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open Microsoft details 'planet-scale' AI infrastructure packing 100,000-plus GPUs 36
open Skills shortage puts SAP projects on hold 47
open Microsoft releases first preview of .NET 7 13
open Users complain of missing data in UK wills search service 66
open AI-created faces now look so real, humans can't spot the difference 61
open Experimental WebAssembly port of LibreOffice released 87
By khinch
open GNOME Project retires OpenGL rendering library Clutter 15
open Internet connection now required for Windows 11 Pro Insider setup 108
open Chromium-adjacent Otter browser targets OS/2 53
open Alarm raised after Microsoft wins data-encoding patent 91
open VMware patches critical guest-to-host vulnerabilities 3
By Mobster
open Three major browsers are about to hit version 100. Will websites cope? 59
open AWS and Elasticsearch settle trademark infringement lawsuit 2
open Dark-mode Task Manager unveiled by original's creator 35
open Google's Chrome OS Flex could revive old PCs, Macs 76
open Temporal picks up $103m for workflow-as-code platform 1
open Notepad Dark Mode and Android apps arrive on Windows 11 36
By D@v3
open Nebulon adds Ansible support for infrastructure deployment 3
open Users report trouble with Azure DevOps services 6
open Microsoft prepares for its staff to return to Washington sites 10
open Comparing the descendants of Mandrake and Mandriva Linux 35
open Expect sales reps' calls if IT wants to ditch Oracle 23
open 20 years of .NET: Reflecting on Microsoft's not-Java 103
open Microsoft Teams unable to send and receive calls for some after update 51
By msobkow
open Microsoft veteran demystifies Abort, Retry, Fail? DOS error 70
By Colintd
open Reality check: We should not expect our communications to remain private 72
open RIP Ninjacat: No longer fits in Windows 11 world 13
open FYI: Support ends for older Visual Studio versions in April 10
open UK regulators accept Google's Privacy Sandbox promises 8
open Make assistive driving safe: Eliminate pedestrians 186
By jake
open Real-time software? How about real-time patching? 126
open English county council blasted for 'inept project management' in delayed SAP replacement 25
open Citrix says benefits are safe for staff – except maybe visa holders 7
open Car radios crashed by station broadcasting images with no file extension 144
By Tom 7
open Microsoft offers 'open' app store to draw regulators away from Activision takeover 15
By Boothy
open We kick the tires on Qubes 4.1.0 and indeed, it's still a 'reasonably secure' OS 4
open KDE Community releases Plasma 5.24: It's eccentric, just like many old-timers 45
By jake
open UK pins hopes on 'latest technology' to whittle down massive National Health Service waiting lists 95
By hoola
open You should read Section 8 of the Unix User's Manual 80
open Securing open-source code isn't going to be cheap 80
open Siri: Who's first to offer voice search on Chinese TikTok? 2
By msobkow
open Get off my LAN: Fertile ground for application support vendors in £750m Defra tender 2
By Korev
open To our total surprise, Apple makes adding alternative payment systems to apps 'painful, expensive, clunky' 48
open Face Off: IRS kills plan to verify taxpayers with facial recognition database 12
By Swarthy
open Hello Slackware, our old friend: Veteran Linux distribution releases version 15.0 at last 44
open Nobara Project brings whole bunch of extensions so you can frag noobs on Fedora 35 15
open To err is human. To really tmux things up requires an engineer 135
open VMware pulls physical to virtual conversion tool, adds VM to container conversion tool 33
open Western Australia Health taps SAP and Deloitte for AU$220m SaaS HR system over 10 years 9
open Experiments and hidden features: Microsoft plans Windows Insiders shakeup 13


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