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New Labour: Chainsaws out, maybe Contactpoint, too

Thomas Duffin

RE: Labour has shafted an entire generation

And the tories the generation before that...

And labour the generation before that...

Why does anyone think it will be any different in the future no matter who comes in?

Primary schools hit by smut hack

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Open Source

Isn't Moodle Open Source? I'm sure it is, therefore surely someone will fix it very quickly or the schools could fix it themsleves.

Symantec swoops on Messagelabs

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Oh Great

Another good product about to go to the dogs due to being bought out by a company full of numpties.

Anyone know of another company that does the same job as MessageLabs for when my contract with them runs out? (And not McAfee!)

The iPhone arrives, but is O2 being taken for a ride?

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Worst phone ever!

No 3G


2 MP Camera

How much?