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Hm.... could be useful, would automate publicity


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Re: "a cluster of Whitehall departments"


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Re: Is JIRA becoming like helpdesk software?


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Re: Maybe get the current one working first ?


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Not long....


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Re: What about requirements for secure documents?

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open IBM's motto is 'Think' – its CEO reckons AI can do that as well as some workers 29
By Ken G
open Streaming apps – and maybe even Cloud PCs – coming to electric cars 57
open Microsoft pushes users to the Edge in Outlook, Teams 53
By ecofeco
open Misinformation tracker warns 'new generation' of AI-scribed content farms on the rise 13
open Top Google boffin Hinton quits, warns of AI danger, partly regrets life's work 78
By Bck
open EU legislates disclosure of copyright data used to train AI 10
By teebie
open Red Hat layoffs spark calls to unionize, CEO wades in 47
open No more feature updates for Windows 10 – current version is final 210
open AI models may not yet be safe, but at least we can make them affordable … ish 2
open Here's how the data we feed AI determines the results 32
open iPhones hook up with Windows as Microsoft’s Phone Link dials up Apple's iOS 39
By 43300
open Tencent Cloud announces Deepfakes-as-a-Service for $145 9
open Dropbox drops 16% of staff, points finger at hard-up customers and AI 34
By Derezed
open Musk tried to wriggle out of Autopilot grilling by claiming past boasts may be deepfakes 69
open President Biden urged to appoint AI officers to regulate this shiny-shiny tech 7
open ChatGPT hasn't been around for long and Nvidia already wants to put a leash on it 9
open How prompt injection attacks hijack today's top-end AI – and it's tough to fix 54
open Oracle's examplar win over SAP for Birmingham City Council is 3 years late 44
By Lonpfrb
open Microsoft makes Windows Server 2022 licenses a little less cynical 23
open Stop OpenAI training its models on your chats by turning off history 7
open UK becomes Unicorn Kingdom, where AI fairy dust earns King's ransom 99
open That's cute. gathers up £100M for AI super-models 25
By MrGreen
open US Supreme Court snubs that guy who wants AI recognized as patent inventors 49
open IBM pauses counting its billions to trim Red Hat staff 28
open US Veterans Affairs Dept shoots down $10B Oracle Cerner dream 1
By JWLong
open Tesla wins key court battle over Autopilot crash blame 45
open American private equity can't wait to gobble up Euro stalwart Software AG 15
open Google's AI chatbot Bard catches up to generating code 4
By Ashto5
open If you don't get open source's trademark culture, expect bad language 56
By jake
open UK monopoly watchdog gives Broadcom-VMware probe a tight timetable 3
open Department of Homeland Security bets on AI to help handle China 8
open QEMU 8.0 hatches more support for Arm and RISC-V 3
open Linux 6.3 debuts after 'nice, controlled release cycle' 5
By hayzoos
open Autonomy's Mike Lynch loses battle against extradition to the US on fraud charges 25
open It's a matter of when, not if, customers move to the cloud, SAP tells investors 12
open Central UK govt awards £12M+ contract to leave Google Workspace for Microsoft 365 44
open Proliferation of AI weapons among non-state actors 'could be impossible to stop' 24
open ChatGPT fans need 'defensive mindset' to avoid scammers and malware 4
open Google backs Bard to generate ads, which apparently improves creativity 16
By druck
open Huawei replaces ERP with homebrew effort, claims it’s perfect and shows company will thrive despite sanctions 20
By Avon B7
open ChatGPT creates mostly insecure code, but won't tell you unless you ask 59
By hoola
open Google Brain, protein-folding DeepMind fold into one 5
open Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster scuttles into public view 21
open What does an ex-Pharma Bro do next? If it's Shkreli, it's an AI Dr bot 33
open Microsoft nopes out after Twitter starts charging $$$ for API access 66
open Oracle offers AI to tell you if those lead times are hogwash 3
By IGotOut
open How DARPA wants to rethink the fundamentals of AI to include trust 25
open 4chan and other web sewers scraped up into Google's mega-library for training ML 101
open Europe doesn't just pass laws on Big Tech algorithms, it sets up cop shops to police them 11
By navarac
open How does Atlassian hope to actually improve Confluence and Jira? AI, of course! 13