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Aussie cops probe MediSecure's 'large-scale ransomware data breach'


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Microsoft fixes a bug abused in QakBot attacks plus a second under exploit


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Re: There are other ways...


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Re: The cheaper option

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open Polish officials may face criminal charges in Pegasus spyware probe 13
open INC Ransom claims to be behind 'cyber incident' at UK city council 10
By 0laf
open Apple's GoFetch silicon security fail was down to an obsession with speed 23
open Six banks share customer info to help Singapore fight money laundering 4
open Nearly 3M people hit in Harvard Pilgrim healthcare data theft 3
open AT&T admits massive 70M+ mid-March customer data dump is real though old 10
open Malicious SSH backdoor sneaks into xz, Linux world's data compression library 123
By dcocz
open Easy-to-use make-me-root exploit lands for recent Linux kernels. Get patching 26
By jake
open JetBrains keeps mum on 26 'security problems' fixed after Rapid7 spat 14
open FTX crypto-crook Sam Bankman-Fried gets 25 years in prison 106
open Nvidia's newborn ChatRTX bot patched for security bugs 1
By IGotOut
open US critical infrastructure cyberattack reporting rules inch closer to reality 4
open Canonical cracks down on crypto cons following Snap Store scam spree 18
By navarac
open INC Ransom claims responsibility for attack on NHS Scotland 14
open These 17,000 unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers are a ticking time bomb 44
open AI hallucinates software packages and devs download them – even if potentially poisoned with malware 84
open Execs in Japan busted for winning dev bids then outsourcing to North Koreans 12
open China encouraged armed offensive against Myanmar government to protest proliferation of online scams 5
open Apple fans deluged with phony password reset requests 18
open Majority of Americans now use ad blockers 114
open 'Thousands' of businesses at mercy of miscreants thanks to unpatched Ray AI flaw 14
open Miscreants are exploiting enterprise tech zero days more and more, Google warns 5
open Street newspaper appears to have Big Issue with Qilin ransomware gang 12
open Uncle Sam's had it up to here with 'unforgivable' SQL injection flaws 66
open Ransomware can mean life or death at hospitals. DEF CON hackers to the rescue? 22
By Grunchy
open FreeBSD Foundation hands out Beacon gongs for safer software 13
By fg_swe
open UK elections are unaffected by China's cyber-interference, says deputy PM 18
open Row breaks out over true severity of two DNSSEC flaws 11
open US charges Chinese nationals with cyber-spying on pretty much everyone for Beijing 6
By PhilipN
open Over 170K users caught up in poisoned Python package ruse 44
open Tech trade union confirms cyberattack behind IT, email outage 11
By 0laf
open Mozilla fixes $100,000 Firefox zero-days following two-day hackathon 9
open GoFetch security exploit can't be disabled on M1 and M2 Apple chips 14
By ldo
open Time to examine the anatomy of the British Library ransomware nightmare 103
open That Asian meal you eat on holidays could launder money for North Korea 17
open Microsoft confirms memory leak in March Windows Server security update 11
By 43300
open Some 300,000 IPs vulnerable to this Loop DoS attack 24
open Vans claims cyber crooks didn't run off with its customers' financial info 8
open Russia's Cozy Bear caught phishing German politicos with phony dinner invites 8
open Chinese snoops use F5, ConnectWise bugs to sell access into top US, UK networks 5
open 3 million doors open to uninvited guests in keycard exploit 53
open Hardware-level Apple Silicon vulnerability can leak cryptographic keys 22
By Wexford
open NVD slowdown leaves thousands of vulnerabilities without analysis data 5
open Truck-to-truck worm could infect – and disrupt – entire US commercial fleet 74
open FBI v the bots: Feds urge denial-of-service defense after critical infrastructure alert 4
open Microsoft faces bipartisan criticism for alleged censorship on Bing in China 4
open Congress votes unanimously to ban brokers selling American data to enemies 19
open Yacht dealer to the stars attacked by Rhysida ransomware gang 9
By tmTM
open UK council won't say whether two-week 'cyber incident' impacted resident data 22
open Exposed: Chinese smartphone farms that run thousands of barebones mobes to do crime 34