rules reversed on treating gig workers as contractors

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That sucks.

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If they have no other source of income and cannot afford to say no, to the point where Uber etc can assign them any job and they'll do it, then they're an employee under this test.

If they have the financial ability to tell Uber etc to get lost, *then* they're actually a contractor.

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Pro tip: If someone tells you how much you are going to be paid and what work you are going to do, and you can't say no, then you're an employee, not a contractor.

This rule of thumb thus indicates that most doctors in America are employees of the insurance companies, not the hospitals/practices etc.

Uncle Sam wants to make it clear that America's elections are very, very safe

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Re: In All The Good Democracies ...

Yes, but the *Republican and Democrat parties* are the ones running the elections, even if at the state level. This is how gerrymandering exists. Down here in Australia, elections are run by an independent body, not by career politicians.

Apple sets new 16,000-foot iPhone drop test after 737 fuselage fail

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Re: "I found a phone sitting on the side of the road that had apparently fallen 16,000 feet."

They found a ticket on the phone for the plane that had a hole in it.

Data loss prevention isn't rocket science, but NASA hasn't made it work in Microsoft 365

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Remember the days when the actual rocket science was the most complex thing going on at NASA?

Something nasty injected login-stealing JavaScript into 50K online banking sessions

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Well, that's terrifying. Is there anything for your average joe to do about attacks like these, aside from keeping your antivirus updated?

Calculating Pi in the sky: Axiom Space plans to launch 'orbital datacenter'

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Hey, if nothing else this will be an interesting proof of concept for anyone looking to put computers in space going forward.

Musk floats idea of boat mod for Cybertruck

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I'm pretty sure each of those three knows more about making cars than Musk does, three times over. Probably more about boats too.

FCC reminds US mobile carriers that customer data needs to be protected

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There are a bunch of smartphone apps that do this - the ones that ask you to scan a QR code are doing this.

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Or - hear me out here - we all agree that MFA over SMS is basically worthless, and we all switch to TOTP instead.

Epic decision sees jury find Google's Play store is illegal monopoly

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For crying out loud... just break it up already. We've all got eyes. We can all see what they're doing is classic Monopolising. While you're at it, break up the rest of FAANG too.

Australia building 'top secret' cloud to catch up and link with US, UK intel orgs

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This will be great for security! It'll be such an irresistible target for hackers that they'll be able to get a headcount of bad guys by the constant hammering on their servers trying to get all that juicy, irresistible classified and stolen information inside!

Dump C++ and in Rust you should trust, Five Eyes agencies urge

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Hey, if we can squash 70% of the bugs in these giant security-bug-prone products, I'm all for it.

I fully expect the transition to take over a decade though.

US senator claims Google and Apple reveal push notification data to foreign govs

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I'm guessing it was intended to stop companies from revealing when the US had requested their data, but the law was very vaguely worded.

China gamifies censorship and surveillance with national internet law quiz

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Well, at least it's not another cringy song...

Brit borough council apologizes for telling website users to disable HTTPS

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Re: Dear editor


11 seconds on http, less than a second on https.

Yes, the real difference is that http can't use http/2... but that doesn't stop it from being the case that if you wanna go fast on the internet, you NEED https.


X/Twitter booted out of Australia's disinformation-fighting club

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Well, America wasn't going to hold them to account, so I guess I can take pride in even this weak action?

At least it isn't measured in minutes of profit, given that Xitter is currently operating in the red...

Firefox slow to load YouTube? Just another front in Google's war on ad blockers

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That privacy case in the EU might have to be updated to a anti-monopoly one as well...

Your password hygiene remains atrocious, says NordPass

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Well, it's about time somebody's trying to staunch the gushing wound that is port-out fraud... people really need to learn that text-based 2FA is really not secure.

Google sues scammers peddling fake malware-riddled Bard chatbot download

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"The web giant also wants damages, including all the money made from the scam."

Google: Nobody makes money off the gullibility of our users but us!

Your online store down? Can't get to your fave web shop? Maybe blame Shopify

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Obligatory XKCD: https://xkcd.com/2347/

Meta, YouTube face criminal spying complaints in Ireland

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I wish this guy the best of luck, but I don't think they've got a real chance... :(

FTC interrupts Copyright Office probe to flip out over potential AI fraud, abuse

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The law usually trails tech, but it looks like the law doesn't want to get too far behind this particular development...

Bad eIDAS: Europe ready to intercept, spy on your encrypted HTTPS connections

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Re: Never understood certs

Certificate Transparency is designed specifically to defeat this kind of attack. "Good thing" then that Article 45 forbids it then! (It's not one of the defenses mentioned as being allowed, and browsers aren't allowed to add any not on the list.)

Google mulled offering paid-for no-logging private Search subscription

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"How could we be seen as less creepy?"

"Well, we could *be* less creepy?"

"Nah that doesn't work for us, what else you got?"

Uncle Sam snooping on US folks? Not without a warrant, lawmakers agree

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Finding out that Biden opposes banning warrentless searches made me respect him just that little bit less.

I mean, I'm sure the other guy's even worse on this, but still.

US actors are still on strike – and yup, it's about those looming AI clones

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At what point did the argument shift from "No, you can't scan my face without my approval" to "No, you can't duplicate my face without my approval"?