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Intel mulls cutting ties to 16 and 32-bit support

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Re: Spite, I tell you, spite!


"Of course, some may say it's not about me at all and that not even the power of marketing can keep inferior technology alive for more than 45 years, but I know what I choose to believe".

Huh, some may say. that, but of course it is spite. They are wrong and probably Millennials, Goths, or Tarot card readers, or teenagers. And what do they know?

And yes I know I was a teenager once upon a very long time ago, but I was a perfectly good teenager. A swot really. Hmmm, could that thumping sound I can hear be my Mum and Dad spinning, at quite a high rate of revolutions, in their grave?

Apple warns of three WebKit vulns under active exploitation, dozens more CVEs across its range

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Re: Camera


Assuming what you say is correct, I don't care if they can access the camera. What are they going to do? Oh I know take pictures! The important thing is they cannot access any data. And indeed, I would hope they would take pictures, so as when I report my stolen phone to the police and tell them where it is, (thanks to find my), there will be irrefutable evidence that they are probably the thief/thieves.

Security issue? Really?

More UK councils caught by Capita's open AWS bucket blunder

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I think that someone should learn how to spell "apologise".

And there should be a law that states you can't be a councillor if your main ambition in life is to achieve the i.q. of a carrot. And you must also learn to take the blame for your fuckups instead of "it was someone/anyone else's fault"

You fucking wankers chose Capita. It is your fault. Full Stop.

Russian businesses want to party like it's 1959 with 6-day workweek

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What is a tankie?

And as for your "wondering"? I couldn't give a fuck about Russia/Putin. Just like I felt the same about Bush/Bliars illegal war on Iraq. Does that make me a "Tankie"?

And frankly, I am not sure why I am replying to you as I don't give a fuck about you or your troll post either.

Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra is a worthy heir to the Note

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Re: Too powerful ?


Facial recognition eh?

Guess you didn't read this article

https://www.theregister.com/2023/05/19/2d_photograph_facial_recog/. (on this site today)

And how long do you think Android updates will be available for? I doubt it will even come close to the years that iOS updates are available.

Just noticed my iPhone and iPad have updated themselves to the latest version.

Boss fight cleared: Europe approves Microsoft's Activision takeover

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Re: Who expects Microsoft to play fair?

So the E.U. has bought Microsofts proposals? Talk about mugs or what. The Microsoft people will be drinking a toast to their gullibility.

Memo to the E.U. Microsoft will already have worked out how to get around those proposals in a year or two. You need yours heads testing if you ask me. There is more chance of there being a cow on the moon than Microsoft keeping it"s word.

EU's Cyber Resilience Act contains a poison pill for open source developers

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Re: Well

@Boris the Cockroach

Er, open sauce software? Open SAUCE? It's Friday and I think you could do with some beer NOW! Get yoursen to pub at once!

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Re: Apple & Open Source


You seem to have forgotten to mention that Apple also contribute to open source...

Alien rock causes cosmic disturbance in New Jersey home

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Re: It Came out of the Sky

@Aladin Sane

References to David Bowie and Creedance Clearwater Revival in the same post? God, I not only look old, but now I feel old.

This upstart is selling tickets for a SpaceX trip to the world's first private space station

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Re: Great idea


Neat. The reference to the Pink Floyd song.

Have an upvote.

India bans open source messaging apps for security reasons. FOSS community says good luck

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Re: Ideas..


"Anon for obvious reasons".

No they are not obvious at all. The only one I can think of is just maybe, I repeat, just maybe, you are trying to imply that you are a (self) IMPORTANT PERSON?

Twitter adds new DM features, and Musk claims encryption is here, starting today

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Trust Melon Suks encryption?

Fat chance.

Musk decides to bury dead Twitter accounts, warns users follower counts could sink

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Re: "Slightly used, some dents on the forward edges"


Quote "Without being able to check first, you might find the history associated with it more like "threelayerhate".

I read "Vice"as often as The Reg. So I can assure you it could be worse. Imagine if you are into this and your mates found out.


I'll stick to eating it. Though calling someone a fucking cakesitter is always good for looking at a confused face with thew mouth uttering the word "what...)

Cloudflare opposes Europe's plan to make Big Tech help pay for networks

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From the article

"The EU’s thinking is grounded in the fact that most of the content passing over carriers’ networks comes from Content and Application Providers (CAPs) – Europe’s term for the likes of Netflix and YouTube which pour data onto the world’s networks," Load of fucking bollocks.

CAPS don't pour data onto the networks. It's the networks customers who choose to suck the data down to their machine using said networks. And they pay for the bloody privilege, sometimes through their noses.

Frankly, if it wasn't for Spotify and Apple Music, I wouldn't need the sodding internet. I can happily live without all the rest (sorry Reg).

And surely, I can't be the only one?

Academics have 'no confidence' in Edinburgh University's response to its Oracle disaster

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Re: The old old story?

@Crypto Monad

Seems they were sold the idea by this lot.


Biden proposes 30% tax on cryptominers' power bills

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Quote Studies have shown that e-cigs are not only just as bad, but the flavours are used to lure in addicts at a younger age, so I know of a number of countries that are now debating if they should ban it or tax it Unquote.

Talk about clueless...


"lure in addicts at a younger age? As they are already addicts, as you admit, how do they "lure them in"? And what is this younger age? I am 68, so any number less than that is a younger age.

And finally


FCA mulls listing rules after Hauser blames 'Brexit idiocy' for Arm's New York IPO

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Re: Herman Hauser and his views


So maybe, just maybe, if the idiot remoaners got off their arses and actually voted they may have "won". Instead, in their arrogance, they were so sure they would "win" they didn't bother. They got what they deserve.

Pixies keep switching off my morning alarm, says Google Pixel owner

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Oh dear

you have the pixies in a playlist? Soz mate, but I think you have misspelt your "handle". You missed out the letter "r"...

US chipmakers don't want to be locked out of industry's biggest market: China

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Re: What a complete mess...


They have indeed


CERN celebrates 30 years since releasing the web to the public domain

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Guess you're just pissed off because it was a non yank who developed something that fucked over the American Gopher?

Guess they should have sanctioned Cern. Like they do everyone nowadays that dares to threaten their "superior" industries

UK watchdog blocks Microsoft's Activision Blizzard acquisition

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Re: Disagree

@Phones Sheridan

Are you a Yank?. If so deal with it. Like the rest of the world has to deal with Yank blackmail, sorry, I mean't "do as we want or else sanctions". Silly me.

Amazon, Bing, Wikipedia make EU's list of 'Very Large' platforms

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Er,, Shein is not an EU company. Sorry

Oracle's examplar win over SAP for Birmingham City Council is 3 years late

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So, if one gets hacked they all do? Guessing you have no idea about security.

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Well you would say that wouldn't your self important self say... Citation needed.

Samsung to cough up third of a billion bucks for ripping off patent

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of Intel versus A.M.D?

Memo ro companies. Do not license other companies to make your stuff. It will come back to bite you.

Florida folks dragged out of bed by false emergency texts

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Re: Just remain stoned at all times


Hmmm, bet you are a bundle of fun at a party...

Autonomy's Mike Lynch loses battle against extradition to the US on fraud charges

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Re: Absurd ...


Quote "So ... The UK government finally gave in and accepted to extradite Lynch."

They had to. Thanks to the extradition treaty negotiated and signed, by no less than... Tony Bliar.

Sony Semiconductor sinks Simoleans into Raspberry Pi to advance edge AI

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Re: Fan of Pi not AI


"I found treasure the other day, an old RPI3 at the bottom of a box which has now been repurposed."

So what did you repurpose your box into?

While Twitter wants to sell its verification, Microsoft will do it for free on LinkedIn

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Re: Let me see now …

Are you serious? You are obviously NOT an employer. Or, if you are, you haven't a clue what you are talking about. These Blue ticks can be bought, you know, by anyone. Whether they work for you or not.

Love your expression "work for me" /S

Twitter users complain 'private' Circle posts aren't

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He painted out the "W"?

presumably be cause he doesn't want to advertise the fact that he is a wanker?

Criminal records office yanks web portal offline amid 'cyber security incident'

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Re: Underwear details available on line?


Not surprised you are a/c. You admit to wearing underwear by M&S? Are you posh?

Russia has a stash of scary malware? We're shocked

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Talk about non news.

As you pretty much state in the article, everyone knows this. After Snowden, I have always assumed that every government in the world does this spying thing. Big deal. So do most websites. I can't remember who said it, but decades ago someone said "You are on the internet. You have no privacy. Get over it".

I would be obliged if someone could tell me who it was. I seem to remember he worked for S.G.I.

B-List celebs including Lindsay Lohan fined after crypto shill probe

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Re: Adviced advice adviced

"Most musicians wouldn't even qualify as reliable sources for music"

Really???? How about you providing a U.R.L. so we can listen to your, obviously superior, music.

Lenovo Thinkpad X13s: The stealth Arm-powered laptop

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Re: long-term Windows users are used to this and will barely notice

"t’s not really a fair comparison to equate the recent Windows-11 update with the walled garden of an Apple Macintosh or Windows-RT: All those updates are to enable functions that the (long-term) target audience would not be interested in."

F.F.S. Macs are not in a walled garden. If macOS warns you not to open some software it is dead easy to get round it. For fuck's sake, Apple even tell you how to do same.

Enter Tinker: Asus pulls out RISC-V board it hopes trumps Raspberry PI

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Re: Wrong


"Except Raspberry PI computers have little to do with the Raspberry Pi Foundation these days."

Bit of wishful thinking there perhaps?

Microsoft and GM deal means your next car might talk, lie, gaslight and manipulate you

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It's for the sending of "telemetry" of course. A lot of cars nowadays are just like mobile telephones in that your whereabouts can be known at all times.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 as a Linux laptop

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Re: Lenovo Marketing Dept screwed up...BIG TIME


So are you suggesting that manufacturers send machines for review that have been tarted up specially for review? If they did, how long before you would cry foul play?

You're just nitpicking if you ask me

Humanoid robot takes a retail job, but not one any store clerk wants to do

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Management Speak

"One of the commonly cited goals for AI systems is to handle routine tasks so human workers can be freed to take on more demanding, creative tasks'.

Is that management speak for sacking someone, who then has to sign on for universal credit and looking for another job?

Once AI can create endless viral videos, good luck switching off social media

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You use a teabag? Common as muck. Just what is wrong with a teapot and strainer? With the added bonus wanting a second cup? It's ready to pour from your teapot. Unless you're weird and use a teapot to make just one cup...

Intel rattles the tin for another €5B in subsidies to build German fab

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I have said this before

but I will say it again. The amount of bribes paid to companies to manufacture in a specific country will pale into insignificance compared to the bribe needed to make them stay there.

But governments are so full of themselves (using phrases such as "too big to fail" or "look how important we are, we can spend loads of taxpayers money") that they won't learn will they, because there is bound to be a bung in it for whoever makes the decision... paid for by using part of the taxpayers "economic incentive" of course...


Tech demo takes brain scan, creates a picture of what you're looking at

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From the article

"The scanners involved are extremely large (and this vulture can attest, having been in more than one, extremely loud) machines."

You have been in one of those machines more than once? Sir, I am in awe of your bravery.

I went in one of the things once. There is not enough beer on this planet to get me to go into one again. I don't know which is worst, the claustrophobia or the noise. To my eternal shame I pressed the panic button, but as it was almost at the end of the scan they didn't stop the fucking thing.

Needless to say, I spent a fair amount of time in the pub afterwards, calming my nerves of course!

Nvidia in blast radius as Uncle Sam looks to cut off China's Huawei for good

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@Groo The Wanderer

Because they believe their own publicity.

Huge lithium discovery could end world shortages ... Oh, wait, it's in Iran

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Re: Terrorism

but Biden did say near the beginning of the war that he would stop Nordsteam 2 from being used...

After all, what better way to keep the profits going up by making Europe dependent on American L.P.G?

China leads the world in tech research, could win the future, says think tank

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Re: "China leads the world in tech research"

@Pascal Monett

Yeah, guess they had good teachers...


Arm swans off to Nasdaq despite UK gov pleas to IPO in London

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Re: Reasons?


It was before it went private.

Intruder alert: WH Smith hit by another cyber attack

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At least

they should be grateful that they didn't seem to suffer a "highly sophisticated" attack. Which tells me that their "security" must be total bollocks if it couldn't even stop a boring, 10 bob attack!

Bringing the IBM Thinkpad 'Butterfly' back to life

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Re: i digress

It was Therese Coffey and Selaine Saxby who were talking about eating more British veg. That is when T.C. made the comment. I doubt that Rishi Sunak would recognise a turnip if he saw one. Mind you, he should, given that he sits opposite one often enough, when he attends Parliament!

HMD offers Nokia phone with novel concept: Designed to be repaired by its owner

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Whilst better than nothing

it's not THAT repairable anyway.


SpaceX lobs second-gen Starlink satellites into orbit

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Oh the irony

launching totally non recyclable stuff on a partially recyclable rocket. So green.(/s just incase). And all so the turnips can watch porn.