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By 2030, software developers will be using AI to cut their workload 'in half'


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Is Teams connector retirement a tweak to fit EU laws, or a sign of price rises to come?

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By k7r
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open Mozilla defies Kremlin, restores banned Firefox add-ons in Russia 53
open Microsoft cancels universal Recall release in favor of Windows Insider preview 52
By 0laf
open Japan's space agency helps to target advertising with satellite photos of crops 20
open Version 256 of systemd boasts '42% less Unix philosophy' 171
By _andrew
open VMware revenue plunges $600M, but Broadcom assures investors growth plan is on track 16
open Google borrows from Android to make ChromeOS better 7
open Waymo issues software fix after driverless taxi hits telephone pole 27
open No, an AI bot isn't running for mayor of Cheyenne, Wyoming 10
By ThomH
open Adios, accountability: X to hide 'likes' for everyone this week 44
By Dave559
open Payoff from AI projects is 'dismal', biz leaders complain 131
open K8s celebrates KuberTENes: A decade of working together 1
open Mistral AI raises $644M, hits $6.2B in valuation 2
open Microsoft's Recall should be celebrated as the savior of SMEs and scourge of CEOs 145
open UAE minister says US fears over Middle East becoming an AI proxy for China are valid 3
By druck
open Brazil recruits OpenAI in brave bid to slash court battle costs 5
open IBM dream to gobble up HashiCorp challenged in court 3
open Microsoft sends Copilot Pro's GPT Builder to the digital dumpster 7
open Early MySQL engineer questions whether Oracle is unintentionally killing off the open source database 47
open Musk wants to ban Apple at his companies for cosying up to OpenAI 56
By ArrZarr
open AI PC vendors gotta have their TOPS – but is this just the GHz wars all over again? 18
open At Apple, AI stands for 'Apple Intelligence' – and it's coming to everything 53
open Meta will use your social media posts to train its AI. Europe gets an opt out 22
By parrot
open Volvo recalls all of its 72K EX30 cars due to software bug that obscures speedometer 52
By DS999
open The Microsoft GA that wasn't: Analyst rips into availability of Copilot in Fabric 4
open Oracle Java police start knocking on Fortune 200's doors for first time 80
open Euro banks worry AI will increase their dependence on US big tech 11
open Microsoft pulls Windows 11 24H2 from Insider Release Preview Channel 58
open Disenchanted Windows user? Pop open a fresh can of Linux Lite 78
open Fragile Agile development model is a symptom, not a source, of project failure 83
By nonpc
open Seething CEO shoulder surfed techie after mistaken takedown of production server 75