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Re: This might be a silly idea, but...


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Re: I think it was a joke


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Who had money on Samsung and Red Hat joining forces on next-gen memory software?


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Re: RE: Simple question: if knowledge is so completely lost...

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What about Microsoft?

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open ITC judge recommends banning toner imports that infringe Canon's IP 35
open Europe, US warn of fake-chip danger to national security, critical systems 8
By BillM1
open Client demo in 30 minutes. Just what could go wrong? 94
open Samsung updates its most popular smartphone range 25
open Meta sued for 'aiding and abetting' crypto scammers 51
By Huw L-D
open Microsoft datacenter to heat homes in Finland 36
open Qualcomm reveals it's not selling to Russia during Twitter spat 17
open Japan's earthquake disrupts already fragile tech sector 5
open FCC gives Pacific Networks 60 days to leave the US 7
open Union demands better deal for app drivers as Uber license renewal looms 13
By msobkow
open If you want to make your own chip and aren't Microsoft rich, who do you turn to? 13
open Intel axes older FPGA cards, moves development into hands of customers 5
open AMD to Intel: Take our GPU talent? Two can play that game 7
By Tams
open SDN contender Pluribus ports network OS to Nvidia SmartNICs 1
open Half of bosses out of touch with reality, study shows 155
open SiFive bags $175m to further challenge Arm with RISC-V 23
By 3arn0wl
open Doom comes to the Pi Pico 12
open The right to repairable broadband befits a supposedly critical utility 85
open Europe advances crypto-coin regulation – without potential ban on Bitcoin 28
By MrGreen
open China's internet regulator squeezes famously freewheeling Reddit-alike 5
open AMD unveils first CPU with 3D V-Cache tech, cheaper Ryzens 15
By phuzz
open Startups bag billions to fill gaps left by chip world giants 4
open Nominet suspends 'single digit' number of Russian dot-UK domain registrars 15
open Think tank: US will need to import semiconductor talent to fill new factories 11
open Arm to drop up to 15 percent of staff – about 1,000 people 59
open RISC-V's SiFive sells connectivity IP to Alphawave 1
By HildyJ
open Ford to sell unfinished Explorers as chip shortage bites 123
open Wi-Fi 6E unaffected by chip shortages, claims Wi-Fi Alliance 6
open 114 billion transistors, one big meh. Apple's M1 Ultra wake-up call 244
By Sudosu
open China's top tech city Shenzhen locks down completely for at least a week 35
By kat_bg
open Cryptocurrency ATMs illegal right now in UK 45
open OpenZFS 2.1.3 bugfix brings compatibility with Linux 5.16 30
By Sudosu
open For those with zero trust in zero-trust networks, this industry alliance may help 4
By JassMan
open Chip world's major suppliers of neon gas shut down by Ukraine invasion – report 40
open Uncle Sam has a datacenter waste problem 13
open New Chinese exascale supercomputer runs 'brain-scale AI' 20
open We have redundancy, we have batteries, what could possibly go wrong? 179
open Toshiba's top investors signal strident opposition to planned two-way split 5
open Russian chip makers face uncertainty as war drags on 11
open Brain-like neurochips good for supercomputers, not just AI, says Sandia 1
By Korev
open Conflict in Ukraine disrupts fragile supply chain recovery 45
open Sony Interactive Entertainment pulls PlayStation from Russia 20
By adam 40
open Ukraine invasion: We should consider internet sanctions, says ICANN ex-CEO 102
open US warns Chinese chipmakers: Sell to Russia, suffer Huawei's fate 20
open Biden issues Executive Order to tame digital currencies 29
open Canada invests in chip and photonics future 1
open Spirent ships test kit for 400 and 800Gbps Ethernet 5
open Microsoft squashes OneDrive bug that caused files to linger after PC wipe 4
By JassMan
open NXP Semiconductors talks chip supplies, future car networks 3
open Saudi Aramco links arms with Pasqal to try out quantum computing 1
By druck


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