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open The npm registry's safe word is Socket 8
By Filippo
open Microsoft's Copilot AI to pervade the whole 365 suite 37
open Adobe reckons it'll complete $20B Figma mega deal by year-end 4
open China’s Baidu claims its ERNIE chatbot reinvents the computing stack 16
open Google stops selling its biz-grade augmented reality specs 33
By Snapper
open Microsoft picks perfect time to dump its AI ethics team 30
open UK spy agency: Don't feed LLMs with sensitive corporate data 18
open Pentesters' fave Kali Linux turns 10 with version 23.1 23
By IceC0ld
open Bing AI feels like ChatGPT stuffed into a suit – not the future 62
open OpenAI claims GPT-4 will beat 90% of you in an exam 59
open Now Google to shove its answer to ChatGPT into Gmail, Docs, apps via APIs, more 9
By xyz
open One third wiped off value of GitLab shares, Wall Street didn't like weaker outlook 6
open After nearly two decades of waiting, GNOME 44 brings you... image thumbnails 46
By Rich 2
open Japan Post closer to replacing snail mail with autonomous drones 11
By Nafesy
open Meta winds down NFTs but will continue token efforts 14
open Windows 11 puts 'disgusting' Remote Mailslots protocol out of its misery 65
open 'Robot lawyer' DoNotPay not fit for purpose, alleges complaint 15
open British industry calls for regulation of autonomous vehicles 67
open GPT-4 to launch this week, Microsoft Germany's CTO lets slip 17
open Infosys president leaves to join rival Tech Mahindra as CEO 1
open Check out Codon: A Python compiler if you have a need for C/C++ speed 70
open Thanks to generative AI, catching fraud science is going to be this much harder 33
open Here's how Microsoft hopes to inject ChatGPT into all your apps and bots via Azure 29
open IBM boss Arvind 'kerching' Krishna paid more than $16m in 2022 11
open Musk said Twitter would open source its algorithm – then fired the people who could 158
open Microsoft rolls out tools and improvements to make its stuff more accessible 2
open GitHub rolls out mandatory 2FA for loads of devs next week 11
open openSUSE finds an elegant solution to x86-64 version support 7
open Singapore admits it should have explained COVID app data could be used by cops 11
open A new version of APT is coming to Debian 12 25
open Humanoid robot takes a retail job, but not one any store clerk wants to do 34
By tip pc
open Microsoft to snatch Visio app away from iOS users this summer 37
open Once AI can create endless viral videos, good luck switching off social media 57
By stiine
open Brit newspaper giant fills space with AI-assisted articles 98
open India teases AI plan to 'catalyse the next generation of the internet' 5
By Tron
open LLaMA drama as Meta's mega language model leaks 22
open Dems offer ban on Feds using facial, voice recognition 7
open Microsoft makes Outlook Mac native email app a freebie 25
open Windows Insider Dev Channel flies again as very flighty Canary Channel 10
open SETI: How AI-boosted satellites, robots could help search for life on other planets 8
open Atlassian to dump 500 – by email – in the name of 'rebalancing' 49
open Salesforce promises to follow the Oracle playbook 9
open How to get the latest Linux kernel on your Ubuntu box 35
open Atomic energy body proposes fusion framework to manage British energy grids 96
open Building bits of brain in the lab will change our minds 29
open Elon Musk yearns for AI devs to build 'anti-woke' rival ChatGPT bot 157
open SBOMs should be a security staple in the software supply chain 12
open At Citrix, 'perpetual licenses' means 'we'd rather move you to a subscription' 27
open Why ChatGPT should be considered a malevolent AI – and be destroyed 298
open If Tesla Investor Day was about exciting investors then boy did it fail 45