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Re: SQL injection flaw


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Deployed publicly accessible MOVEit Transfer? Oh no. Mass exploitation underway


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Uncle Sam wants DEF CON hackers to pwn this Moonlighter satellite in space


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open Malwarebytes may not be allowed to label rival's app as 'potentially unwanted' 5
open US govt now bans TikTok from contractors' work gear 2
open Microsoft cops $20M slap on the wrist for mishandling kids' Xbox data 2
open Identity thieves can hunt us for 'rest of our lives,' claims suit after university data leak 14
open SEC drops 42 cases after staff bungle data protection 3
open British Airways, Boots, BBC payroll data stolen in MOVEit supply-chain attack 17
open Crypto catastrophe strikes some Atomic Wallet users, over $35M thought stolen 18
open Qbot malware adapts to live another day … and another … 3
open Australian cyber-op attacked ISIL with the terrifying power of Rickrolling 10
By eldakka
open Toyota admits to yet another cloud leak 6
open Meet TeamT5, the Taiwanese infosec outfit taking on Beijing and defeating its smears 2
open Uncle Sam wants DEF CON hackers to pwn this Moonlighter satellite in space 8
By Nifty
open Malaysia goes its own Huawei, won't ban Chinese vendor from 5G network 22
open Microsoft stashes nearly half a billion in case LinkedIn data drama hits 12
open This malicious PyPI package mixed source and compiled code to dodge detection 11
open You might have been phished by the gang that stole North Korea’s lousy rocket tech 12
open Millions of Gigabyte PC motherboards backdoored? What's the actual score? 42
open Deployed publicly accessible MOVEit Transfer? Oh no. Mass exploitation underway 8
open Kremlin claims Apple helped NSA spy on diplomats via iPhone backdoor 12
open Amazon Ring, Alexa accused of every nightmare IoT security fail you can imagine 91
open Ukraine war blurs lines between cyber-crims and state-sponsored attackers 5
open Dark Pink cyber-spies add info stealers to their arsenal, notch up more victims 3
By t245t
open Feds, you'll need a warrant for that cellphone border search 50
open Barracuda Email Security Gateways bitten by data thieves 8
By OhForF'
open Criminals spent 10 days in US dental insurer's systems extracting data of 9 million 13
open XFS bug in Linux kernel 6.3.3 coincides with SGI code comeback 11
open 1. This crypto-coin is called Jimbo. 2. $8m was stolen from its devs in flash loan attack 45
open 90+ orgs tell Slack to stop slacking when it comes to full encryption 8
open Pegasus-pusher NSO gets new owner keen on the commercial spyware biz 15
open New York county still dealing with ransomware eight months after attack 8
open Alien versus Predator? No, this Android spyware works together 8
open US govt pushes spyware to other countries? Senator Wyden would like a word 8
open BlackByte ransomware crew lists city of Augusta after cyber 'incident' 2
By Dimmer
open It's 2023 and Sri Lanka doesn't have a cyber security authority 2
open Spotted: Suspected Russian malware designed to disrupt Euro, Asia energy grids 8
open So the FBI 'persistently' abused its snoop powers. What's to worry about? 5
open Facial recog system used by Met Police shows racial bias at low thresholds 20
open Five Eyes and Microsoft accuse China of attacking US infrastructure again 10
By druck
open This legit Android app turned into mic-snooping malware – and Google missed it 19
open IT security analyst admits hijacking cyber attack to pocket ransom payments 22
open US bans North Korean outsourcer and its feisty freelancers 3
open Apria Healthcare says potentially 2M people caught up in IT security breach 5
open Dish confirms 300,000 people's data was exposed in February's attack 4
By Vader
open TikTok to let Oracle view source code, algorithm, and content moderation 10
open Ads for lucrative jobs in Asia fail to mention chance of slavery as crypto-scammer 16
open China hasn't told Micron why it failed security review, or what its ban means 6
By Mike007
open Uncle Sam strangles criminals' cashflow by reining in money mules 7
By Casca
open Google settles location tracking lawsuit for only $39.9M 7
open More UK councils caught by Capita's open AWS bucket blunder 35
By Lomax
open Rigorous dev courageously lied about exec's NSFW printouts – and survived long enough to quit with dignity 85