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Man behind deepfake Biden robocall indicted on felony charges, faces $6M fine


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Three-year-old Apache Flink flaw under active attack


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Ban crypto currencies and...


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Re: "personal, financial and legal liability in their role"

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open Ransomware negotiator weighs in on the extortion payment debate with El Reg 42
open Cybercriminals hit jackpot as 500k+ Ohio Lottery lovers lose out on their personal data 9
open Microsoft's Brad Smith summoned by Homeland Security committee over 'cascade' of infosec failures 24
By Sparkus
open GhostStripe attack haunts self-driving cars by making them ignore road signs 51
open US faith-based healthcare org Ascension says 'cybersecurity event' disrupted clinical ops 30
open Dell customer order database of '49M records' stolen, now up for sale on dark web 35
open What do Europeans, Americans and Australians have in common? Scammed $50M by fake e-stores 10
By ecofeco
open UK opens investigation of MoD payroll contractor after confirming attack 50
By Starxe
open TikTok sues America to undo divest-or-die law 11
open Cops finally unmask 'LockBit kingpin' after two-month tease 21
By Blazde
open Brit security guard biz exposes 1.2M files via unprotected database 25
open Meta, Spotify break Apple's device fingerprinting rules – new claim 29
By DS999
open Mastodon delays firm fix for link previews DDoSing sites 16
By FF22
open Consultant charged over $1.5M extortion scheme against IT giant 14
open CISA says 'no more' to decades-old directory traversal bugs 13
open Germany points finger at Fancy Bear for widespread 2023 hacks, DDoS attacks 18
open End-to-end encryption may be the bane of cops, but they can't close that Pandora's Box 84
By Dale 3
open Dating apps kiss'n'tell all sorts of sensitive personal info 40
open Kaspersky hits back at claims its AI helped Russia develop military drone systems 15
open It may take decade to shore up software supply chain security, says infosec CEO 27
By ExpatZ
open Europol op shutters 12 scam call centers and cuffs 21 suspected fraudsters 26
open Microsoft, Google do a victory lap around passkeys 74
open Patch up – 4 critical bugs in ArubaOS lead to remote code execution 4
open Federal frenzy to patch gaping GitLab account takeover hole 8
open REvil ransomware scum sentenced to almost 14 years inside, ordered to pay $16 million 8
open A million Australian pubgoers wake up to find personal info listed on leak site 36
By tiggity
open Dropbox dropped the ball on security, haemorrhaging customer and third-party info 20
open Block accused of mass compliance failures that saw digi-dollars reach terrorists 5
By IanRS
open Infosec biz boss accused of BS'ing the world about his career, anti-crime product, customers 14
open US charges 16 over 'depraved' grandparent scams 17
open Qantas app glitch sees boarding passes fly to other accounts 8
open Open source programming language R patches gnarly arbitrary code exec flaw 1
By t245t
open Cyber-bastard jailed for stealing psychotherapy files, blackmailing patients 11
open UnitedHealth CEO: 'Decision to pay ransom was mine' 28
open NSA guy who tried and failed to spy for Russia gets 262 months in the slammer 27
open European Commission starts formal probe of Meta over election misinformation 15
open Apple's 'incredibly private' Safari is not so private in Europe 42
open London Drugs closes all of its pharmacies following 'cybersecurity incident' 20
open France willing to buy key Atos assets to keep them French 8
open UK lays down fresh legislation banning crummy default device passwords 77
By Grogan
open Watchdog reveals lingering Google Privacy Sandbox worries 10
By Alumoi
open Discord dismantles site that snooped on millions of users 3
open Kaiser Permanente handed over 13.4M people's data to Microsoft, Google, others 8
open Second time lucky for Thoma Bravo, which scoops up Darktrace for $5.3B 4
open UK's Investigatory Powers Bill to become law despite tech world opposition 89
open Flaws in Chinese keyboard apps leave 750 million users open to snooping, researchers claim 22
open Cops cuff man for allegedly framing colleague with AI-generated hate speech clip 18
open Two cuffed in Samourai Wallet crypto dirty money sting 4
open Russia, Iran pose most aggressive threat to 2024 elections, say infoseccers 9
open Indian bank’s IT is so shabby it’s been banned from opening new accounts 26