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open FOSS replacement for Partition Magic, Gparted 1.6 is here to save your data 45
open On-disk format change beckons for brave early adopters of Bcachefs 10
open Europe probes Microsoft's €15M stake in AI upstart Mistral 3
open Nvidia lures senior autonomous car developer from China's Baidu 7
open Google wants regulators to take Microsoft down a notch before it stifles AI 27
By navarac
open OpenAI claims New York Times paid someone to 'hack' ChatGPT 26
By JoeCool
open Apple's Titan(ic) iCar project is dead as self-driving dream fails to materialize 91
open US military pulls the trigger, uses AI to target air strikes 25
open What is GitHub Copilot Enterprise? You and your org just might find out firsthand 6
open Boffins caution against allowing robots to run on AI models 9
open Microsoft's February Windows 11 security update unravels at 96% for some users 42
By navarac
open Miracle WM, a new tiling window manager built on Mir 20
By jake
open Meta to build election operations center in Europe to inspect AI content 40
open Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be coders, Jensen Huang warns 131
open 'How do I reset my router' isn't in LLM corpuses. An alliance of telcos wants to change that 14
open Google to reboot Gemini image gen in a few weeks after that anti-White race row 51
By jmch
open Man admits to paying magician $150 to create anti-Biden robocall 20
open Dell promises 'every PC is going to be an AI PC' whether you like it or not 77
open Musk 'texts' Nadella about Windows 11's demands for a Microsoft account 148
open The self-created risk in Broadcom's big VMware kiss-off 28
open Starting over: Rebooting the OS stack for fun and profit 175
open Microsoft trying to stop Copilot generating fake Putin comments on Navalny's death 51
open VMware's end-user compute unit reportedly headed to private equity firm KKR 24
open Judge slaps down law firm using ChatGPT to justify six-figure trial fee 87
open Microsoft catches the Wi-Fi 7 wave with Windows 11 36
By Roland6
open AI comes for jobs at studio of American filmmaker Tyler Perry 24
open Lender threatens to sweep MariaDB accounts over private equity bid 12
open Microsoft adds more AI to Photos in Windows 10 and 11 28
open Are you ready to back up your AI chatbot's promises? You'd better be 79
open A path out of bloat: A Linux built for VMs 41
By MarkMLl
open Google sends Gemini AI back to engineering to adjust its White balance 50
By Plest
open Reddit signs AI training deal with Google – and why OpenAI's Altman could be the winner 5
open Web archive user's $14k BigQuery bill shock after running queries on 'free' dataset 38
open AI is going to need a global investment, just maybe not $7T, says OpenAI CEO Sam Altman 8
open Microsoft extends Copilot in Windows for Insiders 4
By navarac
open City council megaproject mulls ditching Oracle after budget balloons to £131M 125
open Prompt engineering is a task best left to AI models 17
open Ubuntu, Kubuntu, openSUSE to get better installation 37
open Pentagon enlists Scale AI to help military get smarter 2
open Windows 11 users herded toward 23H2 via automatic upgrade 21
open Firefly software snafu sends Lockheed satellite on short-lived space safari 20
By fishman
open Oracle faces continued legal battle over alleged NetSuite software misrepresentations 8
By Not Yb
open ChatGPT starts spouting nonsense in 'unexpected responses' shocker 97
open GNOME 46 beta has more tweaks than a coffee shop 15
open The successor to Research Unix was Plan 9 from Bell Labs 69
open VMware takes a swing at Nutanix, Red Hat with KVM conversion tool 23
open Reported $60M Reddit deal signed to train AI models with user data 14
By Naich
open Top five reasons to move from CentOS to RHEL (according to Red Hat) 24
open Microsoft Publisher books its retirement party for 2026 53
open MariaDB receives offer to go private more than year after disastrous IPO 7