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Re: This might be a silly idea, but...


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Re: I think it was a joke


Latest news on enterprise storage systems

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Who had money on Samsung and Red Hat joining forces on next-gen memory software?


Latest news and analysis of enterprise networking and internet infrastructure technology

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Re: RE: Simple question: if knowledge is so completely lost...

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What about Microsoft?

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open Tech vendors to get 18-month insight into UK govt IT spending 3
open Chinese drone-maker DJI denies aiding Russia's Ukraine invasion 24
open Inspur starts selling Chinese web giant's in-house servers 2
open China's top e-tailer sends sacked staff a 'graduation certificate' 16
open TSMC, Samsung want slice of America's $52b chip subsidies 2
open Intel counters AMD’s big-cache PC chip with 5.5GHz 16-core rival 55
open HP bets big on future of hybrid work with $3.3bn Poly buy 12
open US to rev fastest supercomputer with powerful test system 2
open Telehouse adds fifth datacenter to Docklands campus in London, UK 5
open Dems propose privacy-respecting digital dollar 43
open Nvidia outlines subscription-fueled journey to $1tr revenue 42
By Old-dog
open Microsoft accused of spending millions on bribes to seal business deals 49
By Mike 16
open Boom times for North America's big datacenter real estate market 4
By Tom 7
open Instant NeRF turns 2D photos into 3D scenes in seconds 18
open Goldman Sachs reportedly set to head up $60bn Arm IPO 23
open Help, my IT team has no admin access to their own systems 207
open Google opens Play Store to third party payment systems – starting with Spotify 8
open 10x prices, year-long delays... Life as an electronics engineer in global chip shortage 22
open CEA sees future in waferscale quantum computing chips 3
By druck
open Qualcomm closes $4.5bn deal, will acquire autonomous driving assets 1
By Sil
open Chip designers made bank in 2021 amid global shortage 3
open Intel updates ATX PSU specs, eyes PCIe 5.0 horizon 21
open Apple's Mac Studio exposed: A spare storage slot and built-in RAM 77
open RIP: Creators of the GIF and TRS-80 119
open Sealed, confidential IBM files in age-discrimination case now public to all 79
open Intel boss presses Congress for manufacturing subsidies 13
open Nvidia CEO: We're open to Intel making our chips 6
open 'Enterprise' browser maker Island valued at $1.3bn out of the gate 22
open Hooking up to Starlink might be pricier than you thought 61
open How Nvidia is overcoming slowdown issues in GPU clusters 3
open Testing for COVID with the sound of a cough? There’s an app for that 27
open Apple stops censoring terms it etches onto iPhones in Taiwan 11
open Chip shortage to end this year – at least for us: Xiaomi 1
By Elledan
open Apple notches up ninth €5m fine for ignoring nation's competition watchdog 22
By Cuddles
open OVHcloud datacenter 'lacked' automatic fire extinguishers, electrical cutoff 78
open Bing China freezes auto-suggestions at Beijing's request 14
open Nvidia reveals 144-core Arm-based Grace 'CPU Superchip' 19
open Nvidia reveals specs of latest GPU: The Hopper-based H100 9
open Outsourcing firm Serco wins £212m UK Test and Trace deal 9
open How legacy IPv6 addresses can spoil your network privacy 66
open Procurement guy at Apple allegedly ripped off iPhone giant in $10m+ scam 17
By Mayday
open Android's Messages, Dialer apps quietly sent text, call info to Google 89
open Supermicro's 'universal GPU' system welcomes all elements 1
open Epyc move: Micron shifts high-demand chip design apps to AMD 3
By Aitor 1
open AMD: Our latest, pricier mega-cache Epyc processors leapfrog Intel’s 24
open Epson payments snafu leaves subscribers unable to print 100
open UK's largest union to Arm: Freeze job cuts now 44
open Review: ASUS dual-screen laptop may warm your heart, will definitely warm your lap 28
open China's tech hub relaxes COVID restrictions to restart industrial production 19
open Equinix cuts $705m check for Chilean, Peruvian datacenters 2


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