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open Fully automated AI networks less than 5 years away, reckons Juniper CEO 20
By Plest
open Finnish open-source-as-a-service startup Aiven adds $1bn to valuation 3
By fg_swe
open Windows Subsystem for Linux gets bleeding-edge Ubuntu 11
open Microsoft adds unscheduled breaks to most certification exams 12
By Giles C
open Warning: Windows update breaks authentication for some server admins 10
open What 'share of wallet' means and why it matters to SAP 3
open Workstation, server, IoT? No worries. Fedora 36 is out – all 13 editions of it 32
By Plest
open Microsoft tests ‘Suggested Actions’ in Windows 11. Insiders: Can we turn it off? 100
open User-built low-code apps tipped to dominate analytics by 2025 15
open Open-source leaders' reputations as jerks is undeserved 98
open Nvidia open-sources Linux kernel GPU modules. Repeat, open-source GPU modules 27
By JulieM
open Mystery of industry-targeting backdoored NPM JavaScript packages solved 11
By Lis
open IBM's autonomous Mayflower ship breaks down in second transatlantic attempt 73
By jake
open Google's Flutter app development framework now stable across platforms 3
open Rocky Linux sponsor CIQ secures $26m funding for CentOS successor 8
open Half of developers still at screens even during breaks 33
open .NET 5 and Windows 10 20H2 drop out of support 5
open Comms giant BT sees $30m+ savings in 5 years with ServiceNow project 7
open SAS backs Python as alternative to its own language 6
open At last, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0 slips out 30
open Palantir summons specter of nuclear conflict as share price collapses 47
open OpenVMS on x86-64 reaches production status with v9.2 126
By rnturn
open Asahi Linux project shows progress in graphics drivers on Apple's M1 17
open Google blocks paid apps from Play Store in Russia 4
open iOS, Android stores host more than 1.5 million 'abandoned' apps 33
open Clearview AI promises not to sell face-recognition database to most US businesses 8
open Europe's GDPR coincides with dramatic drop in Android apps 93
open Pyramid Analytics receives $120m in VC funding for 'decision intelligence' 8
open Can AI transformer models help design drugs and treat incurable diseases? 8
By Korev
open Only Microsoft can give open-source the gift of NTFS. Only Microsoft needs to 152
open AMD’s Xilinx-enhanced Epycs are right up the alley of datacenter builders 3
open OpenAI's DALL·E 2 generates AI images that are sometimes biased or NSFW 49
By druck
open Revealed: Intel's plan to sell software simplifying computer vision training 1
By tomgid
open Fedora backs down on removing BIOS support… for now 18
open RAD Basic – the Visual Basic 7 that never was – releases third alpha 69
open Google Cloud hopes to woo factories with its usual fare: Analytics and AI 3
open Did you know Twitter has an open-source arm? This is what it's been up to 17
open Palantir expands from Covid role, wins $90m deal with US Department of Health 6
open Watchdog rubber-stamps cavity-detecting neural network for dentists 7
open Eggheads demo how to fool share-trading bots with carefully crafted retweets 16
open TurboTax to pay $141m to settle claims it scammed millions of people 26
open Outlook bombards Safari users with endless downloads 45
By swm
open Unity and Trinity: New releases for forks of abandoned Linux desktops 32
open Ex-Google, Uber AI heads launch ML error-detection platform 1
open Microsoft reanimates 1995's 3D Movie Maker via GitHub 10
open Meta releases code for massive language model to AI researchers 2
open IBM outlines first major update to i OS for Power servers in three years 7
open Microsoft to ax Azure Video Analyzer in November 6
open Mozilla browser Firefox hits the big 100 101
By Snake
open Windows 11's tablet-friendly taskbar pulled from Insider builds 11


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