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open Coding in a war zone: A Ruby developer's life in Kharkiv 27
open Microsoft freshens up its in-house container Linux, CBL-Mariner 3
open Openness of Oracle licensing and audit tools questioned 34
open How experimental was Microsoft's 'experimental banner' in File Explorer? 107
open Red Hat effort to shut down deemed harassment 15
open An open-source COBOL contender emerges 79
open Even complex AI models are failing 5th grade science 43
open NSA spies ample opportunities to harden Kubernetes 1
By HildyJ
open Heaps of tweaks and improvements incoming with GNOME 42 52
open Machine-learning models more powerful, toxic than ever 18
By DS999
open Boys outnumber girls 6 to 1 in UK compsci classes 159
open Apple delivers desktop, mobile OS updates, patches dozens of security holes 15
open Kubernetes container runtime CRI-O has make-me-root flaw 1
By JassMan
open Microsoft slides ads into Windows Insiders' File Explorer 104
open Research finds data poisoning can't defeat facial recognition 9
By HildyJ
open Arch Linux turns 20: Small, simple, great documentation 24
open Apple, Google urge monopoly watchdog to leave them alone 15
By Foster
open MongoDB to terminate Russian SaaS accounts 11
open Googlers and co offer video dataset-generating Kubric 1
open Cerebras brings wafer-size AI chips to medical data analysis 1
open If you want to connect GPUs direct to SSDs for a speed boost, this could be it 8
open ReactOS shows off SMP support in open-source take on Windows 13
open Ukraine uses Clearview AI facial-recognition technology 7
By HildyJ
open Microsoft proposes type syntax for JavaScript 85
open Ukraine president namechecks software giants to end support in Russia 11
open Driver in Uber's self-driving car death goes on trial, says she feels 'betrayed' 66
open Microsoft, OpenAI method could make training large neural networks cheaper 1
By dafe
open Prototype app outperforms and outlasts outsourced production version 103
open Linus Torvalds ponders limits of automation as kernel release delayed 20
By ThatOne
open Afraid of the big bad Linux desktop? Zorin 16.1 is here 72
By BobBob
open Mary Coombs, first woman commercial programmer, dies at 93 57
open SPEC mulls benchmarks for ML processing performance 3
open One person's war is another hemisphere's developer crunch 11
open The long-term strategy behind IBM's Red Hat purchase 23
open Oracle sees automation opportunity in healthcare following pandemic 5
By DS999
open UK Home Office dangles £20m for national gun licence database system 99
open Three Chinese web giants create streaming video 'standard' 13
open New Windows 11 build boasts inbox updates and UI tweaks 65
open Fedora inches closer to dropping x86-32 support 28
open Why Nvidia sees a future in software and services: Recurring revenue 84
By Roland6
open Driverless car first: Chinese biz recalls faulty AI 28
open DeepMind AI tool helps historians restore ancient texts 11
By herman
open Standardizing limits to license hikes for minor software tweaks 3
open Brave takes the spring out of creepy bounce tracking 32
open VMware offers hardware compatibility list for home labs 5
By chuBb.
open LinkedIn billionaire Reid Hoffman, DeepMind co-founder launch AI startup 3
By Giles C
open Network operating system Dent 2.0 targets smaller firms 11
open Rate of autonomous vehicle safety improvement slowing – research 42
open Microsoft 365, Office 365 price hikes delayed 18
open Open-source IDE NetBeans hits v13 – tweaks for Gradle, Maven 15
By Ignazio


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