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Brit council fumbles Oracle Fusion launch, leaving SAP to die another day


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Actual Lab.


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I feel so old...


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It looks a lot like VMware just lost a 24,000-VM customer


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Telegram CEO calls out rival Signal, claiming it has ties to US government

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open Microsoft warns that China is using AI to stir the pot ahead of US election 89
open VMware customer reaction to Broadcom may set the future of software licensing 25
open Microsoft hiring Inflection team triggers interest from EU's antitrust chief 4
By MiguelC
open Tough luck, bosses, AI is coming for your job, too 38
open Tech titans assemble to decide which jobs AI should cut first 64
open Google ponders making AI search a premium option 20
By tin 2
open Microsoft's playdate in Google's Privacy Sandbox gets messy 6
open German state ditches Windows, Microsoft Office for Linux and LibreOffice 195
By 43300
open How HashiCorp's license shakeup seeded a new open source rebel 11
open Microsoft thinks bundles are great and customers love them 25
open OpenStack pushes its first easy-to-upgrade release out the door 3
By rgjnk
open Software engineer helped put Sam Bankman-Fried behind bars, say prosecutors 22
open Opera browser dev branch rolls out support for running LLMs locally 5
By ecofeco
open Want to keep Windows 10 secure? This is how much Microsoft will charge you 106
By AJNorth
open Bon Jovi, Billy Eilish, other musicians implore AI devs to think of humanity 45
open Linux Foundation marshals support for open source alternative to Redis 7
By Mark 65
open How this open source LLM chatbot runner hit the gas on x86, Arm CPUs 3
By HuBo
open Turns out AI chatbots are way more persuasive than humans 27
By jake
open Stability AI reportedly ran out of cash to pay its bills for rented cloudy GPUs 22
open X's Grok AI is great – if you want to know how to hot wire a car, make drugs, or worse 37
open Amazon to lure upstarts with $500K in AWS AI credits each 1
open What if AI produces code not just quickly but also, dunno, securely, DARPA wonders 13
open UK and US to jointly develop AI test suites to tackle risks 4
open Microsoft Teams decouples from Office 365 suite globally 22
open VMware by Broadcom plots pair of Cloud Foundation releases that will show off its strategy 3
open Malicious xz backdoor reveals fragility of open source 98
By MSArm
open Microsoft, OpenAI may be dreaming of $100B 5GW AI 'Stargate' supercomputer 34
open OpenAI claims its software can clone your voice from 15 seconds of you talking 19
open Microsoft consolidates Power BI licenses in line with Fabric platform 3
By xyz
open Rust developers at Google are twice as productive as C++ teams 134
open Why Microsoft's Copilot will only kinda run locally on AI PCs for now 38
open Farewell .NET 7, support ends in May – we hardly knew you 24
By ldo
open Microsoft rolls out safety tools for Azure AI. Hint: More models 10
By ecofeco
open Hillary Clinton: 2024 will be 'ground zero' for AI election manipulation 238
open University of Washington's Workday woes leave research grants in limbo 21
By ecofeco
open Progress outbids private equity in offer for MariaDB plc 3
open PostgreSQL pioneer's latest brainchild promises time travel to dodge ransomware 23
open Databricks claims its open source foundational LLM outsmarts GPT-3.5 5
By Ken G
open Amazon finishes pumping $4B into AI darling Anthropic 3
By Korev
open SEC cleared to take securities beef against Coinbase to trial 2
open Red Hat tries on a McKinsey cap in quest to streamline techies' jobs 31
open In-app browsers are still a privacy, security, and choice problem 26
By adfh
open Belgian beer study acquires taste for machine learning 10
By Neoc
open Windows Format dialog waited decades for UI revamp that never came 64
open XenServer is back, with a rebranded Citrix Hypervisor and a tasty three-host freebie 4
open Chrome for Windows-Arm laptops officially lands in time for Snapdragon X Elite kit 16
By ldo
open Canva acquires Affinity, further wounding a regulator-bruised Adobe 29
By ldo
open Microsoft gets new Windows boss as Start Menu man Parakhin 'to explore new roles' 62
open UXL Foundation readying alternative to Nvidia's CUDA for this year 9
By _andrew
open Good news: HMRC offers a Linux version of Basic PAYE Tools. Bad news: It broke 105
By JulieM