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open What would sustainable security even look like? 40
By mpi
open US senator victim-blames Microsoft for Chinese hack 10
open Florida man accused of hoarding America's secrets faces fresh charges 147
open Millions of people's data stolen because web devs forget to check access perms 40
open FBI boss: Congress must renew Section 702 spy powers – that's how we get nearly all our cyber intel 26
open Chinese companies evade sanctions, fuel Moscow’s war on Ukraine, says report 38
By Casca
open NATO probes hacktivist crew's boasts of stolen portal data 6
open Medical files of 8M-plus people fall into hands of Clop via MOVEit mega-bug 9
By Dimmer
open Think tank calls for monitoring of Chinese AI-enabled products 14
open Crooks pwned your servers? You've got four days to tell us, SEC tells public companies 29
open Russia throws founder of infosec biz Group-IB in the clink for treason 9
open Ambulance patient records system hauled offline for cyber-attack probe 13
open Sneaky Python package security fixes help no one – except miscreants 10
open Ivanti plugs critical bug – but not before it was used against Norwegian government 5
open Apple patches exploited bugs in iPhones plus other holes 13
open TETRA radio comms used by emergency heroes easily cracked, say experts 60
open AMD Zenbleed chip bug leaks secrets fast and easy 64
By fg_swe
open Google Cloud shores up log permissions for builder bot 2
open Stolen Microsoft key may have opened up a lot more than US govt email inboxes 56
By herman
open VirusTotal: We're sorry someone fat-fingered and exposed 5,600 users 19
open Lawyer sees almost 1,000 complainants sign up to Capita breach class action 12
open MOVEit body count closes in on 400 orgs, 20M+ individuals 19
open RIP Kevin Mitnick: Former most-wanted hacker dies at 59 65
open Under CISA pressure collab, Microsoft makes cloud security logs available for free 7
open Ukraine busts bot farm spreading Russian infowar propaganda and fraud 16
open Tech support scammers go analog, ask victims to mail bundles of cash 28
open US adds Euro spyware makers to export naughty list 28
open Recycling giant TOMRA pulls systems offline following 'extensive cyberattack' 7
open Quick: Manually patch this Zimbra bug that's under attack 3
open Beijing wants to make the Great Firewall of China even greater 8
open Boris Johnson pleads ignorance, which just might work 79
open Celsius feels the heat: Ex-CEO arrested, watchdogs line up to sue bankrupt crypto biz 10
open Miscreants exploit five Microsoft bugs as Windows giant addresses 130 flaws 14
By AndrueC
open Barts NHS hack leaves folks on tenterhooks over extortion 23
open Liberté, Égalité, Spyware: France okays cops snooping on phones 45
By Xalran
open Capita staffers told attackers stole data from its own pension fund 15
open Nickelodeon probes claims of massive data leak as SpongeBob fans rejoice 9
open Microsoft puts out Outlook fire, says everything's fine with Teams malware flaw 28
open LockBit louts unload ransomware at Japan’s most prolific cargo port 1
By t245t
open North Korean satellite had no military utility for spying, says South Korea 20
By _Elvi_
open Ex-Amazon manager jailed for stealing $10M using fake vendor invoices 15
open RAM-ramming Rowhammer is back – to uniquely fingerprint devices 30
open Singapore tells crypto operators: act like grown up financial institutions 10
open Undiplomatic Chinese threat actor attacks embassies and foreign affairs departments 7
open You've patched right? '340K+ Fortinet firewalls' wide open to critical security bug 13
open TSA wants to expand facial recognition to hundreds of airports within next decade 23
open Dublin Airport staff pay data 'compromised' by criminals 6
open US authorities warn on China's new counter-espionage law 12
open Us, hacked by LockBit? No, says TSMC, that would be our IT supplier 3
open Cops told: Er, no, you need a wiretap order if you want real-time Facebook snooping 13