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Suspected phishing email crime boss cuffed in Nigeria


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Browser-only for me


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Re: some dodgy plotting


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Re: What if?

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open Campaigners warn of legal challenge against Privacy Shield enhancements 11
open Verizon: Ransomware sees biggest jump in five years 6
open Suspected phishing email crime boss cuffed in Nigeria 5
open Ex-spymaster and fellow Brexiteers' emails leaked by suspected Russian op 101
open Ransomware grounds some flights at Indian budget airline SpiceJet 2
By OhForF'
open Millions of people's info stolen from MGM Resorts dumped on Telegram for free 10
By HildyJ
open In record year for vulnerabilities, Microsoft actually had fewer 10
By AndrueC
open Vehicle owner data exposed in GM credential-stuffing attack 29
open Beijing needs the ability to 'destroy' Starlink, say Chinese researchers 120
open Quad nations pledge deeper collaboration on infosec, data-sharing, and more 8
open About half of popular websites tested found vulnerable to account pre-hijacking 11
open Indian stock markets given ten day deadline to file infosec report, secure board signoff 8
open Predator spyware sold with Chrome, Android zero-day exploits to monitor targets 6
open Patch now: Zoom chat messages can infect PCs, Macs, phones with malware 3
open It's 2022 and there are still malware-laden PDFs in emails exploiting bugs from 2017 23
By Roland6
open Screencastify fixes bug that would have let rogue websites spy on webcams 3
By Danny 2
open How to find NPM dependencies vulnerable to account hijacking 21
open Microsoft sounds the alarm on – wait for it – a Linux botnet 40
open South Korean and US presidents gang up on North Korea's cyber-offensives 3
open Conti: Russian-backed rulers of Costa Rican hacktocracy? 11
open China-linked Twisted Panda caught spying on Russian defense R&D 30
open Microsoft patches the patch that broke Windows authentication 17
open Microsoft Bing censors politically sensitive Chinese terms 22
open Protecting data now as the quantum era approaches 2
By DS999
open Canada bans Huawei and ZTE from 5G networks, citing national security risks 21
open US won’t prosecute ‘good faith’ security researchers under CFAA 38
By B/Eads
open US recovers a record $15m from the 3ve ad-fraud crew 12
By OhForF'
open Iran, China-linked gangs join Putin's disinformation war online 14
By Draco
open Hot glare of the spotlight doesn’t slow BlackByte ransomware gang 4
open Your snoozing iOS 15 iPhone may actually be sleeping with one antenna open 40
By Si 1
open Patch your VMware gear now – or yank it out, Uncle Sam tells federal agencies 6
By Jan K.
open Meet Wizard Spider, the multimillion-dollar gang behind Conti, Ryuk malware 3
open How these crooks backdoor online shops and siphon victims' credit card info 5
open Your data's auctioned off up to 987 times a day, NGO reports 30
open Microsoft warns partners to revoke unused authorizations that drive your software 7
open State of internet crime in Q1 2022: Bot traffic on the rise, and more 6
open Monero-mining botnet targets Windows, Linux web servers 10
open FBI warns of North Korean cyberspies posing as foreign IT workers 10
open Pentester pops open Tesla Model 3 using low-cost Bluetooth module 51
By pirxhh
open Google assuring open-source code to secure software supply chains 3
By OhForF'
open Facebook rated least safe e-commerce option in government rankings 2
By Alumoi
open Europe moves closer to stricter cybersecurity standards, reporting regs 9
open Venezuelan cardiologist charged with 'designing and selling ransomware' 11
open China reveals its top five sources of online fraud 15
open US brings first-of-its-kind criminal charges of Bitcoin-based sanctions-busting 5
open San Francisco police use driverless cars for surveillance 18
open Shopping for malware: $260 gets you a password stealer. $90 for a crypto-miner... 6
open Ukrainian crook jailed in US for selling thousands of stolen login credentials 5
By paulr78
open Another ex-eBay exec admits cyberstalking web souk critics 10
open Software patching must work like car safety recalls, says US cyber boss 30



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