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Virginians sue to block rural Amazon datacenter


After Walmart came to Culpeper, all the little shops, like the hardware stores that had been open for 60-70 years in the downtown closed and it went down hill for 15 years until people in the town grew more and the town worked on revitalizing the old town. It was sad to see that change occur. You could no longer find things locally because Walmart had something cheaper (not necessarily a very good product) and the stores couldn't fight the beast.

Culpeper might be getting some of it's power from the nuclear reactor down in Louisa county at Lake Anna if memory serves. I don't remember much in the way of local power generation, but things may have changed since with all the natural gas stations popping up to prop up the grid.


I grew up in Culpeper and miss the ruralness of the area and the small town vibe which seems to be disappearing in many places. Every time I visit I see more growth and change in and around the town (not necessarily bad). I lived in the next county up during the 90s and Disney tried to build a theme park in a small bump in the road place off Interstate 66 and the locals all banded together to form a F*ck The Mouse (FTM) campaign to fight Disney - and they won (Loudoun and Fauquier are very rich areas, all kinds of old and new money families reside/stay there). I hope people from my hometown can figure out a way to do that to Amazon and run them out. I worked in Reston before moving out to the Eastern Shore of MD 4 years ago and saw all the datacenters being built and really just wonder how that will all work out in 10-20 years... I don't miss that stuff (traffic, urban sprawl of faceless repeating chain retailers) at all.