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Chew the fat

No such thing as off-topic

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'Wayne Kerr?': School board falls for 'Bart Simpson' prank names.

Digital rights and wrongs

Copyright, patents, privacy, surveillance, regulation, legislation

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So much software, so many flavours

El Reg matters

Give us your feedback - your bug reports, forum wishlists etc.

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Re: What happened to the site?


We don't do creationism

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Possible superconductor discovery

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open 'Wayne Kerr?': School board falls for 'Bart Simpson' prank names. Jamesit 1
By Jamesit
open Earthquake jake 2
By Danny 2
open Ajit Pai apparently mismanaged $9 billion fund sanmigueelbeer 1
open What happened to the site? ShadowSystems 4
open Far-right UK commentator Katie Hopkins to be deported from Australia sanmigueelbeer 1
open Are the forums broken? John Brown (no body) 4
open Please bring back the headings. Shadow Systems 10
open Why no discussion? imperialsixfour 2
By paul10
open DarkSide ransomware crims quit as Colonial Pipeline attack backfires sanmigueelbeer 1
open Why is DevClass a separate website? Dave559 2
open So much software, so many flavours MANDY RICE DAVIES 1
open My submission to dear leader #define INFINITY -1 1
open NASA has approved a project to deliver soil samples from Titan TomJo 2
By TomJo
open Europe is starting to freak out about the launch dominance of SpaceX TomJo 1
By TomJo
open Virtual Home on Mars for 500000 TomJo 1
By TomJo
open Computer giant Acer hit by $50 million ransomware attack sanmigueelbeer 1
open Possible superconductor discovery Conundrum1885 1
open Nominet EGM Letter Mr Anonymous 1
open Time travel and zerodays Conundrum1885 1
open Brexit and the software industry ComputerSays_noAbsolutelyNo 2
open Ads in comments Roger Greenwood 3
open Vaccinations kschrock 2
By jake
open Machine self awareness Conundrum1885 16
open CAA NZ CC's 1000's of users email adresses to each other :( Johndoe888 2
open Best hidden open secret Andy Non 2
open Project "Schrödinger" Conundrum1885 10
open Laptop and phone anomalies Conundrum1885 1
open Jokes of no more than 2 lines Charles Calthrop 162
By Kerman
open Whatever happened to??? Stumpy 3
By Stumpy
open Is El Reg georestricting stories? Dan 55 6
By jake
open New TLD redirect? Steve Foster 11
By jake
open How long does cookie permission last? JDX 2
open I've got me a stalker! Obsessive downvoter alert! Jamie Jones 10
By Stumpy
open Google Reads Personal SMS on Android Phones? Sanctimonious Prick 1
open A link to my post in the thread ComputerSays_noAbsolutelyNo 1
open RSS Feed Isn't Being Updated richardcox13 3
open Editting bugs Jamie Jones 1
open Feguson's Crap Imperial College Model A_Melbourne 2
open repair shop open or not? psychonaut 1
open Flying cars and bikes WolfFan 4
By User07
open The Register's radioactive key rings Brfff 2
open A new El-Reg unit? Simon Harris 2
By jake
open "Something went wrong with the submission. Please try again." ... forever. Dan 55 3
By Dan 55
open Your new cookie stuff is broken [aka why you shouldn't roll out changes on a weekend] heyrick 4
By Dan 55
open Trump orders 3M to keep US-made masks in the US sanmigueelbeer 2
open Sponsored Articles Roland6 9
open Superconductors and graphene Conundrum1885 1
open The Right To Know Sanctimonious Prick 2
open Flaky firmware and user rights to repair Conundrum1885 3
open Historic Linux destktop environment question Kiwi 3
By Kiwi



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