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I need a New Laptop!!

James R Curry


"This experiment in crowd-answering was not a great success: it was an exciting day when a Q&A got five responses.

Fast forward to 2012 and the new El Reg Forums, where commentards are beginning to set up their own Q&As. Perhaps these grass roots initiatives will fly a little higher. Let's see if we can help."

Well, this is comment number three, and there's still no helpful responses. Maybe we can get to six and totally smash the previous record.

Wow, this is kind of like Yahoo Answers, isn't it? Only with far fewer fundamentalist nutjobs.

AT&T ends illicit handset tethering

James R Curry


While I oft-agree with your characterisation of freetards, I strongly disagree in this case.

AT&T are selling blocks of data -- already limited blocks of data. It seems like a cash grab to expect people to pay more depending on the device they use to consume them.

Just my two cents (per byte).

App maker asks $600 for BlackBerry bling

James R Curry
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I'm tempted. $600 is a small price to pay for unfettered access to a chat room filled with hapless rubes.

I've been looking for a place to punt my game of Three-Card eMonte.

'Holland wins World Cup' declares CBSNews

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Won by a margin of SCORE to SCORE.

Excellent! My bookie owes me AMOUNT.

Facebook boss admits privacy 'errors' and promises revamp

James R Curry


I logged into Facebook this morning and was forced to change my employment and location information into page links, with no option to keep this information private.

Is this an example of the simplified privacy? Removing more options and forcing users to publish by default?

I left the location information. I deleted my employer from my profile.

Is Twitter actually making money?

James R Curry


Twitter is ghasty, just ghastly to begin with. Others have explained with ample eloquence just what's wrong with this service. The idea that people will pay, PAY 15 cents to send and receive such drivel is utterly staggering.

What a complete rip-off.

Cloned US ATM cards: Can they fool Brit self-service checkouts?

James R Curry



Since when? I'm a British expatriate living in the United States, and as recently as this year, Budgens were perfectly happy to accept my US credit cards while I was back in old Blighty.

Frankly, I'd have been *supremely* pissed off, had they not.

US Congress to vote on in-flight mobile ban

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Forget foreign policy!

Forget the fights about privacy and civil liberties!

Forget the budget deficit, the failing economy, health care and education reform.

The might of US Congress is focused on what's truly important: Criminalising things that are slightly annoying!

And why stop there?

With enough support, your government will COMPLETELY ERADICATE housewives who take eleven items through the "ten items or less" lane, by 2012!

The TURN-DOWN Act will introduce long jail sentences for people cranking their car stereos so loud that you can hear them two lanes over!

And finally, it'll be Camp X-Ray for ANYONE caught using that Crazy Frog ringtone!

All hail the new era - It's Congress' pledge to you!

Mozilla pulls offensive viral campaign

James R Curry

The real outrage...

...is why with all the EU remedies against Microsoft, they haven't been forced to replace the lower half of the Internet Explorer window with an indelible notice.

"Browsing while pregnant may cause birth defects."

IBM sues seller over alleged fake ThinkPad batteries

James R Curry


...look at that! $48!

I better stock on on batteries before they're sued out of existence. ;)

Win XP also prone to random number bug

James R Curry

Much as I hate to defend Microsoft's security...

...this strikes me as a non-issue. As is quite rightly pointed out, administrator access is required. If an attacker has administrator access, they can read the memory and therefore the key as it is generated. Or they can completely circumvent the security of the process generating the key and replace it with their own doctored version that stores a copy and sends it back to the attacker.

To call this a security hole is as ludicrous as saying "The Administrator account can delete system files. If hackers gain control of this account, they too can delete system files" is a security hole.

TV villain talks into wrong end of iPhone

James R Curry

At least he was SUPPOSED to be acting a role...

...and not reviewing the product.

My memory is hazy, but I believe it was the Future Entertainment Show (rather than the ECTS) where myself and a large number of other punters stood in line for over two hours to try one of those "state of the art" virtual reality arcade games with the goofy headgear. If anyone even remembers these things, it was the game which took place in a large chessboard looking world with pteradactyls.

So after this interminable delay, the infamous Andy Crane shows up with TV cameras in tow and is immediately rushed to the head of the line to record a piece of hype for "Bad Influence!".

He puts the VR helmet on his head, grabs the joystick, and spins around on the spot for a minute or two, craning his neck like a prat and waxing lyrical about how incredible it is, and how it appears that he's actually there.

Sixty seconds of fluff recorded, he removes the helmet and departs as quickly as he'd shown up.

Of course, during his spiel about how lifelike it all seemed, the spectator screen off to his side had shown the onlookers exactly what he'd been looking at the entire time: A blinking "Game Over" message for the whole session.

Now THERE'S objective journalism!

Gatwick reduced to anarchy by 'computer glitch'

James R Curry

In their defense...

...Gatwick is about three quarters of the way to anarchy at the best of times.

Maddy: TV torture for the ADD generation

James R Curry

Not entirely true...

"But reality TV from the news department is always a one-off - there will be no sequel."

Not so. Even now, OJ Simpson is gearing up to take a starring role in the sequel to his erstwhile hit reality series from the mid-1990s.