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Latest news and analysis of data-center server systems

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Look mom, no InifiniBand: Nvidia’s DGX GH200 glues 256 superchips with NVLink


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Latest news and analysis of enterprise networking and internet infrastructure technology

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Complaints in writing

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Re: Can’t blame Apple.

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open Microsoft stumps loyal fans by making OneDrive handle Outlook attachments 76
open Samsung scores fresh Radeon deal with AMD for Exynos chip line ahead of profit crunch 2
By Chappy
open Amazon: Diamonds are a quantum network's best friend 8
By VonGell
open UK's Emergency Services Network unlikely to start operating until 2029 21
open Cisco Moscow trashed offices as it quit Putin's putrid pariah state 97
open Cash App founder stabbed to death in San Francisco 31
open Twitter scores legal hat trick with three cases filed against it in one day 13
open Microsoft ditches plans for 500,000 sq ft London office 29
open IBM shrinks z16 and LinuxONE systems into standard rack configs 15
By Korev
open HPE lobs scale-out storage services into GreenLake subscription vehicle 4
open Samsung takes $3.1B gamble on OLED displays for tablets and notebooks 18
open IBM, Kyndryl cut jobs even after cutting ties 22
By GeoH
open Parts of UK booted offline as Virgin Media suffers massive broadband outage 139
open Why UK watchdog abandoned its Apple monopoly probe 31
open Tesla Semi, out since December, already facing a recall over brakes 55
open New models of IBM Model F keyboard Mark II incoming 33
open Defunct comms link connected to nothing at a fire station – for 15 years 131
By pirxhh
open Japan joins US, Netherlands in chipmaking tech export crackdown 8
open China sticks national security probe into America's Micron 16
open Google halts purge of legacy ad blockers and other Chrome Extensions, again 26
open Decade-old patent battle goes Apple's way 14
open Uptime guarantees don't apply when you turn a machine off, then on again, to 'fix' it 121
open Microsoft wants to stick adverts in Bing chat responses 42
open Korea passes tax break-driven 'Chips Act' as protectionism fears mount 3
open Intel successfully ships an updated datacenter roadmap 6
By cb7
open TikTok: Is this really a national security scare or is something else going on? 45
open Airbus pulls up hard, no longer buying 29.9% stake in Atos-owned Evidian 2
open SK hynix CEO says CHIPS Act red tape may be too sticky to bother 1
open Diving DRAM prices are a problem not even AI can solve 16
open Lockheed Martin launches biz to build lunar satellite network 1
open US bans good for Chinese chipmakers, and bad for us, says Taiwanese rival 15
By Casca
open Micron writes off $1.43B in inventory as sales dive, claims only way is up 8
open Germany sours on Microsoft again, launches antitrust review 30
open Intel pours Raptor Lake chips into latest NUC Mini PC line 15
open SHEIN has the look of America's next tech-meets-geopolitics fit-up 18
open Apple sued for allegedly firing, threatening union organizers 25
open US cyber spymaster calls TikTok China's 'Trojan horse' 30
By Yes Me
open Amazon opens its ad-hoc Wi-Fi-sipping Sidewalk mesh to all manner of gadgets 33
open Nexperia claims Newport Wafer may close if sale goes ahead 7
open For whom the bell polls: Twitter voting is for Blue users only now 65
open APNIC backed off naming naughty nominees after injunction threat 3
open Publishers land killer punch on Internet Archive in book copyright court battle 49
open Fresh models of Framework modular laptops in the works 20
By osxtra
open OneWeb lofts last batch of satellites to enable global internet service 4
open Botched migration resulted in a great deal: One for the price of two 99
open France bans all recreational apps – including TikTok – from government devices 42
open Chinese web giant Baidu backs RISC-V for the datacenter 6
By Ken G
open How Arm aims to squeeze device makers for cash rather than pocket pennies for cores 90
open RIP Gordon Moore: Intel co-founder dies, aged 94 73
open Utah outlaws kids' social media addiction, sets digital curfew 73