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open OpenAI test drives caption-to-image-generating DALL·E 2 6
open VMware reveals a swarm of serious bugs – some critical 6
By man_iii
open China, India face tech brain drain through US universities 7
open 'Virtually no difference' between AI and humans in diagnosing prediabetes 25
open Microsoft UK revenues surged as profits slimmed 4
open Google snubs South Korea's app store payments law 16
open 'All digital token transactions carry higher inherent risks': Singapore government 3
open Microsoft brings Cloud PCs and local desktops together in Windows 365 44
By Pull_Me
open Amazon internal chat app that censored talk of unions and ethics may 'never launch at all' 41
open Microsoft, HPE put AI to work checking astronaut gloves 1
open Real-time data analytics firm Tinybird nets $37m in Series A 1
open Red Hat gets RHEL 8.2 certified for high level US government security 12
By jetjet
open Google talks up its 540-billion-parameter text-generating AI system 25
By LionelB
open Google now requires two staff to sign off each Go change 16
open AlmaLinux comes to Windows Subsystem for Linux 15
open Panasonic's new strategy: Pump $4.89b into software, EV batteries and more 1
open Any fool can write a language: It takes compilers to save the world 143
open If you fire someone, don't let them hang around a month to finish code 282
open AI beats top players at Bridge in two-day tournament 26
open Court erred in Neo4j source license ruling, says Software Freedom Conservancy 30
By klh
open Chinese distro Deepin hits 20.5, complete with browser called Browser 17
open SAP hits 50: Entrenched, spread out and fully middle-aged 21
open Web3 'contains the seeds of a dystopian nightmare' says analyst firm 57
open Russia bans foreign software purchases for critical infrastructure 64
open DeepMind 'grossly inadequate' at tackling sexual harassment, says former staffer 17
By AMBxx
open Docker goes double unicorn with $105m Series C funding and $2.1b valuation 11
open SerenityOS: Remarkable project with its own JS-capable web browser 32
open Intel buys cloud-optimization startup Granulate 1
open Windows 11 growth at a standstill amid stringent hardware requirements 162
open Next versions of both Fedora and Ubuntu head into beta 32
By abs
open How Google hopes to build more efficient, multi-capability AI systems 5
open Microsoft updates Edge's Internet Explorer mode 11
open IFS bags Japanese airline and printermaker software deals 2
By Magani
open GParted 1.4: New version of live partition-manipulation tool 27
open SAP users struggling with data management for S/4HANA migration 8
open DARPA to build life-saving AI models that think like medics 6
open MIT, Amazon, TSMC, ASML and friends to work on non-planet-killing AI hardware 2
By Cuddles
open Microsoft backtracks on lack of easy Windows browser choice 46
By Lee D
open Rolling Rhino: A rolling-release remix of Ubuntu 25
open The wild world of non-C operating systems 218
open Celonis buys German process miner with Power BI links in $100m deal 2
By ecofeco
open Dev rigs up receipt printer to spit out GitHub issues 25
open Hospitals to use startup's AI tech to predict A&E traffic 21
open Beijing to build Communist training college in a metaverse 11
open Google resumes shoveling stuff into its 'Privacy Sandbox' 18
By ArrZarr
open GNOME 42's inconsistent themes are causing drama 104
open 1,000-plus AI-generated LinkedIn faces uncovered 41
open HashiCorp co-founder on dodging cloud chaos, supporting open source 1
open Ukraine uses Clearview AI to identify slain Russian soldiers 12
open Capgemini wins contract to look after legacy HMRC Aspire tech 10


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