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open Pushers of insecure software in Biden's crosshairs 20
open CI/CD: Necessary for modern software development, yet it carries a lot of risk 9
By klh
open Intruder alert: WH Smith hit by another cyber attack 14
open Forget ChatGPT, the most overhyped security tool is technology itself, Wiz warns 17
open It's official: BlackLotus malware can bypass Secure Boot on Windows machines 44
open PlugX RAT masquerades as legit Windows debugger to slip past security 3
open Google: You get crypto, you get crypto, almost everyone gets email crypto! 10
open US government sets a 30-day deadline for wiping TikTok from feds' phones 14
By Raj
open US cybersecurity chief: Software makers shouldn't lawyer their way out of security responsibilities 30
open Dish: Someone snatched our data, if you're wondering why our IT systems went down 4
By jvf
open News Corp outfoxed by IT intruders for years 37
open Russian hacktivists DDoS hospitals, with pathetic results 10
By ChoHag
open US Marshals Service leaks ‘law enforcement sensitive information’ in ransomware incident 5
open Dish multi-day outage rolls on as ransomware fears grow 3
open China makes it even harder for data to leave its shores 7
open Russian charged with smuggling US counterintel tech to Motherland 8
open Microsoft: For better security, scan more Exchange server objects 9
open 'Ethical hacker' among ransomware suspects cuffed by Dutch cops 16
By nijam
open Telus source code, staff info for sale on dark web forum 8
open Bitcoin mining rig found stashed in school crawlspace 84
open Google destroyed evidence for antitrust battle, Feds complain 32
open European Commission bans TikTok from staff gadgets 23
By ian 22
open Microsoft grows automated assault disruption to cover BEC, ransomware campaigns 9
By druck
open Ukraine invasion blew up Russian cybercrime alliances 20
open Suspected Russian NLBrute malware boss extradited to US 9
open Dole production plants crippled by ransomware, stores run short 17
By Ace2
open FTX fiasco founder SBF faces further fraud charges 21
open Sensitive DoD emails exposed by unsecured Azure server 19
open Kremlin claims Ukraine hackers behind fake missile strike alerts 71
open Lawyers join forces to fight common enemy: The SEC and its probes into cyber-victims 10
By Neoc
open Open source software has its perks, but supply chain risks can't be ignored 14
By ecofeco
open Accidental WhatsApp account takeovers? It's a thing 59
open DNA testing biz vows to improve infosec after criminals break into database it forgot it had 13
open What Mary, Queen of Scots, can teach today’s cybersec royalty 33
open GoDaddy joins the dots and realizes it's been under attack for three years 19
open If you're struggling to secure email forwarding, it's not you, it's ... the protocols 32
By simkin
open Intruder alert: FBI tackles 'isolated' IT security breach 11
open 'Russian hacktivists' brag of flooding German airport sites 4
open Cry Havoc and let slip dogs of war ... there's an upgraded malware server in town 2
open EU lawmakers argue against signing US data-transfer pact 59
open Antivirus apps are there to protect you – Cisco's ClamAV has a heckuva flaw 8
open Norway finds a way to recover crypto North Korea pinched in Axie heist 7
By druck
open Google's big security cert log overhaul broke Android apps. Now it's hit undo 13
By Tree
open VMware, Windows 11 shafted by Windows Server 2022 18
By 43300
open More victims of fake crypto investor scam speak to The Register 49
By wangiu
open ESXiArgs ransomware fights off Team America's data recovery script 1
open Intel patches up SGX best it can after another load of security holes found 4
By kvuj
open Hyundai and Kia issue software upgrades to thwart killer TikTok car theft hack 55
open Apple splats zero-day bug, other gremlins in macOS, iOS 7
open Russian crook made $90M exploiting stolen info on Tesla, Roku, Avnet, Snap, more 4