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Re: "Bootleg movies" with replica actors created with AI will start to pop up


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Re: This one command you must not enter


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And now for something completely different: Python 3.12


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Re: Not so fast


Latest news and insights on virtualization in the enterprise

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What's next for VMware? Long-term Virtzilla-watchers predict Broadcom's moves


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Re: Perpetual Office

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open Google has blocked in its in-car software rivals, claims German watchdog 21
open Small custom AI models are cheap to train and can keep data private, says startup 12
By Catkin
open Amazon Prime too easy to join, too hard to quit, says FTC lawsuit 70
open We just don't get enough time, contractor tasked with fact-checking Google Bard tells us 25
open OpenAI calls for tough regulation of AI while quietly seeking less of it 23
open Singaporean superapp Grab delivers massive job cuts with after hours email 7
open Microsoft rethinks death sentence for Windows Mail and Calendar apps 48
open Latest SUSE Linux Enterprise goes all in with confidential computing 2
open Where are we now, Microsoft 362.5? Europe reports outages 16
open Palantir's deals with NHS England top £60M – without competition 7
open Microsoft Fabric promises to tear into the enterprise analytics patchwork 7
By ecofeco
open SAP admits HANA Cloud makes for multicurrency messes 13
By johnfbw
open Whose line is it anyway, GitHub? Innovation, not litigation, should answer 43
open Data cleanser did its job, but – oopsie! – also doubled customers' bills 25
By Not Yb
open No-no cop: Illinois bans drones from using facial recognition or weapons 29
open Not even Dynamics 365 ERP is safe from Microsoft's Copilot splurge 19
open Oracle Cerner bleeds jobs as Veterans Affairs project stalls 13
open AI is going to eat itself: Experiment shows people training bots are using bots 47
open False negative stretched routine software installation into four days of frustration 148
open Singapore to roll out (literally) more Robocops 12
open Microsoft remembers it was going to bring Windows 11 to HoloLens 6
open Google Lens now can spot problematic skin spots, or not 17
open Despite declines, DXC Technology boss awarded $20.3m in 2023 10
open Recipient of Europe's largest ever seed round doesn't even have a product 36
open Euro Parliament green lights its AI safety, privacy law 15
open Open the pod bay doors, GPT, and see if you're smart enough for the real world 49
open VMware's Arm hypervisor still creeping forward, slowly 3
open Google's Bard barred while trying to enter Europe 3
open AI promises vendors 15 minutes of fame with investors 3
open Meta teaches AI image model to stop generating human fingers like a drunk Picasso 5
open UN boss recommends nuclear option for AI regulation 18
open Out with the old, in with the new – Accenture declares AI is 'mature and delivers value' 26
open US government extends software security deadline because vendors aren't ready 4
open At last, Microsoft lets Windows 11 share files with Android apps 6
open FTC pulls emergency brake on Microsoft's marriage to Activision Blizzard 27
open Surprise! GitHub finds 92% of developers love AI tools 16
By iain666
open Multi-tasking blunder leaves UK tax digitization plans 3 years late, 5 times over budget 44
open Yeah, Rishi, it's AI that'll make Britain great again 78
open Kinder, gentler Oracle says it's changed, and now wants you to succeed 47
open This AI hype is enough to drive you to drink, lose sleep 8
open Betting on AI leads to more educated juniors, fewer mid-level bosses – study 8
open Lawyers who cited fake legal cases generated by ChatGPT blame the software 27
open Europe to vote on AI laws with potential 7% revenue fines 36
open Microsoft’s Azure mishap betrays an industry blind to a big problem 80
open HCL proves Lotus Notes will never die by showing off beta of lucky Domino 14.0 61
By de-em
open Time is running out to finish that slurp of Outlook Moca 11
open GitHub accused of varying Copilot output to avoid copyright allegations 53
open CockroachDB hits Azure at last after five-year mission 2
open AI weapons need a safe back door for human control 40
open Will Flatpak and Snap replace desktop Linux native apps? 159