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MariaDB receives offer to go private more than year after disastrous IPO


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We are so screwed


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Re: Business writers, please stop comparing market value to GDP


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open Going with the flow makes AI better at solving coding problems 4
open City of London ditches Oracle for SAP in search of ERP enlightenment 43
open OpenAI tries to trademark 'GPT'. US patent office says nope 17
open British businesses told: Compliance with EU AI law will satisfy UK guidance 50
open Self-taught-techie slept on the datacenter floor, survived communism, ended a marriage 85
By Roopee
open Google debuts first Android 15 developer preview without a single mention of AI 9
open Days after half a billion Asians went to the polls, Big Tech promises to counter 2024 election misinformation 12
open FTC asks normal folks if they'd like AI impersonation scam protection, too 22
open Dems are at it again, trying to break open black-box algorithms 36
open Nginx web server forked as Freenginx to escape corporate overlords 19
open Someone had to say it: Scientists propose AI apocalypse kill switches 62
open Forgetting the history of Unix is coding us into a corner 163
open Apple makes it official: No Home Screen web apps in European Union 109
open Google debuts Gemini 1.5 Pro model in challenge to rivals 3
open Air Canada must pay damages after chatbot lies to grieving passenger about discount 94
open Microsoft warns Dev Drive daredevils to back up or beware after latest build 6
open Broadcom moves to reassure VMware users as rivals smell an opportunity 13
open IT body proposes that AI pros get leashed and licensed to uphold ethics 22
open Twilio reminds users that Authy Desktop apps die next month – not in August 31
By pirxhh
open In pursuit of artificial general intelligence, Meta adds Broadcom boss Hock Tan to its board 7
open Slack adds AI to help users cope with chat overload 3
open Quilter's AI design service nabs $10M to make circuit board design easier 2
By nijam
open OpenAI shuts down China, Russia, Iran, N Korea accounts caught doing naughty things 5
By Roland6
open AI won't take our jobs and it might even save the middle class 32
By jmch
open Moving to Windows 11 is so easy! You just need to buy a PC that supports it! 186
open Waymo services driverless car software after Phoenix truck collision 11
open Damn Small Linux returns after a 12-year gap 69
open It's time we add friction to digital experiences and slow them down 77
open Airbnb sees AI as its ticket to become a sprawling Big Tech giant 11
open Judge crosses out some claims by writers against OpenAI, lets them have another crack at it 12
By vmy2197
open The most 2024 things to do are laying off staff and eyeing up AI – Mozilla's doing both 16
open US patents boss cannot stress enough that inventors must be human, not AI 15
By veti
open Cruise swerves to hire safety guru after series of misadventures on the streets 6
open Microsoft might have just pulled support for very old PCs in Windows 11 24H2 121
open ChatGPT? Sure, I've heard it. But is AI coming for my job? 14
open RIP John Walker, software and hardware hacker extraordinaire 18
By Ignazio
open Unit4 software's budget bungle leaves schools counting the cost 21
By Tim99
open Chrome engine devs experiment with automatic browser micropayments 105
By Not Yb
open Broadcom terminates VMware's free ESXi hypervisor 58
open Quarter of polled Americans say they use AI to make them hotter in online dating 26
open LeoLabs lands $29M to dodge space junk with AI smarts 1
By ldo
open SAP makes last-minute change to replacement of 80-year-old co-founder 5
open Drowning in code: The ever-growing problem of ever-growing codebases 115
open Neural networks are reportedly helping criminals create cheap virtual fake IDs online 5
By ldo
open Forcing AI on developers is a bad idea that is going to happen 45
By BizPro
open Angry mob trashes and sets fire to Waymo self-driving car 109
open ANZ Bank test drives GitHub Copilot – and finds AI does give a helping hand 40
open US regulators crack down on AI playing doctor in healthcare 10
By OhForF'
open Making sense of Microsoft's 'confusing' Copilot functionality carnival 19
open Mozilla CEO quits, pushes pivot to data privacy champion... but what about Firefox? 114