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Latest news and analysis of data-center server systems

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Re: They never learn


Where Business meets supercomputers: Home of The Register's HPC Community

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Parallelism is hard.


Latest news on enterprise storage systems

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Re: 'Howard' unmasked


Latest news and analysis of enterprise networking and internet infrastructure technology

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Starlink offers 'unusually hostile environment' to TCP

Personal Tech

Latest news from the world of personal and professional technology

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Re: @ravenviz


CxO at The Register: Your Tech Compass for the C-Suite

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The hiring frenzy is over at India's services giants

Public Sector

Your Public Sector Pulse: Where Policy Meets Tech Innovation

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Re: I'm amused by the subhed on this story

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open Lawsuit claims Meta hobbled Facebook Watch to help Netflix 2
open Datacenter outages are on the decline, but when they hit, they hit hard 3
open Samsung enterprise SSD prices skyrocket thanks to AI's appetite for storage 7
open Microsoft warns deepfake election subversion is disturbingly easy 10
open Starlink clashes with Telecom Italia over frequency data sharing 18
open Happy 20th birthday Gmail, you're mostly grown up – now fix the spam 52
open Google will delete data collected from 'private' browsing 30
By wallaby
open US House of Reps tells staff: No Microsoft Copilot for you! 10
open Rickroll meme immortalized in custom ASIC that includes 164 hardcoded programs 3
open TSMC boss says one-trillion transistor GPU is possible by early 2030s 15
open Ex-White House CIO tells The Reg: TikTok ban may be diplomatic disaster 63
open You break it, you ... run away and hope somebody else fixes it 63
By Zarno
open The Register meets the voice of Siri Down Under 47
By PhilipN
open Can a Xilinx FPGA recreate a 1990s Quake-capable 3D card? Yup! Meet the FuryGpu 26
open Sega grabs tech layoff baton and dumps couple hundred Euro staff 25
By Dan 55
open Overclocking muddies waters for Nvidia's redesigned RTX 4090 and US sanctions 4
open Amazon fined in Europe for screwing shoppers with underhand dark patterns 58
open Do not touch that computer. Not even while wearing gloves. It is a biohazard 97
open HPE bakes LLMs into Aruba as AI inches closer to network takeover 3
open Pressuring allies not to fulfill chip kit service contracts with China now official US policy 14
open Intel's green dream is chips without any dips in Mother Nature's health 7
open Singapore improves the AI it uses to detect smokers 21
open Hyperfluorescent OLEDs promise more efficient displays that won't make you so blue 29
By Sudosu
open Standardization could open door to third-party chiplets in AMD designs 2
By user555
open Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite dares to game, reaching 30 FPS in Baldur's Gate 3 4
open NASA to shoot rockets at April solar eclipse to see how it messes with the atmosphere 2
open Kaby Lake-G chip back from the grave, now on modest firewall-router-NAS mobo 7
open Intel throws chips on the table, Microsoft plays the Copilot card in wild bet on AI PCs 15
open TSMC's 3nm node powers up, setting stage for tech giants' next-gen chips 3
open Meta accused of snarfing people's Snapchat data via traffic decryption 20
By 43300
open What Nvidia's Blackwell efficiency gains mean for DC operators 4
By Snake
open Pragmatic Semiconductor opens UK's first 300mm wafer fab in Durham 16
open Lenovo scores deal to build supercomputer at UK's Hartree Center 6
open Dell doubles down on layoffs, literally: 13,000 gone in the past year 6
open US sanctions spree continues with 15 more for Russian entities 4
open SK hynix said to be building $4B memory packaging plant in Indiana 2
open SAP ordered to pay $26.4M in South Africa energy firm dispute 3
By johnfbw
open Sun Microsystems co-founder charged with insider trading 11
By DS999
open RISC-V PCIe 5 SSD controller for the rest of us hits 14GB/s 6
By nautica
open New Zealand to world: China attacked us, too! 3
open After threatening to block Binance for months, Philippines does the deed 3
open Coherent lights the way to massive AI clusters with optical circuit switches 2
By Korev
open Twitter's lawsuit against anti-hate-speech crusaders gets SLAPPed out of court 88
open As AI booms, land near nuclear power plants becomes hot real estate 54
open Tiny Corp launches Nvidia-powered AI computer because 'it just works' 9
By Lon24
open Google's AI-powered search results are loaded with spammy, scammy garbage 35
By _andrew
open AI bubble or not, Nvidia is betting everything on a GPU-accelerated future 7
open Woz calls out US lawmakers for TikTok ban: 'I don’t like the hypocrisy' 66
open Gelsinger woos Musk as Intel seeks to drum up Foundry Services business 2
open Fujitsu's 30-year-old UK customs system just keeps hanging on 12