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open Your kids' chances of becoming programmers? ZERO 215
By fodell
open Meta trains data2vec neural network to understand speech, images, text so it can 'understand the world' 11
By Magani
open Wolfing down ebooks during lockdown? You might want to check out Calibre, the Swiss Army ebook tool 15
By Tom 7
open 'Please download in Microsoft Excel': Meet the tech set to monitor IT performance across central UK government 54
By B83
open First they came for Notepad. Now they're coming for Task Manager 149
open The robots are coming! 12 million jobs lost to automation in Europe by 2040 – analyst 69
open Lots of new toys, caps lock still stuck on: ONLYOFFICE hits version 7 13
By Mishak
open SUSE announces something for those who miss the old CentOS: Liberty Linux 19
open Version 7 of WINE is better than ever at running Windows apps where they shouldn't 45
By mjflory
open UK government backs away from proposals to remove individuals' rights to challenge AI decision making 20
open UK police lack framework for adopting new tech like AI and face recognition, Lords told 17
open Tesla driver charged with vehicular manslaughter after deadly Autopilot crash 232
By tip pc
open Foxstuck: Firefox browser bug boots legions of users offline 52
By ThatOne
open Microsoft seems intent on buying the gaming industry with $68.7bn purchase of troubled Activision Blizzard 87
open Open source, closed wallets, big profits – nobody wins the OSS rock, paper, scissors game 105
open Tesla Full Self-Driving videos prompt California's DMV to rethink policy on accidents 104
open And relax: No repeat car crash financials for SAP in 2021 as cloud services come good 1
open Alibaba gazes into crystal ball to spy coming advances in AI and silicon photonics 6
open Scam, pyramid scheme, environmental disaster: Vivaldi boss shares his thoughts on crypto-coins 76
By nautica
open Google says open source software should be more secure 55
open Games Workshop has chucked another £500k at entrenched ERP project with no end to epic battle in sight 62
open Open source maintainer threatens to throw in the towel if companies won't ante up 114
open 'IwlIj jachjaj! Incoming LibreOffice 7.3 to support Klingon and Interslavic 157
open UK competition watchdog closes the comment book on Microsoft's Nuance merger 6
open Linux Mint 20.3 appears – now with more Mozilla flavor: Why this distro switched Firefox defaults back to Google 82
By itzman
open Dev's PostgreSQL experiment probes possibility of zero-downtime schema migration 11
open Open source isn't the security problem – misusing it is 43
By storner
open Free AI protein software packages nearly predicted structure of the Omicron coronavirus variant correctly 16
By Roland6
open Another day, another ERP project behind schedule: This time it's Norfolk County Council and an Oracle system 21
By Dabooka
open JavaScript dev deliberately screws up own popular npm packages to make a point of some sort 89
By Mark 65
open When ERP projects go awry: Surrey County Council incurs £3.2m additional costs in delayed Unit4 project 17
By donk1
open BeOS rebuild / Haiku has a new feature / that runs Windows apps 33
open Ubuntu-on-a-phone crowd fix Google account issues in new Touch update 6
open Less than PEACH-y: UK's plant export IT system only works with Internet Explorer 74
open Look, we did a survey that shows AIOps is ready for the primetime, says AIOps firm 9
open Technology can sometimes go from east to west: Ubuntu DDE 21.10 remix ships in 22.01 28
open Time to party like it's 2002: Acura and Honda car clocks knocked back 20 years by bug 114
open All your database are belong to us: Snowflake named DBMS of the year by DB-Engines 5
open The inevitability of the Windows 11 UI: New Notepad enters the beta channel 85
By Swarthy
open Car makers lock in long-term deals with chip giants for future autonomous vehicles 17
open UK government stacks up to £1.8bn in vertical application framework 4
open Google Chrome 97 relaxes privacy protection just a little to help out Microsoft 18
open Mozilla founder blasts browser maker for accepting 'planet incinerating' cryptocurrency donations 76
By atle
open Hauliers report problems with post-Brexit customs system but HMRC insists it is 'online and working as planned' 265
open IntelliJ IDEA plugin catches lazy copy-pasted Java source 30
open Google fixes bug that stopped some Pixel phones from making 911 calls 24
open Microsoft rang in the new year with a cutesy tweet in C#. Just one problem: The code sucked 84
By Def
open Microsoft patches Y2K-like bug that borked on-prem Exchange Server 33
By nowster
open It's the day before the grand opening but we need a firmware update. It'll be fine 110
open On Christmas night, a computer logs a call to say his user has stopped working… 88
By msobkow



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