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Companies nickel-and-dime us with below-inflation payrises, hoping we don't notice


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Re: What value!


Latest news in the world of devops and software development

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Re: Salting IP addresses


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Microsoft has made Azure Linux generally available. Repeat, Azure Linux


Latest news and insights on virtualization in the enterprise

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Re: The problem with anything requiring a network


Latest news and analysis of enterprise software applications

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Re: Noooooooooo!

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open Zoom and gloom: Vid-chat biz sheds 15 percent of staff – by email 10
By Bebu
open denies claim it violated open source software license requirements 11
open Microsoft tells people to prepare for AI search engine that goes Bing! 47
open GitHub claims source code search engine is a game changer 51
open US warns aging air-traffic control code won't be fixed until 2030 13
open Microsoft's AI habit comes to data governance tool Purview 3
open GitHub CEO says EU AI Act shouldn't apply to open source devs 6
open Take the morning off because Outlook has already 66
open Warning: Microsoft Teams Free (classic) will be gone in 2 months 53
By Nik 2
open Mozilla, like Google, is looking ahead to the end of Apple's WebKit rule 16
open China’s Baidu reveals generative AI chatbot based on language model bigger than GPT-3 21
open Surprise! China's top Android phones collect way more info 75
open Twitch bans AI-generated Seinfeld show for making transphobic jokes 29
By vekkq
open Google unleashes fightback against ChatGPT, a Bard by any other name 44
open It is possible to extract copies of images used to train generative AI models 11
open Cat saves 'good bots' from Twitter API purge 39
open UK health minister confirms data platform worth £480m will replicate Palantir dashboards 23
open Fujitsu re-org sparks alphabet soup splatter: GSBG splits into GTSBG and GBSBG 4
open Google to present AI-powered search features next week in live event 16
open Microsoft boffins contemplate equipping Excel with AI 49
By IceC0ld
open Google works on Blink-based iOS browser contrary to Apple's WebKit rule 24
By ChoHag
open Microsoft swears it's not coming for your data with scan for old Office versions 77
By 43300
open It's your human hubris holding back AI acceptance 52
By jake
open LibreOffice 7.5 update: A great time to jump on this FOSS productivity suite 99
open Generative AI is out of control: Nothing, Forever is a Seinfeld spoof about nothing... forever 34
By gbchew
open WINE Windows translation layer has matured like a fine... you get the picture 70
open ChatGPT (sigh) the fastest-growing web app in history (sigh) claim analysts 27
open Latest Windows 11 build shares desktop real estate with, er, Spotify 27
open US government calls foul on Apple and Google over walled gardens for apps 11
open GPT-4 could pop up in Bing, as Google races to build chatbot search products 13
By druck
open No more free API access, says Twitter: You pay for that data 97
open System76 teases features coming in homegrown Rust-based desktop COSMIC 41
By JulieM
open Scientists develop AI algorithms to hunt for cancer-fighting antibodies 3
open India sidelines Big Tech in push for farming cloud, goes open source instead 1
By xyz
open Datadog allegedly asked developer to kill open source data export tool 8
open What happens when you host code and git clone turns into a DDoS? Let's ask SourceHut 4
open OpenText completes Micro Focus buy, CEO says bye to 8% of workforce 4
By ecofeco
open Oracle, Microsoft barely compete for a quarter of their US Federal contracts 11
open Tesla admits it was asked to hand over Autopilot, Full Self-Driving docs to investigators 31
open Linux Mint 21.2 includes a bit of feature creep from the GNOME world 42
open Best time to prepare to leave an Oracle ULA? The day after it starts, say licensing gurus 10
open Google ready to kick the cookie habit by Q3 2024, for real this time 43
open Broadcom's VMware battle plan is to challenge hyperscalers 7
open Jellyfish watches for the sting of developer bottlenecks 4
open OpenAI offers error-prone AI detector amid fears of a machine-stuffed future 10
open Cali puts mobile app makers on notice over privacy 7
open Oracle cozies up to IBM, adds Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
open helloSystem 0.8: A friendly, all-graphical FreeBSD 78
By GraXXoR
open Microsoft, GitHub, OpenAI urge judge to bin Copilot code rip-off case 25
By ecadre
open Boffins deploy machine learning in search for intelligent ET 13
By lamp