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Strictly beta - use it or lose it

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Install or updating the OS... first Mac in over 20 years.

Broadband and hosting

Go faster stripes

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Does Google hate VPNs?


Cool stuff for cool commentards

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Vuck Vishing

Mobile devices

Phones and tablets and laptops and their providers

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Android tablets

Consuming Passions

Games, films, music, TV, books, comics

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Nuclear physics

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open Install or updating the OS... first Mac in over 20 years. Anonymous Coward 2
By Dave559
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By Dave559
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open NAS advice needed Alien Doctor 1.1 1
open No service for Three UK customers tonkei 1
By tonkei
open Where's El Reg's coverage of the Apple credit card? Dan 55 1
By Dan 55
open Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and VPN's... Christopher Lane 15
open Do Microsoft owe me anything?! Anonymous Coward 2
By jake
open Occulus and Valve - thoughts? Baldrickk 2
open Battery hacks andre 2 3
open BT engineers - missed appointments Kelly Fiveash 134
open Repair Conundrum1885 1
open Cheap phone buying advice needed Uncle Slacky 13
By Klose
open Cheap Android heart rate monitor Phil W 3
By jake
open so now BT have made EE the slowest and most pathetic network Zmodem 6
By Zmodem
open External Soundcard Advice wanted. GruntyMcPugh 1
open Nobody has a bloody clue anthonyhegedus 2
By Dan 55
open which domain registrar for email domain forwarding 's water music 1
open Help with ethernet over TV antenna co-ax Red Bren 2
open Probing for IoT weaknesses? Joe Drunk 1
open People in glass houses... Simon Harris 2
By jake
open What is your favourite cider? MJI 20
By jake
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open Galaxy Note BristolBachelor 15
open Sony Xperia Z3 compact battery - replacement? sorry, what? 4
By raees
open Apple TV - tabman 5
open Apple iGlasses Chris Mellor 1 32
open Hardware fault? TeeCee 11
open Why doesn't Apple buy Dyson mhoneywell 16
open This week I have reading... Tony Smith, Ed, Reg Hardware 18
open If you could force an honest answer from a tech company what would it be? Sooty 15
open Music and relationships Bill Ray 16
open Iron Man 3. Keir Snelling 10
open Toshiba gets on my last nerve James O'Shea 2
By LJon304
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By LJon304
open iPad Air2 Screen Sensitivity problem Misky 2
By Aswanu
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open Why Apple will continue to kick the PC manufacturers arse Stuart 39 5
open Looks like the courts agreed with us about Apple's mealy-mouthed "apology" ContentsMayVary 4
open Extreme laptop hacking Conundrum1885 1