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open Watch out for AI models regurgitating misplaced keys that unlock crypto wallets 4
open AI helps scientists design novel plastic-eating enzyme 20
By ThatOne
open Nvidia starts laying groundwork for future open and parallel code 5
open A discounting disaster averted at the expense of one's own employment 87
open Oracle offers migration path for Solaris 10 apps 14
open Apple to bin apps that go three years without updates 83
By ChadF
open AI models still racist, even with more balanced training 46
By msobkow
open Atlassian boasts strong Q3 revenue growth in wake of two-week outage 4
By DavidRa
open Meta materials: Facebook using AI to design green concrete 18
By Roland6
open Problems for the Linux kernel NTFS driver as author goes silent 86
open Meet Flamingo, Deepmind's latest open-ended AI 4
By JassMan
open UK watchdogs ask how they can better regulate algorithms 63
open Autonomous Mayflower to attempt Atlantic crossing, again 41
By msobkow
open VMware walks back ban on booting vSphere from SD cards or thumb drives 14
By J. Cook
open Microsoft fixes cross-account vulns in Azure Database for PostgreSQL service 2
open Free enterprise systems management tool Uyuni releases stable version 2
open Aerospike takes swipe at document databases JSON support 1
open Microsoft makes account switching easier in its web and desktop apps 10
open Windows 10 still growing, but Win 11 had another bad month, says AdDuplex 67
open Pop!_OS 22.04: New kid on the Ubuntu block starting to show real muscle 45
open Google releases beta version of Android 13 'Tiramisu' 22
open There are nearly half a billion active users of Start news feed, says Microsoft 26
By Roland6
open HPE uses blockchain for distributed machine learning models 1
open UK competition watchdog probes school software contract revisions 13
open Fedora starts to simplify Linux graphics handling 61
open DARPA backs virtual worlds for autonomous off-road vehicles 1
open Algorithm can predict pancreatic cancer from CT scans well before diagnosis 18
open Microsoft partners balk at new licensing scheme, dent growth 25
open Alibaba Cloud gets more of Android working on RISC-V silicon 5
open VMware says server sprawl is back, and SmartNICs are the solution 3
open Ex-Googlers take a stab at building 'general intelligence' that makes software do what you tell it 42
By jake
open Smart contract developers not really focused on security. Who knew? 28
open When companies invest, they invest in software – report 2
open Google Cloud sees storm brewing over API security 2
By HildyJ
open Fancy a remix? Ubuntu Unity and Ubuntu Cinnamon have also hit 22.04 42
By Adair
open Heresy: Hare programming language an alternative to C 124
open lassos China's first autonomous taxi license 3
open Oracle to release on-prem software usage tools to prep cloud switch 13
open Debian faces firmware furore from FOSS freedom fighters 103
open Google Docs' AI-powered inclusive writing auto-correct now under fire 115
By Psmo
open Samsung, others test drive Esperanto's 1,000-core RISC-V AI chip 19
open OpenBSD 7.1 is out, including Apple M1 support 35
open SAP to take €130m hit on withdrawing tech support from Russia 5
open macOS Server discontinued after years on life support 16
open Former NHS AI leader joins US spy-tech firm Palantir 21
By sabroni
open Google bans third-party call-recording apps from Play Store 37
open Uni team demo algorithm to shield conversations from eavesdropping AI 21
open Robots are creepy. Why trust AIs that are even creepier? 105
open Oracle contracts and pricing a 'challenge', says Gartner 6
open Ubuntu 22.04 LTS arrives on everything from a 2GB Pi to AWS Graviton 17
By Mike_R


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