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Strictly beta - use it or lose it

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Where's El Reg's coverage of the Apple credit card?

Broadband and hosting

Go faster stripes

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PIA - Russia VPN Notification


Cool stuff for cool commentards

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Important reminder on IoT security..

Mobile devices

Phones and tablets and laptops and their providers

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Lenovo or HP Laptop

Consuming Passions

Games, films, music, TV, books, comics

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open Cameron's attempt to cram a robot arm wearing a Rolex into his pristine bottom Lewis Page 1 70
open BB Classic vs HTC One M8 durandal 1
open BBC: Doomed internet! Anonymous Coward 2
open drive... Citizen Kaned 2
open BT rewritting email standards? No hyphens allowed? xj25vm 4
By Chozo
open iPlayer blocking tor relays? phuzz 6
By Dan100
open The Guardian- as endorsed by Apple imaginarynumber 3
open Tech sales help John Brown (no body) 4
open Windows el cheapo tablets Efros 2
By sltech
open Powered OTG hub dogged 3
By dogged
open Remote control table lamps - any suggestions? Kubla Cant 3
open Cheap VR Boothy 1
By Boothy
open Looking for some Windows Phone advice =) Thomas 4 8
open I need speed - any other options? h4rm0ny 7
open Games I spent waaay too much time on - 80s onwards. Anonymous Coward 6
open Air purifier control app? incredibleairplaneparty 3
open I still carry my old Nokia 5185. jake 11
open Help selecting a 7" tablet. I ain't Spartacus 24
open DECT Bluetooth link to cell Eddy Ito 1
open EE - Website updated Tom Cooke 2
open A dream, (for me), device. Anonymous Coward 2
open New laptop. Commentards, lend me your opinions. fearnothing 2
By Drewc
open I have knackered my Macbook Pro Retina Display! Sam Haine 1
open Nexus 7 - Price Gouging Shane McCarrick 12
open Secure Android Banking apps? Anonymous Coward 1
open E-books for nonagenarians Neil Barnes 3
open Hostile environment Anonymous Coward 2
open Nowtv Martin 47 1
open Sonos - wireless streaming recommendations? W.Hower 8
open Qwerty keyboards Caleb Cox 19
open Android in cars Kubla Cant 7
open XBox Family is getting killed... ;( knarf 4
open USB headset->PC->Bluetooth->Windows phone JimmyPage 3
open Nokia quality decline ... JimmyPage 3
open Why Garmin don't do refunds Dominic Connor, Quant Headhunter 6
open Still buying CDs? Anonymous Coward 33
open Emergency translation Robert E A Harvey 1
open N64 analogue frequency gazthejourno 3
open Aggregating 4G Simon Rockman 3
By Phil W
open Flappy Bird pre-installed = £stupid John H Woods 1
open Anyone have 100/100 Leased Line (BT as ISP)? DaLo 2
By DaLo
open F*** you very much Google. TeeCee 3
open Disney Now Owns a Death Star Damon 1 5
open Linux HTPC <£300 Michael 11
open Neo900 Gabor Laszlo 3
open Blackberry Playbook Price bazza 2
open Virgin Media down in N London Henry Minute 3
open Insufficient Storage Available - El Reg should investigate! AndyC 12
By Mnky75
open New version of XBMC released! PikeyDawg 7
open Steve Jobs biopic diodesign 40



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