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open H0LiCOW: Cosmoboffins still have no idea why universe seems to be expanding more rapidly than expected 83
open Astroboffins discover Sun is surfing on 9,000-light-year gas wave that acts as Milky Way's stellar nursery 21
open Blame of thrones: Those viral vids of PC monitors going blank when people stand up? Static electricity from chairs 62
open Pack your bags! NASA's latest exoplanet hunter satellite finds its first Earth-sized world in a habitable zone – and it's only 100 light years away 23
open Is there alien life on Earth? Maybe, says Brit 'naut. Well, where did they come from? How about this far-away cluster. Or this 'Godzilla' galaxy... 51
open From Soviet to science fiction icon, the weird life of Isaac Asimov 100 years on 143
open NASA's monster rocket inches towards testing while India plots return to the Moon 39
open A cheery New Year tale: How the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station might rise once more 10
open European Space Agency launches planet-hunting Cheops while Rocket Lab starts on a third launchpad 29
open Starliner: Boeing, Boeing... it's back! Borked capsule makes a successful return to Earth 95
open This isn't Boeing very well... Faulty timer knackers Starliner cargo capsule on its way to International Space Station 113
open No, Illyrian, Naqaỹa, Mastika, Automex aren't Hollywood's hottest baby names – they're new monikers for exoplanets 9
By Twanky
open Happy Artemis Day everybody! NASA preps its monster rocket for testing 22
open Someone get Greenpeace on the line. Boffins clock carbon 'pollution' cloud 30,000 light-years wide choking galaxies 25
open And now for this evening's space weather report. We've got a hotspot of satellite-wrecking 'killer electrons' in the outer Van Allen belt... 31
By MyffyW
open Rocket Lab ends year by cutting ribbon on first launchpad in the US 3
open 100 mysterious blinking lights in the night sky could be evidence of alien life... or something weird, say boffins 53
open OK. We're off. Water ice found just below the surface of Mars. Good enough for us. Let's go. Impulse power, Mr Sulu 84
open No box shifting, no Buck Rogers. Bezos-backed Blue Origin blasts off once again 21
open It's a billion-ton, 14-million-mile long mysterious alien formation – and Earth is heading right into it 44
By ThatOne
open You cannae break the laws of physics, cap'n... Boffins call BS on 'impossible' black hole, fear readings were botched 52
open Space Force is go, go, go! Because we have a child as President of the United States 135
open Boffins find proof that yes, Carl Sagan and Joni Mitchell were right, we really are all made up of star stuff 39
open ESA trumpets 'world's first space debris removal' with 4-armed junk botherer 31
By Milton
open We've heard of spam filters but this is ridiculous: Pig-monkey chimeras developed in a Chinese laboratory 132
By jake
open Brewing in spaaaaace: SpaceX sends a malting kit to the International Space Station 46
open Forget sharks with lasers, NASA kits out an elephant seal with a sensor-studded skullcap 36
open Asteroid Bennu is flinging particles of dust and rock from its surface – and scientists can't work out why 26
By spold
open We know this sounds weird but in future we could ask fiber optic cables: Did the earth move for you... literally? 25
By adam 40
open We're not trying to be rude here but... there's an ice giant stripping down, emitting gas as it orbits a hot white dwarf 17
open Astronauts brave razor sharp edges and fiddly pipes to bring joy to boffins 48
open Boffins believe it was volcanoes, not just life, that made Earth what it is today – oxygen rich 27
open Bad news: A company wants to sell artificial shooting stars. Good news: Launch delayed 17
open ESA toasts 10% budget boost by stretching ISS support out to 2030 30
open Astroboffins peeved as SpaceX's Starlink sats block meteor spotting – and could make us miss a killer asteroid 92
open Talking a Blue Streak: The ambitious, quiet waste of the Spadeadam Rocket Establishment 96
open No wonder Bezos wants to move industry into orbit: In space, no one can hear you* scream 101
open Planets may lurk in harshest environments. Not that Novell NetWare server you can't unplug – black holes 19
open Yeah but, no, but... 'Overpaid' Boeing snaps back at NASA's watchdog 20
open Found on Mars: Alien insects... or whatever the hell this smudge is supposed to be, anyway 128
open We don't usually sugar-coat the news but... Alien sugars found in Earth-bound meteorites 51
open Astroboffins spot the most energetic photons yet from gamma ray burst – and here's hoping Earth is right in the way of the next one 19
open Space-wrecks: Elon's prototype Moon ferry Starship blows its top during fuel tank test 69
open 50 years on: Apollo 12 failed at selfies but succeeded at dismantling a probe 13
By spold
open Anomaly-free SpaceX fires up SuperDracos, ISS astros go iFixit in orbit, and Buran turns 31 9
open NASA told to get act together on commercial crew vendors as chance of US-free ISS rises 59
By Steve K
open Physicists are rather giddy after creating a rare type of laser using laughing gas 62
open Boffins show the 2017 Nork nuke can move, move, move any mountain (by a meter) 24
open 50 years ago, someone decided it would be OK to fire Apollo 12 through a rain cloud. Awks, or just 'SCE to Aux'? 59
open NASA boffins tackle Nazi alien in space – with the help of Native American tribal elders 64


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