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NASA experts looked through 800 UFO sightings and found essentially nothing

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Were NASA's eyes open?

NASA has had a contemptuous relationship with UFO/UAP. I can not expect a through examination of any suspected UFO/UAP evidence to ge a fair evaluation from NASA.

I can only imagine that the budget for such a NASA venture was severely under budget and time constrained, I do not believe we in the US have any internist in separating the wheat from the chaff of accumulated evidence.

So why not create an Agency that is devoted to UFO/UAP. Staff it with people who are competent capable people who report to the President on Validate verified findings.

NASA has already been at logger heads with Private Space companies. SpaceX being a prime example. So why not relieve NASA of a detestable pursuit.

Uber driver info stolen yet again: This time from law firm

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Trust no one.

You have already been compromised in so many ways. There is presently a bill in congress that will make it a one million dollar fine for using a VPN. On top of that every government agency will have access to your computer without a warrant. they will also have access to your bank account as well.

FTX audit finds $415m in crypto mysteriously vanished

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I hope SBF and his associates are not allowed anywhere near FTX in any capacity,

If FTX is to survive. SBF and his girlfriend and accomplices are never to be allowed anywhere near FTX or even a computer for that matter. If it was up to me I would not allow them access to a lego set,

Wyoming's would-be ban on sale of electric vehicles veers off road

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This iis a public safety concern.

Winter in Wyoming can be a death sentence for the best of those who live there. With temperatures -30 below zero Fahrenheit -34.44 Celsius and winds that can easily reach Hurricane force winds. Causing snow to blow so heavily that you can not see the road. Couple that with two lane roads and big semi rigs much larger that you have in Europe.

This is no environment for an electrical Vehicle. To venture out in this weather is as deadly to a responder in and emergency as it is for the people in an Electrical vehicle broken down or unable to start due to the batteries unable to hold a charge.

Even Gas and Diesel powered vehicles require block heaters in the Winter. Batterries require warmers as well. Diesel is lighter in winter to help reduce the chance of gelling.

You can enter a highway between Rawlins and Rock Springs only to have the road close behind you due to bad weather. you could be stuck out there with no one around you for a day or two. Enough for everyone in an EV to freeze to death,

So if you wish to make a political issue of this and insist on a EV in Wyoming. Make sure your life insurance is caught up.

Oops. Cisco installed wrong firmware on some boxes and they report fake ‘severe faults’

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New firmware will be shipped in new appliances.

Of course Cisco will be shipping new appliances with the correct firmware installed.

CERN, Fermilab particle boffins bet on AlmaLinux for big science

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What. Thenbwhy did they quit Scientific Linux

Bring back Scientific Linux

Microsoft's attempts to harden Kerberos authentication broke it on Windows Servers

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Microsoft makes Linux look good

You have to increase you staff to support Microsoft servers and desktops.

Linux has a far superior product.

iPhone 14 car crash detection triggered by roller coasters

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What. Mode would that be

Coming to all iphones.. roller coaster mode.

OldCrow 1975

What. Mode would that be

Coming to iPhone everywhere roller coaster mode.

Binance robbed of $600 million in crypto-tokens

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Wanted Recovery agents.

Willing to do anything necessary to recover stolen bitcoins.

Charge a future EV in less than five minutes – using literally cool NASA tech

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NASA charger fires and explosions

After seeing NASA failures on the launch pad. I am scared shitless to plug my car into one of their chargers.

Don't mind Facebook, just putting its own browser in its Android app

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Facebook is persona non grata.

Facebook and Twitter have done great damage to the US AND THE WORLD. I HAVE LEFT Facebook and will never use this communist social media again.

Steganography alert: Backdoor spyware stashed in Microsoft logo

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Re: Trusted hosts

Dilbert said it best.

Change is good. You go first.

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Re: IoC

I was a Linux Fanboy when I was 50. Twenty years later. Still a Linux FANBOY. The best part is my penguin logo is just an image. Nothing else.

Make sure to set your /etc/hosts.deny to ALL ; paranoid

You will have a lot less difficulty. That is a courtesy message for the uninformed. Happy Sunday. It is a lovely day so far.

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That was close

That Penguine logo on my computer seems fine.

Meta told to pay $175m to walkie-talkie techies for infringing IP

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Isn't infringing on IP. IP Theft?

What Facebook stealing Intellectual Property.

Maybe there needs to be some discovery to find out whose Intelectual Property is in possession of illegally. Could this be the reason Facebook changed their name to Meta?

Micron wants tax breaks for '$160b' Texas chip fab plant

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That us what Micron wanted in Lehi Utah

Now Micron is gone in Utah. Sold its plant to Yexas Instruments in 2021.

AI laser probe for prostate cancer enters clinical trials

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Think of Autopilot.

Can you imagine an AI PROBE having an accident every 8 minutes.

Twitter unveils US midterm election integrity plans, upsets almost everyone

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Dump Twitter

Your best choice is to dump Twitter.

It is for boys anyway

OldCrow 1975

Dump Twitter

Your best choice here is to dump Twitter. Close your Twitter account. It is mostly bots anyway.

To those fortunate lads and lassies

Ubuntu 22.04.1: Slightly late, but worth the upgrade

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Better to be correct.

Ubuntu has finally learned it is better to be correct than prompt.

Took them long enough.

OldCrow 1975

Better to be correct.

Ubuntu has learned finally that is is better to be correct than prompt.

It took them long enough.

Security needs to learn from the aviation biz to avoid crashing

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Who's is going to pay an investigation?

when an aircraft crashes professional investigators spend time going over the incident to backtrace what exactly went wrong and why.

Who is going to pay for the investigation?

Who houses the investigation for each country or the world.

Where are the regulations demanding that systems are configured in such a way to prevent a tragedy.

Who is going afterward actor's. That intentionally cause harm to a system. And it's organization.

Some of you are pilots out there. Didn't you have to prove your skills to become a pilot? Don 't you have a license to fly?

Who is going to control computer administration and configuration. Who is going to pay administrators for these acquired skills and certifications.

Yes this is more than a can of worms.

Microsoft asks staff to think twice before submitting expenses

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M$ looks to be pinching pennys

The good times may be over in a Biden economy.

If M$ is cautioning expenditures it once formerly didn't even give a thought to. What else is being affected.

Of course the source is iffy being a chatty individual with no relationship to M$. We will see what comes of it. Let's watch revenue in the coming months for M$ and Apple, etc.

Businesses should dump Windows for the Linux desktop

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Have you considered cloning with tar?

I manage several large systems and hundreds of desktops for Scientists and Engineers. I insist on systems hardware being a similar as possible. Once I have a system cominality. I use Tar and grip through a script to clone the base system. Then as new systems come in I extract the tarball onto the new machine. Change the host name if necessary. Otherwise that is controlled through scripts. If DHCP then it is determined by the MAC address. My favorite are the diskless systems.

Everyone gets the same programs. The Scientists are constantly conducting seminars on their unique applications. The problems I get involved with are environment issues. Where someone wiĺ cludge grep, gawk or some other internal Linux utility. Because they have a long held dependency on a system setting that they expect everyone else to live by. So I et the engineers and scientists decide how they want that piece of code to behave. Ibhave learned a lot from these lady's and gentlemen. The biggest save for me is Environment Variables. A utilIty by LANL. Which allows one to alter their environment on the fly by loading and purging an environment for their work. No need to custom tune each user's environment anymore. That was a huge save for everyone. For a unit of 300 scientists and Engineers. We have one administrator me. Hardware problems a seldom. All machines have ECC memory. So pinpointing a defective DIMM is a piece of cake. Hard drive failures are easily recovered due to bare metal backups again using tar and gzip.

Trying to do this with Windows would not be possible. I even have three students from the local University who are studying how I manage my systems. Their findings are impressing the University and helping them to create a course of study on Linux systems administration.

My biggest headaches come from those who just hate Linux. Want it gone. The problem with that is Windows slows down productivity. Which is the key focus for our organization.

Slack leaked hashed passwords from its servers for years

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Only .5% of users affected.

Where else have I heard that number before.

Oh yes Twitter pertaining to bots. I wonder if there is a relationship between the two.

Linux may soon lose support for the DECnet protocol

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Good by PDP11

I feel that there should be a funeral. Many hours of this man's life has gone silently into the night

IBM board probes claims of fudged sales figures that led to big bonuses for execs

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Gerstner the cookie salesman from Nabisco

Gersterner took over from Akins. The main frame sales were good. I sold my share as an ISAM. Then Gersterner got the wild idea that Client Server Was far superior. On that model Gersterner got rid of support in sales then made support a standalone product. That left support open to competition. Executives at IBM never appreciated support. Which Support was the driving force behind sales. I noticed a lot of questionable executive practices all related to Executive bonuses moving sales of Client server to mainframe and back. Just long enough to record the sales in a specific executives benefit.

Soon Support would wither and die. Forcing IBM to move Mainframes to.its own data centers. Customers were sold time on mainframe. But told they had purchased a mainframe. They were sold DASD but actually sold a partition on a huge storage device. In My opinion IBM lost its integrity. Now those data centers are staffed with Indians throughout the USA. VERY FEW Americans work for IBM in the USA now.

VMware’s subscriptions start at 16 cores, prices won't be made public

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Priced for AWS

If you have to ask the price for VMware. Then you can't afford it.

Apple forgoes cooling systems in M2 MacBook Air

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ASUS TUF runs cooler

That ASUS TUF made in Taiwan and the Philipines. Running Linux looks better by the second.

Thatcway I have rid myself of two Flys. Microsoft and Apple.

Huawei under investigation for having tech installed near US missile silos

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Bulldoze Huawei towers

Come on Air Force. Grow a pair. Just bulldoze the towers with Huawei anything in or around them.

China is spying on you.

My smartphone has wiped my microSD card again: Is it a conspiracy?

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We've identified your problem

You bought a Huawei device.

Problem solved.

Broadcom takeover deal for VMware faces no rival bids

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VMware runs on geriatric RHEL.

Who wants that liability and the support team that it takes to handle the bugs. That just keep coming.

That is why VMware can not find a happy owner. It consumes all the profits of the owning company. Just ask all of the previous owners.

Is the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope worth the price tag?

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No way is the JWST worth 10 Billion.

The JWST is a misappropriation of taxpayers dollars.

The world must pool its money together for exploring space. The JWST is a boondoggle that will never meet expectations. Furthermore what is the monthly cost of managung, monitoring, controlling, repair and engineering of the JWST that is not directly related to capturing data/pictures of the Universe. Be honest. I am sure it is close to 500 million dollars a year. Scientists are a hungry greedy lot.

Let's see the monthly costs of nanning of the JWST. We all should know what this boondogle is really costing you and I. Let's have an Audit.

Intel plans chip price hikes due to 'inflationary pressures'

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Intel is not going to let this inflation go to waste

Panasonic picks Kansas for $4b EV battery plant

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Fantastic for Wichita.

Wichita is a fantastic town in the USA. Yes Wichita is out of the way. Wonderful people. The best Zoo and Bar-b-que "Hog Wild". Great school Wichita State. Go Shockers. Wichita so richly deserves a non aviation company. Located in the heart of the breadbasket of the USA. Thank you Panasonic.

Get over it: Microsoft is a Linux and open source company these days

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Egads, I guess if men can get pregnant. Microsoft can be Linux

Systemd supremo Lennart Poettering leaves Red Hat for Microsoft

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Motive found.

Lennart Poettering, made a lot of money jumping ship. Not that I blame him. But will Lennart be able to work in a backstabbing environment.

Has Intel gone too far with its Ohio fab 'delay' stunt?

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You can tell Intel your not happy with Intel not manufacturing cpus in the USA. JUST SIMPLY BUY AMD APU's.

Intel will eventually get the message.

Microsoft cloud exec accused of verbal attack on staff exits

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Managed by knife in the back.

Being an Executive for Microsoft. Is a job for Genghis Kahn. You have to know that you are there to kill off other Execs.

Intel’s CEO shouldn’t be surprised America can’t get CHIPS Act together

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Re: Insert words not fit for family viewing, here


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise adds Wi-Fi 6E to 'premium' access points

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T-Mobile did it first.

Lucent is leading from behind.

SpaceX reportedly fires staffers behind open letter criticising Elon Musk

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fire the malcontents

A company has the right to fire malcontents. Get rid of them before they kill your company.

Samsung accused of cheating on hardware benchmarks ... again

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Samsung a Congenital cheater

So we can in perpetuatity expect Samsung to confabulate all of their statements and announcements.

Samsung is the company that can be trusted to lie.

Astra fails, sends NASA's Tropics weather satellites back to Earth

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Better call Elon

Looks like SpaceX is the only sure ticket to space. Unless THAT IS IF FAILURE IS AN OPTION.

Better call Musk.

Twitter shareholders to vote on Elon Musk's acquisition

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Re: hey, what's $1 billion to the world's richest man?

I have read as of yesterday June 9, 2022 that Twitter has at a minimum 20% bots not the 5% Twitter admitted to in their SEC filing.

I am sure Musk sees Twitter as too hot to handle. A 15% mistake in the filing with the SEC will attract an independent audit that Twitter will have no control over. Wouldn't it be delicious if Twitter board members and company executives have to hand over passports in the course of an audit.

Musk will want no part of that.

IBM not cooperating with discovery, say attorneys in age-discrimination case

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No. And You can't make me. Are not valid discovery inputs.