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Record labels gang up to sue AI music generator duo into utter oblivion


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Re: When


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By 2030, software developers will be using AI to cut their workload 'in half'


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Re: ARM needs to standardize


Latest news and insights on virtualization in the enterprise

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new VM soon IT market


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"Logan's Run - Termination at age 30"

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open Microsoft introduces Places to make flexible working less fraught 14
open Telegram CEO calls out rival Signal, claiming it has ties to US government 25
By Wzrd1
open VMware giving away Workstation Pro, Fusion Pro free for personal use 89
open Nix forked, but over politics instead of progress 43
open US, China agree to meet in Switzerland to discuss most pressing issue of all: AI use 12
By druck
open OpenAI says natively multimodal GPT-4o eats text, visuals, sound – and emits the same 13
open Linux 6.9 arrives, plus Torvalds indicates Arm64 will get a bit more love 20
open Oracle CEO says more tech can help offset tech's worst effects 20
open The end is nigh for Windows 10 21H2 21
open IBM Consulting bought into Microsoft's Copilot – now it'll help customers do the same 12
open UK public voice fear over security in NHS data systems 23
open AWS CISO tells The Reg: In the AI gold rush, folks are forgetting application security 5
open What's with AI boffins strapping GoPros to toddlers? We take a closer look 69
By LionelB
open OpenAI insists it's not launching a search engine nor GPT-5 on Monday 16
By druck
open Fedora Asahi Remix 40 served on Apple Silicon 16
By a7i3n
open TikTok becomes first platform to require watermarking of AI content 4
open Father of SQL says yes to NoSQL 52
open Did IBM make a $6.4B blunder by buying HashiCorp? 45
open I told Halle Berry where to go during a programming gig in LA 95
By jfm
open And it begins. OpenAI mulls NSFW AI model output 29
By Bebu
open Stack Overflow simply bans folks who don't want their advice used to train AI 86
open Wondering when AI will turn up at your work? Microsoft says look behind you 25
open Investment analyst accuses Palantir of AI washing 11
open ML suggests all that relaxing whale song might just be human-esque gossiping 14
open Experimental remix finally brings the former Unity 8 back to Ubuntu 14
open Oracle ULA audits are a license to bill 13
open Big brains divided over training AI with more AI: Is model collapse inevitable? 63
open DeepMind spinoff Isomorphic claims AlphaFold 3 predicts bio-matter down to the DNA 2
By Grogan
open Microsoft builds $3.3B cloud campus on Foxconn's failed Wisconsin LCD plant plot 9
By spuck
open Exchange Server SE set to debut just before 2019 version breathes its last 11
By 9Rune5
open Uni staff fall back on Excel to work around mis-coded transactions in Oracle system 57
By ArrZarr
open IBM says these back-office, network edge Power 10 servers would be sweet for – yes, you guessed it – AI 5
open Windows Insiders to fly solo while Copilot rollout frozen 15
By ecofeco
open Lightweight Dillo browser springs back to life, still doesn't care about JavaScript 31
open Valve vexation: Boeing's Starliner grounded again 39
open Palantir's CEO calls 'woke' a 'central risk to Palantir, America and the world' 147
open First 9front release of the year is called DO NOT INSTALL 18
open Council claims database pain forced it to drop apostrophes from street names 272
open Dear Stack Overflow denizens, thanks for helping train OpenAI's billion-dollar LLMs 25
open Warren Buffett voices AI fears, likens tech to atom bomb 13
open Has Windows 11 really lost marketshare to Windows 10? 115
open Oracle's database family gets trendy AI makeover 11
open RHEL stays fresh with 9.4 while CentOS 7 gets a Rocky retirement plan 17
open Apple confirms iPadOS will fall under its Alternative Business Terms in the EU 11
open Windows users left to fend for themselves after BitLocker patch bungle 70
open Some scientists can't stop using AI to write research papers 44
By jfm
open Atlassian outsources office drudgery to GenAI agents 6
open UK inertia on LLMs and copyright is 'de facto endorsement' 29
open Dozens of vulnerabilities fixed in Xiaomi, Google Android flavors … slowly 2
open Microsoft continues multibillion-dollar cloud and AI sprinkle in Malaysia 2