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Government Tech Week

The Register will be taking an in-depth look at the challenges facing government IT organizations. From bullet-proof security to making tough decisions about IT infrastructure, Government Tech Week will bring you up to speed on what's next in the public sector.

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Re: HMRC : alway defining new ways

Spotlight on Databases

This month The Register will take a deep dive into the world of databases; from established monoliths to the emerging crop of upstarts. Join us for a special 30 days of interviews and analysis on these tools that drive business forward.

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Bexactly ackwards.

Defense Tech Week

All week long The Register will explore the wide-ranging technologies that power next-generation global military and defense. From future aerospace to innovations in securing defense systems, we'll take a deep dive into what's next for defense and military tech.

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China aims to pair J-20 stealth fighter with 'loyal wingman' battle drone

Energy Efficient Datacenters

This week El Reg will be taking the heat when it comes to cooling high-density chips, networking, and server hardware with our special focus on energy efficient tech and concepts.

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.. Sleep states? I friggen don't think so ..

Spotlight on RSA

Over the last 32 years the RSA conference has grown from a few security geeks getting together to one of the largest security conferences in the world, attracting those who need to know what to invest in next to keep networks secure. The four-day event will be held in San Francisco between April 24 - 27 and we'll be covering it live.

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United Health makes mucho money on a lousy reputation. WHY?

Emerging Clean Energy Tech Week

This week The Register will bring special focus to the broad technologies delivering next-generation clean energy. From fusion to EVs and future datacenter cooling, follow us this week for an in-depth look at what's next.

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Re: Where's the power coming from?

The Reg in Space

Make space for The Reg in Space week. All week we'll be bringing you the best of what's happening on this planet and others.

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Re: no society has lasted anything like a thousand years so far.

Sysadmin Month

From tools, data security practices, network troubleshooting, server virtualization insights, backup strategies, performance optimization techniques, user management, cloud guidance, automation and scripting and more, tune in all month.

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Open source licenses need to leave the 1980s and evolve to deal with AI

Black Hat and DEF CON

Join The Register as we tackle the most important stories around Black Hat and DEF CON 2023. From in-depth interviews to detailed analysis, El Reg has you covered.

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Shifting to two-factor auth is hard to do. GitHub recommends the long game

Cloud Infrastructure Week

Join The Register for a full week of in-depth insight around what's next in enterprise cloud infrastructure. From how the IaaS providers stack up and differentiate to what businesses are doing to form (and reshape) their cloud plans, we'll keep you in the know.

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Oh, wow, who'd'a thunk it?!?

Cybersecurity Month

Fortify your frontlines: It's Cybersecurity Month at The Register, your one-stop hub to bulletproof your digital landscape. From next-gen firewalls to human-factor risks, we're diving deep to make sure you stay ahead of the gang.

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Canada to remove China’s top messaging app WeChat from government devices

Malware Month

Join The Register as we dive deep into the world of malware: From examining the latest threats to enterprises to dissecting the internal anatomy of code used in today's cyber-attacks, we want to help you better protect your organization. Forewarned is forearmed.

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Re: IcedID henchman gets nine years in clanger for abusing malware to drain bank accounts

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open Mandiant's 'most prevalent threat actor' may be living under your roof – the teenager 18
open Google's here to boost your cloud security and the magic ingredient? AI, of course 4
open SentinelOne sticks generative AI into its stuff because 2023 gotta 2023 5
open From tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow – RSA is back in town 5
open TSMC brags of 20TWh solar scheme. Feels a bit like greenwashing to us 11
open Europe wants more cities to use datacenter waste heating. How's that going? 58
By druck
open Digital Realty lines up hefty solar, wind projects for APAC datacenters 2
open LiquidStack CEO on why you shouldn't ignore immersion cooling 15
open Energy efficiency starts to rock telcos' 5G infrastructure choices 10
open Are accelerators the cure to video's power problem or just an excuse to peddle GPUs? 17
open OVH punts hybrid water and immersion cooling for high performance systems 10
open Fortinet's latest firewall promises hyperscale security while sipping power 4
open It's time to stop fearing CPU power management 11
By _Elvi_
open Arm, Intel make it easier to churn out Arm SoCs from Intel fabs 9
open Cloud can reduce greenhouse emissions, but don't assume it's automatic 5
open Why Microsoft is really abandoning evaporative coolers at its Phoenix DCs 30
open When will regulators get serious on datacenter emissions reporting? 6
By hoola
open Just because on-prem is cheaper doesn’t make the cloud a money pit 55
open How this startup tracked that Chinese spy balloon using AI 12
open US, NATO military plans leak: Actual war strategy or pro-Kremlin shenanigans? 73
By Zolko
open Intel ships multi-die chips ahead of schedule – to the US military 7
open How do you hunt cybersecurity threats in a war zone? Like this 1
By IceC0ld
open Cardboard drones running open source flight software take off in Ukraine and beyond 86
open Pentagon advised to get agile if it wants to keep up with evolving threats 14
open In wars of the future, national security won't end at space 4
open US defense tech veterans call for a separate Cyber Force 21
open Russia has a stash of scary malware? We're shocked 10
open America longs to expand low-Earth orbit economy 'for the benefits of humanity' 12
open DoD taps Apple exec to lead commercial tech adoption unit 1
By bazza
open Drones aim to undo Ukraine's landmine problem 36
open As defense tech goes commercial, does national security miss out? 14
open Think tank: Chips Act is great, but US should look at biotech supply chain too 4
open US pushes next phase of satellite missile defense system 2
By MyffyW
open Microsoft adds chatbots to Teams for the Pentagon 4
By 43300
open 'Slow AI' needed to stop autonomous weapons making humans worse 20
By Curious
open Australia takes its turn to kick TikTok off government kit 6
open China aims to pair J-20 stealth fighter with 'loyal wingman' battle drone 28
open US chip sanctions may push Brazil, others right into China's arms 27
open US Veterans Affairs department didn't check with CIO for 39% of IT projects 5
open Capita: Cyber-attack broke some of our IT systems 24
open US Navy turns to hull-climbing bots to combat maintenance backlog 19
open Why a top US cyber spy urges: Get religious about backups 36
open From Sun to the cloud: MariaDB carves out space in database market 3
open Couchbase's chief techie on squaring the schema-less circle 2
By MrTonyD
open Leaked IT contractor files detail Kremlin's stockpile of cyber-weapons 28
open Microsoft uses carrot and stick with Exchange Online admins 16
open Cloud Security Alliance VP: Database security boils down to these three things 1
By Slipoch
open Warning: Your wireless networks may leak data thanks to Wi-Fi spec ambiguity 15
open Another year, another North Korean malware-spreading, crypto-stealing gang named 2
open Exasol: Taking a bet on the affordability of in-memory analytics 6