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Microsoft breach allowed Russian spies to steal emails from US government


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Re: Ha! Rust Is The Answer To All Our C Programming Security Issues?


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open Cyber baddies leak 70M+ files online, claim they're from AT&T 1
By druck
open Cyberattack gifts esports pros with cheats, forcing Apex Legends to postpone tournament 6
By hamrag
open Infosec teams must be allowed to fail, argues Gartner 16
open Filipino police free hundreds of slaves toiling in romance scam operation 45
open ChatGPT side-channel attack has easy fix: Token obfuscation 2
open As if working at Helldesk weren't bad enough, IT helpers now targeted by cybercrims 15
By ecofeco
open Cop shop rapped for 'completely avoidable' web form blunder 14
open Forget TikTok – Chinese spies want to steal IP by backdooring digital locks 21
open FTC goes undercover to probe suspected antivirus scam, scores $26M settlement 9
open LockBit ransomware kingpin gets 4 years behind bars 12
open Record breach of French government exposes up to 43 million people's data 28
By heyrick
open International effort to disrupt cybercrime moves into operational phase 22
open US to probe Change Healthcare's data protection standards as lawsuits mount 3
open Nissan to let 100,000 Aussies and Kiwis know their data was stolen in cyberattack 7
open Poking holes in Google tech bagged bug hunters $10M 4
open Cryptocurrency laundryman gets hung out to dry 27
By druck
open Microsoft Copilot for Security prepares for April liftoff 26
open Stanford University failed to detect ransomware intruders for 4 months 4
open March Patch Tuesday sees Hyper-V join the guest-host escape club 9
By ThatOne
open Biden's budget proposal boosts CISA funding to $3B 5
By HuBo
open JetBrains is still mad at Rapid7 for the ransomware attacks on its customers 12
open UK council yanks IT systems and phone lines offline following cyber ambush 49
open White House and lawmakers increase pressure on UnitedHealth to ease providers' pain 3
open Kremlin accuses America of plotting cyberattack on Russian voting systems 48
open British Library pushes the cloud button, says legacy IT estate cause of hefty rebuild 45
open How do you lot feel about Pay or say OK to ads model, asks ICO 82
open Microsoft waited 6 months to patch actively exploited admin-to-kernel vulnerability 10
open Cybercrime crew Magnet Goblin bursts onto the scene exploiting Ivanti holes 2
open Microsoft confirms Russian spies stole source code, accessed internal systems 54
open Change Healthcare registers pulse after crippling ransomware attack 2
open Swiss cheese security? Play ransomware gang milks government of 65,000 files 11
open Font security 'still a Helvetica of a problem' says Australian graphics outfit Canva 38
open Securing open source software: Whose job is it, anyway? 21
By Roland6
open We're not Meta support: State AGs tell Zuck to fix rampant account takeover problem 17
open Possible China link to Change Healthcare ransomware attack 3
open JetBrains TeamCity under attack by ransomware thugs after disclosure mess 11
open Belgian ale legend Duvel's brewery borked as ransomware halts production 40
open Reminder: Infostealer malware is coming for your ChatGPT credentials 14
open Lawsuit claims gift card fraud is the gift that keeps on giving, to Google 22
By Not Yb
open FBI: Critical infrastructure suffers spike in ransomware attacks 4
By Kev99
open Capita says 2023 cyberattack costs a factor as it reports staggering £100M+ loss 27
open Japan orders local giants LINE and NAVER to disentangle their tech stacks 2
open Uncle Sam intervenes as Change Healthcare ransomware fiasco creates mayhem 6
By ecofeco
open Fidelity customers' financial info feared stolen in suspected ransomware attack 13
open US accuses Army vet cyber-Casanova of sharing Russia-Ukraine war secrets 17
open Rapid7 throws JetBrains under the bus for 'uncoordinated vulnerability disclosure' 37
By druck
open Spam crusade lands charity in hot water with data watchdog 72
open Cloudflare wants to put a firewall in front of your LLM 2
By ecofeco
open American Express admits card data exposed and blames third party 9
By Terry 6
open Change Healthcare attack latest: ALPHV bags $22M in Bitcoin amid affiliate drama 7