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Microsoft would rather spend money on AI than give workers a raise


Latest news on database software and vendors

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Re: What value!


Latest news in the world of devops and software development

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PyPI subpoenaed: US govt demands data on developers


Latest news from the worlds of Windows, Linux, macOS and other operating sysems

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Windows XP activation algorithm cracked, keygen now works on Linux


Latest news and insights on virtualization in the enterprise

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Re: The problem with anything requiring a network


Latest news and analysis of enterprise software applications

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Frosty reception

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open Is it time to tip open source developers? Here's one way to do it 32
open Techie called out to customer ASAP, then: Do nothing 104
By JulieM
open Smile! UK cops reckon they've ironed out gremlins with real-time facial recog 39
open Samsung reportedly leaked its own secrets through ChatGPT 45
open India to ride the AI rocket responsibly, rather than regulate 1
By Peter2
open Benchmark a cloud PC? No way. Just trust us, they work, says Microsoft 28
open Google boffins pull back more of the curtain hiding TPU v4 secrets 7
open Canada sticks a privacy probe into OpenAI's ChatGPT 6
By tired
open Of course Facebook will monetize an ad-generating AI 9
open ChatGPT becomes ChatRepair to automate bug fixing for less 12
open Corporate investment in AI down for first time in a decade 4
open Users slam SAP's public cloud and S/4HANA migration strategy 9
open Alibaba and Huawei set to debut generative AI chatbots 21
By Khale
open Plagiarism-sniffing Turnitin tries to find AI writing by students – with mixed grades 42
open Microsoft App Center has been down for nearly a day, and no word on when it'll end 9
open Ubuntu 23.04 'Lunar Lobster' beta is here in all its glitchy glory 32
By philnc
open Twitter blocks Pakistan government account, boosts state-run media from Russia and China 9
open Euro privacy regulators sniff Italy's ChatGPT ban, consider a pizza the action 20
By bo111
open Australian bank stops handling cash at the counter in some branches 40
open ChatGPT is coming for your jobs – the terrible ones, at least 20
open AI software helps astronomers deblur galaxies snapped by Earth telescopes 14
By LionelB
open In the battle between Microsoft and Google, LLM is the weapon too deadly to use 114
By VonGell
open After 11 years, Atlassian customers finally get custom domains ... they don't want 31
By P_Jamez
open Google denies Bard trained using OpenAI ChatGPT responses 16
open China somehow got through COVID without MS Teams but – phew! – it's arrived 11
By Roland6
open OpenMandriva Rome version 23.03 is out now 12
By Lars
open Version 100 of the MIT Lisp Machine software recovered 48
open Italy bans ChatGPT for 'unlawful collection of personal data' 32
open FTC urged to freeze OpenAI's 'biased, deceptive' GPT-4 49
open So you want to integrate OpenAI's bot. Here's how that worked for software security scanner Socket 23
open It's official: Ubuntu Cinnamon remix has been voted in 17
By lamp
open This US national lab turned to AI to hunt rogue nukes 34
open Judge grants subpoena to ID Twitter source code leaker 33
open Had enough of Android? First 'Focal' based Ubuntu Touch is out 53
By deive
open UK seeks light-touch AI legislation as industry leaders call for LLM pause 24
open Broadcom-VMware merger probe to enter deeper second stage 8
open Baidu's AI chatbot ducks out of public demo 5
open Google reminds everyone it too can offer an AI code-suggestion bot 4
By xyz123
open Microsoft enlarges its cockpit of Copilots to include security 9
open Investment bank forecasts LLMs could put 300 million jobs at risk 20
open US police have run nearly 1M Clearview AI searches, says founder 15
open Oh, Snap. openSUSE downloads increasing, and Leap 15.5 is coming soon 20
open Nostalgic for VB? BASIC is anything but dead 62
By svb
open Microsoft promises it's made Teams less confusing and resource hungry 122
open Lebanon's IT folks face double trouble as leaders delayed Daylight Savings Time 13
open Jack Ma is back, and he has some feelpinions to share 12
open Europol warns ChatGPT already helping folks commit crimes 48
By Plest
open Amtrak back on track after server breakdown forces dozens of cancellations 7
open Google's claims of super-human AI chip layout back under the microscope 29
open Google says it did not train its AI chatbot Bard on your private emails 24