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Strictly beta - use it or lose it

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Where's El Reg's coverage of the Apple credit card?

Broadband and hosting

Go faster stripes

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PIA - Russia VPN Notification


Cool stuff for cool commentards

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Important reminder on IoT security..

Mobile devices

Phones and tablets and laptops and their providers

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Lenovo or HP Laptop

Consuming Passions

Games, films, music, TV, books, comics

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open We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks (SPOILER ALERT) C 18 4
By Drewc
open Let's ask McCoy about this forum... rcorrect 2
open Asterix rules! jake 9
open Canucks on Rogers Wireless (Oct 9 2013) ?? Alistair 2
By Drewc
open why is there an Apple forum? dogged 29
open Freeview transmission borked in SW Tom 7 1
By Tom 7
open Recommendations for Bluetooth In-ear headphones Rob 2
open Who should play the next Doctor? Nominations needed! diodesign 160
open What is French designer Philippe Starck up to over at Apple? bridainep, reg reporter 6
open Smartphones to supersede games consoles? Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware 7
open Current State of the Tablet Market dogged 1
By dogged
open Give us your bloody money Dominic Connor, Quant Headhunter 1
open SIM cracking Daniel B. 1
open Open source smartphone OS? Quinch 4
By xehpuk
open Recommendations for SIM with data allowances in Russia Fogcat 4
By xehpuk
open 2.4GHz WiFi cluttering Neil Barnes 2
By TeeCee
open Google battery drain. TeeCee 3
open The B&N Nook SimpleTouch firesale rip-off You need to log in to use this part of the site 7
open Nook Simple Touch Mystic Megabyte 3
open Point&Click adventure "The Realm"... & UK Based games on Kickstarters SnakyGamer 1
open Blake's Seven Returns Fogcat 3
open Ig-noble award candidate? OzBob 3
open Last game I played was Wumpus ... jake 11
By Corinne
open Can any tablet+keyboard combo be used with portrait screen? Anonymous Coward 2
open SimCity latest edition Alistair 1
open Fondle-clap Surface vs the rest (now including Apple as well) Martin Huizing 1
open Windows mobile - a real showstopper JimmyPage 3
By 1234567
open Upcoming Holiday - Device Suggestions Please! Chizo Ejindu 1
open Not quite game over for Atari, yet diodesign 2
By Irongut
open Vodafone micro SIM application - unwanted, access to everything and uninstallable! no_RS 2
By Drewc
open Recommendations to replace an iPod Touch LINCARD1000 2
By bazza
open Elite Remake Finally? Not That Andrew 2
By jocuri
open Samsung Jelly Bean Car Dock Fail Graham Cunningham 7
open Google Nexus 7 3G out today Displacement Activity 4
By Nexxus
open Samsung using updates to install crapware? Patrick Seurre 3
open Windows phone app to access windows shares ? JimmyPage 3
open Can My ISP Delete my Incoming Mails? mark 177 12
open Baseball ... Gigantes v.s. Tigres. jake 2
By jake
open Axiotron Modbook is Back? Is Apple facing Hallyu backlash? dssf 1
By dssf
open Axiotron Modbook is Back? dssf 1
By dssf
open Virgin Media broadband outage - six days until fixed? jai 5
By Steve T
open Mannheim Court Finds Samsung Did Not Violate an Apple Patent dssf 1
By dssf
open IPv6 Anonymous Coward 1
open Borderlands 2 Trokair 1 1
open Jetpack lives on Anonymous Coward 1
open YouView Roger B 6
By Roger B
open Black Mirror Caleb Cox 2
By Drewc
open Bryan Talbot's... Toxteth O'Gravy 3
By Nev
open BT Infinity Speed Increase.. Joeman 3
By Joeman
open TV? jake 15



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