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open UK may not hit goal of 95% mobile coverage, commons committee warns 68
By Roland6
open Qualcomm wants to target all ‘all form factors’ with SoCs that power Copilot+ PCs 4
open Screwdrivers: is there anything they can't do badly? Maybe not 232
By Fried
open STMicro bags €2B from Europe for Sicily car chip fab 1
open AMD reveals the MI325X, a 288GB AI accelerator built to battle Nvidia's H200 1
open Twitter 'supersharers' of fake news tend to be older Republican women 210
By TheNoob
open Twitch ditches Safety Advisory Council, relaunches with vetted 'ambassadors' 13
By Zibob
open The Canon Cat – remembering the computer that tried to banish mice 51
open TikTok said to be working on US-specific version of its content algorithm for months 10
open Google finally addresses those bizarre AI search results 86
open Surging datacenter power demand slows the demise of US coal plants 7
By stevebp
open Recycling old copper wires could be worth billions for telcos 61
By Stevie
open UK Surface owners can now take misbehaving laptops to Currys 52
open Thanks for coming to help. No, we can't say why we called – it's classified 170
open Dell predicts 20 percent jump in memory and SSD prices later this year 3
open IT infrastructure scared away potential buyers of struggling e-commerce site 42
open Singapore to offer enterprises incentives to buy greener hardware 1
By Lurko
open Amazon to add 15 datacenters to atomic-powered campus 8
open Latest user-repairable Framework laptop includes Core Ultra, 2.8K display 10
By phuzz
open Palantir bags $480M from Pentagon to inject battlefield AI into the entire military 12
open Amazon Prime Air delivery drones allowed off line-of-sight leash 7
open Verizon joins satellite phone party, links up to AST SpaceMobile 1
By xyz
open Malaysia stakes claim to become semiconductor superpower by luring $100B investment from … somewhere 3
open Samsung workers treated for exposure to radiation in South Korea 10
open Two big computer vision papers boost prospect of safer self-driving vehicles 21
open Activist investor pressures Texas Instruments to stop spending cash on fabs 27
open Colorado governor signs 'best in the world' right-to-repair law 9
open AI smartphones must balance promise against hype and privacy concerns 36
By Bck
open Why RISC-V must get its messaging right on open standard vs open source 66
open Tencent, Microsoft link app stores in China 2
open Not even Chromebooks can escape AI PC craze: Google to inject Plus laptops with LLM juice 5
By ecofeco
open PayPal is planning an ad network built off your purchase history 78
open Infineon promises 12kW PSUs for next generation of power-hungry AI servers 11
open EU probes Telegram, because size matters for regulators 18
By Casca
open T-Mobile to buy US Cellular's wireless ops, plus slice of spectrum for $4.4B 4
open Nvidia said to be prepping AI PC chip with Arm and Blackwell cores 1
open Parliamentarians urge next UK govt to consider ban on smartphones for under-16s 82
open We polled thousands of IT pros – and sustainability just ain't a priority right now 96
open Indonesia's president orders government to stop developing new applications 14
open China creates $47B chiptech investment fund 8
open How's Uncle Sam getting on with Biden's AI exec order? Pretty good, we're told 7
open Venerable ICQ messaging service to end operations in June 51
open A thump with the pointy end of a screwdriver will fix this server! What could possibly go wrong? 112
open Tape is so dead, 152.9 EB of LTO media shipped last year 101
open Nvidia faces local competition for its 'China special' GPUs 9
open Elon Musk says he doesn’t want 100% tariff on China-made electric vehicles 66
open Micron told to pay $445M in memory patent infringement case 8
By Jon 37
open Wanna curb datacenter outages? Try combating burnout with shorter shifts 8
By tin 2
open AMD's CFO Jean Hu talks CPUs, GPUs and the road ahead 1
open Capgemini to keep the legacy lights on at HMRC for £245.5M 20