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Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base



I have to say that I would be more shocked if our 'security services' were not doing this.

The long term problem I see is that it has just got out of hand and your (RIPA enabled) local council can delve into your comms at will if they can come up with some law breaking (wrong rubbish, wrong bin) activity that you are involved in.

It is one thing to 'spy' upon potential enemies and quite another to use that as an excuse to monitor your home population in order to help some local council fuckwit in its upcoming court case.

Mi(?) monitoring 'foreign activities' I can live with. Who wants some IRA bomb exploding in my local shopping centre?

But ... The ability of 'Sir' Cyril Smith (via his contacts in Government and 'The Party') or Savile (via his local council and BBC contacts) being allowed to monitor the activity of anyone who gets close to their 'activities'... Well now we see the problem in giving any 'government' employed wank stain (on childrens bed sheet) the ability to shut down any 'journalist or 'victim' that might come close to exposing them.

World+Dog don't care about climate change, never have done



Makes me laugh that, given a choice, in some imaginary election, between 'swindling bankers' and 'green' we would all vote 'swindling banker'. Just how did a movement, on the rise not too long ago, f**k it up so badly?

Secret teen hacker army ridiculed



Does this mean that Gary McKinnon will have a claim against HMG at some point that he has been the victim of both age and disability related discrimination?

UK climate change funding cut by 25%


Quick question

for the Panda Police. Take a look over at NOAA(1) and the CO2 trend. Now what I want to know is, based on the CO2 record, where are the world wide industrial slumps of the last 50 years or so? My second question is - Just how long and deep an economic recession do we need to create worldwide in order to dent that graph?

(1) http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/ccgg/trends/co2_data_mlo.html

Here is the last decade including, though you wouldn't know it, the current economic climate.


Mystic Met Office predicts neighbourhood Thermageddon


Slightly off topic

but as interesting as it gets in the US ....


or (tiny url) http://tinyurl.com/lwa72u

(EPA) "The administrator and the administration has decided to move forward on endangerment, and your comments do not help the legal or policy case for this decision…"

"I don’t want you to spend any additional EPA time on climate change.”

Done deal indeed.

Surveillance response 'inadequate', say Lords


From the 97 manifesto

"Open government"

"Unnecessary secrecy in government leads to arrogance in government and defective policy decisions."

Data watchdog clears mobile phone directory


It's that phrase again

"Opting out of the service should be made as easy as possible (...) "

If I want your service I will contact you. (it's called opt-in)

The only company that can currently link my number to any personal details is O2. Now if I find my details on this or any similar "service" my next call will be to cancel O2 - simple.

Gordon Ramsay breaches f**king broadcasting code



I'd like to thank the 51 complainants and ofcom for pointing out what I had missed first time round. Luckily the episode still had a decent number of seeds so I shall watch it tonight.

Hopefully it won't be a fucked up US version. Thanks again.

Top British boffin: Time to ditch the climate consensus


Oh dear ..

(...) they need to be opened up to other disciplines, from the arts and humanities, for example (...)

I can't really see what this has brought to the debate other than more smoke and mirrors. It has become politically charged precisely because everyone else has jumped on board.

The key issue concerns positive feedbacks in the climate system without which it is a non problem. "The Geopolitical Implications of Gender in Anthropogenic Global Warming" adds nothing to the core debate other than further polarisation and confusion.

Phorm boss blogs from a dark, dark place


Oi ... Media Mouthpiece

Leave poor Kent alone! He is obviously in the middle of some kind of break down.

What a strange site.

(I got my copy before it disappears)

Jedi officers enlist with Scottish police


multiple choice?

(...) Also, would you trust your safety/welfare/Ewok to someone who believes he is guided by mind-controlling micro-organisms in their blood?? Thought not. (...)

No, I put my trust in people who believe in an omnipresent invisible giant who makes everything in the Universe and can fashion a woman from a blokes rib bones in his spare time (Sunday).

Thinking about it can I have the "mind-controlling micro-organisms" please Bob?

Wikimedia becomes latest to ban Phorm



While large organisations rejecting Phorm is always a good thing I still don't see why that organisation should have to register with a scumware vendor in order to avoid being wire-tapped.

Registering your OPT OUT simply validates an illegal scheme. Can I opt out of being burgled?

Councils to lose some spy powers


Doggy Poop

It still avoids the question of why LA's need these powers at all. They still have no place in the investigation of terrorism or serious crime which is supposedly why they needed these powers in the first place.

Phorm moves beyond privacy - except when slating rivals



<...>emotive story tellers are ignoring Phorm's work in setting the "gold standard" in privacy for the internet advertising industry<...>

He really does remind me of the old Iraqi Information Minister. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

What would you pay for 400,000 new green jobs?



(...) Our existing climate change policies are projected to add around 18% to annual domestic electricity bills and around 55% to industrial electricity bills by 2020.(...)

So allowing a little time for that 55% to be passed on to customers via virtually everything else they purchase - that is one hell of a tax hike. And lets not forget the many households (currently 3 1/2M) that will be priced into hypothermia come the first cold winter. I suppose we see now how the greens intend to get the population down.

It all begins to smell of good old fashioned Communism. Destroy your remaining viable industry using legislation and taxation. Hand the liquidation proceeds to a sector you have designed and created using the best models and forecasts. Wait for Utopia.

I think the Southpark underpants Gnomes and

our Government have something in common ...

Phase 1 - collect underpants

Phase 2 - ...???...

Phase 3 - Profit


Sky calls for access to cable network



AC - Hurrah.

(...) This brings us to Virgin Media. VM is unique in that it is an absolutely closed system from end-to-end. (...) If BT behaves like this, they would be breaking the law. But for some reason, Virgin's monopoly is not regulated in the same way.(...)

Not only does Virgin close the door to competition(...)

My two cents worth: break VM up. (...)


VM is a privately funded network and as such they can do whatever they please.

What you are suggesting sends one message to anyone thinking of investing in ANY project - DON'T - if you are successful the results will be forcibly taken from you and re-distributed. I think you may find that system has been tried before and FAIL doesn't begin to describe the result.

Comparisons with BT are appropriate here but only because before privatization BT was the end result of what you suggest.

Phorm CEO clashes with Berners-Lee at Parliament


Patently misrepresented

"There have been a number of things said that patently misrepresent what we do,"

Like - "you are a lying, sack of shit, scumware vendor who will wire-tap my private communications when hell freezes over"

Ruling: Gov reports into ID scheme must be disclosed


More interesting

<...> but with names of interviewees redacted. <...>

Would be to see what else is redacted. I'm off to Ladbrokes now to put my money on 25% black paragraphs. The ones starting with .. cost .. tiered access .. private sector involvement ...

ICO strengthens criticism of Government data sharing



<...>There is no restriction on purpose of the sharing<...>

<...>to prevent the use of information-sharing orders in the context of large-scale data sharing initiatives<...>

That would be NHS, DNA , Financial and any other records pertaining to deals HMG does with private industry then


Another vote here for a V for Vendetta Icon.

Minister trashes ex-spook chief's liberty warning


Sooo... just to be clear here ..

.. a respected member of the intelligence community suggests that our Government is using scare tactics to introduce police state legislation and curtail civil liberties. Ministers counter with

<...> her "loose" use of language "plays into the hands of our enemies". <...>

... and in defence of a very expensive program of dubious practical value and which would have Stalin blushing another comments ..

<...> blocking the plans on civil liberties grounds would grant terrorists "a licence to kill".<...>

They just don't see the irony

Nuremberg Rally anyone?

BCS accuses UK.gov of grabbing 'draconian' data powers


Papers please citizen

<...>could increase citizens' distrust of government and "could have disastrous consequences in the hands of a less benevolent government".<...>

As someone pointed out in comments to an article a few months ago - create the apparatus for a police state and eventually that is exactly what you will get.

Quite un-believable that anyone still trusts the motives of NuGov. ID, IMP, RIPA, NPfIT ..... the list keeps growing daily. They have gone completely off the rails.

Loved this one in light of yesterdays BMA story ...



EU threatens 'formal action' against UK.gov on Phorm


Yes minister

<...> and the government has refused Freedom of Information Act requests to release its full response<...>

On what grounds? Terrorism? National security? That it would show exactly what this bunch of fucking crooks have been up to behind our backs?


1m French out of work thanks to dodgy data - UK next?


And ...

HMG still wonder at our resistance to the database state.

<...> Objectors to EDVIGE were horrified to learn that it would have gathered information on any person having applied for or exercised a "political, union or economical mandate or playing a significant institutional, economical, social or religious part as well as information on any person, starting from the age of 13, considered by the police as a "suspect" potentially capable of disrupting the public order". <...>

To the UK version you can safely add ... and any rumours, accusations or gossip pertaining to the same

<...> CNIL identified an error rate of 83 per cent on STIC records <...>

Which will never happen here because of course all data will be covered by state secrecy laws so nobody will ever find out what is being held let alone examine it for accuracy.

Papers please Citizen

Is it me or hes Europe learned nothing from (recent) history - felt badges would be much cheaper and far more accurate.


Boffin dubs global warming 'irreversible'


Just keep modeling

Its been a good week for models 'o' doom. Got to love this classy byline from the BBC...

"A mathematical model based on fading sea ice and the population growth of emperor penguins suggests their likely demise. "


Long live virtual science.

Doner kebabs: Death wrapped in pitta bread


What exactly

did people think they were getting? FFS they could make them exclusively from lard and salt and I would still eat one. Can't wait for nanny's campaign on TV. Pissed? Hungry? desperate for a fag? ... don't order a fuck ton of lard !

Virgin puts 'legal P2P' plans on ice


It's hard to have any sympathy for the industry

<..>it's possible to infer that major labels still fear losing control, and have pinned their hopes on changing behaviour rather than creating services that generate new revenue streams.<..>

<...>Labels demanded that Virgin block uploads and downloads of songs from subscribers' PCs, sources suggest.<..>

It's pretty clear that the good old days are never coming back. Backing the VM venture, even for a trail period, would have been a chance to gauge a possible alternative. All they are left with now is more of the same, litigation and an escalating (and un-winnable) technical war.

The problem is never going to be solved overnight but that seems to be what the industry is demanding from any new proposal. Yes users may transfer songs laterally once they have been downloaded but they are doing that already. VMU may have made a start in changing attitudes and would have given the industry a cut. Currently their cut is 100% of nothing and unless maths has changed a lot since school that is still nothing.

MI5 head calls for comms data access



<..> can be retrieved by the police, MI5 and other agencies. <...>

Yes and it's the "other agencies" that I have a problem with. I might be more amenable to the IMP if RIPA hadn't given everyone else unfettered, unregulated access at the same time. The Police and State Security are one thing but nobody has yet explained why some half wit in my local Council needs access - they have no role in investigating serious crime or terrorism.

Come back with the IMP once RIPA has been overhauled otherwise it just looks more and more like East Germany every day.

Private firm may run UK spy über-database


Towards ???

<..>Macdonald argued that creating the über-database represents a further move towards a Big Brother-style "surveillance society". <..>

über-database as opposed to ID,CCTV,DNA Db,NPfIT Db,Child Db,RIPA ............

What we have already would have had the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit hanging their heads in shame. It seems that they just can't stop themselves.

Oy NuGov - It's not the terrorists we worry about it is you clowns and your Nu Stasi State


UK.gov says: Regulate the internet


Is there anything left for these fookers?

ID, joined up CTV, DNA, Medical Records, Uber Comms DB, RIPA ?? is there really much left once they start to licence the internet?


Anyone want to bet on when the white list is going to win out? Oy ..Reg - got your licence to give opinion to the plebs? Licence = be nice to NuGov (and this quango) and stop that comment section - you naughty little reds.

Difficult to believe that less than a century ago Labour were the "party of the people " - a few years in power and they are just the same waste of space wankers they threw out back then.. Oy NuGov - remember the STASI? Eric? (wall, gun - dead?)

Incidentally - 2 children have been killed on my road in the past 6 months - would you like to spend some of that 12b (couple of hundred pounds maybe ) on some kind of traffic measures because that is 2 more than have ever been killed by your terrorist / paedophile conspiracy in my world - EVER

"you are no Parliament, I say you are no Parliament; I will put an end to your sitting".


I also vote for a V f D icon BTW

Das überdatabase: Inside Wacky Jacqui's motherbrain


Is it just me or

does anyone else think this is a non starter, a fantasy fuelled by watching too many Bourne movies?

I can see that it might work with mobiles - A contacts B, but IP?

Isn't mining IP data a bit like setting wget loose on a website without reading the manual. A six (at most) degrees of separation where everyone is just one IP address away from an evil doer. I can just see the giant (Bourne like) screen go completely red (and useless) as it tries to render the comms of Ahmed and Ahmed starts torrenting the latest episode of "Heroes" while chatting on MSN.

Hard 'core'? Birmingham City Council's net filtering


American Filters??

"cannibalism and witchcraft"

Popular sites in Birmingham? Who knew?

NebuAd makes meal of opt-out cookie



<...>NebuAd is...developing a network-based opt-out mechanism that is not reliant on web browser cookies<...>

Everyone else calls it a separate proxy server.

BT starts threatening music downloaders with internet cut-off


It just keeps getting better

<..>The upcoming commercial opportunity to charge a bit extra for a premium "music broadband" package means there's money for the ISPs in warning their customers against illegal filesharing. Expect sabre-rattling missives like BT's to become commonplace over the next few months. ®<...>

So rather than looking like an attempt to reduce illicit music downloads it starts to look like BT et al forcing customers to get music exclusively from them. Way to go ISP's.

And BTPhorm standing tall on copyright infringement !! Remind me again how does Phorm work?

BT - can you spell DERIVATIVE WORK you copyright infringing muppets.

Facebook takes a break


This is serious

If the outage lasts much longer perhaps UK BOFH's can start putting together relief packages for the victims.

Snoop-happy councils warned off RIPA abuse


Dog mess indeed

<...>RIPA calls for spying powers to be used only when "necessary and proportionate to prevent or detect a criminal offence".<..>

Erm by the Police and Security services. What exactly are local councils doing getting involved in criminal or terrorist investigations in the first place?

Allowing minor local functionaries this kind of power is the sort of madness we expected from Eastern Europe decades ago.

Pentagon hacker vows to take extradition fight to Europe


user name admin password admin

Correct me if I'm wrong here but we are talking about a guy who used scripts to test equipment and services for default password settings in the networks of major US three letter agencies?

The "damage" costs amount to the cost of forcing their own admins to go around removing the defaults in the "compromised" systems.

If I were the <insert agency here> I would be looking at taking my own admins to trial and employing McKinnon full time to ensure newly installed equipment and services had at least been secured at least at the level of having password protection.

Surely this is about covering up the embarassment of a host of multi billion dollar agencies rather than prosecuting a "malicious terrorist"

Top Tory resigns on principle over 42 days bill


Good start

Hopefully might persuade a few more will do the same.

Switching off the Twat-O-Tron for a moment it really isn't terrorists I fear any more - it's my own government. Clowns in charge of live ammunition. Creating a State that the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit would be embarrassed to be part of.

US Congress questions legality of Phorm and the Phormettes



Here in the UK it's been three months since Phorm was exposed and we are still waiting to hear from any senior politician on the subject.

Number crunching knife crime and online ID verification


Nanny knows best.

Of course the easiest way to stop your kids buying things on-line is to take away their fucking credit cards

Neighbourhood Watch 2.0: Your tensions are being monitored


Nice 'n' Cohesive

<..>slowly crossing the line between socialism and national socialism<..>

more likely end up in the nightmare world of "Demolition Man"

Happy Joy Joy thoughts everyone.

Phorm in phormulaic logo phorm storm

Thumb Up


Phorm's entire business plan is based on co-opting everyone else's work. Hi-jacking your corporate symbol from the mass of 'free content' that is the Internet is entirely appropriate.

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?


alarming increase

<...>but perhaps future generations will be able to reduce the alarming increase in the number of climate alarms.<...>

If only. Like the wack job sporting a board predicting the end of the world, when it doesn't happen he doesn't go off to get a job and start a family he just gets a new board. Like all good religions when Global Warming doesn't happen you call it Climate Change and head back for the street

No doubt the 'clergy' will here shortly telling us everything is well within the predicted range or that the data comes from 'Big Oil'. Better yet that we shouldn't be allowed an opinion anyway. The truth is that we clearly have no agreement on what is happening right now never mind Fifty or a Hundred years into the future.

If the cooling goes on beyond 2015 we will no doubt start hearing calls for us to ramp up carbon emissions. Same crowd different board.

Home Office defends 'dangerously misleading' Phorm thumbs-up


frivolous debate

Consumer and legal details aside for the moment what is Phorm's proposition?

They want to insert themselves directly into someone else's value chain and tap off whatever they want in order to build a business. Remind me again, what is the biological term for an organism acting in this way?


Yes but ..

<..>Ultimately it is a free commercial market and providers of goods and services need only ensure they are compliant with relevant legislation.<...>

We simply want to know who exactly is going to step up when they are clearly not compliant.

US court says IP addresses are private


@Now if only...

Beaten to it again.

<..>However, when users surf the web from the privacy of their homes, they have reason to expect that their actions are confidential.<..>

This is New Jersey and not the UK after all.

Cow turds fuel Blighty's hydrogen filling station embrace


While you all

make persuasive arguments - I'm going for "monkey butlers"

BT's secret Phorm trials open door to corporate eavesdropping



<..>The Home Office refused to say where people can go to report that they believe they have been illegally eavesdropped upon by a company.<..>

I suppose it all depends on who's traffic you intercept ...


High Court quashes decision to release secret ID card reports


Yes Minister

<..>The Government had argued that it must be able to keep the reports on the progress of the system secret otherwise civil servants will not be honest in their assessment of the progress of the system.<...>

We can keep this tied up in bureaucracy until the Sun goes out minister.

Craigslist and eBay: Terrorist arms bazaars of DEATH


I smell Pork

Mil spec. Pot Noodles eh?

Come on Reg! We want, nay demand, a pork barrel icon.

Lead for sale (church grade) : one previous owner. Plenty of particle stopping power.

Buyer collects.

BT's 'illegal' 2007 Phorm trial profiled tens of thousands


Whats that I hear?

The silence from the DPP is deafening. Not even an investigation? Strong words? A frown? What exactly does it take to shock these clowns into action?

I must try this defence if I'm caught robbing a bank....

"Well the money my client took was only a tiny proportion of the banks total assets"


"Well as your Honour will concede, the number of houses my client burgled is statistically insignificant when compared to the total number of homes in the UK"

It can't wait for Tax season.- I'm pulling "an Emma" too.