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Mixed Metaphors, Cui Bono?


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Re: The European Commission is an executive branch


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open India's IT minister defeated in bid for lower house seat 2
open Australia drops legal action that aimed to have X take down stabbing vid 41
open SuperMicro CEO predicts liquid cooling will rack up 2,900 percent growth in two years 3
open The definition of an AI PC is now even muddier, helping no-one – not even AIs 9
open More layoffs at Microsoft: What's really going on here? 69
open Digital Realty CTO weighs in on AI's insatiable thirst for power 11
open Unlucky AT&T subscribers struggle to make calls in multi-hour US outage 2
open Nvidia CEO brushes off Big Tech's attacks on NVLink network tech 1
open Contrary to its fine print, Google says it won't confiscate repair returns that have unapproved parts 27
open Chinese car brands hit accelerator on road tests for level three autonomous driving tech 6
open Pentagon 'doubling down' on Microsoft despite 'massive hack,' senators complain 5
open Intel CEO says sanctions on China squanders opportunity for US chipmakers like Intel 32
open Toyota plus 4 other Japanese automakers caught cheating on certification tests 18
open TSMC mulled moving chip fabs from Taiwan over China threat 9
open Fired-up Pat Gelsinger shoots from the lip at Qualcomm and Nvidia 2
By Dan 55
open Raspberry Pi unveils Hailo-powered AI Kit to make the model 5 smarter 34
open Flying phone base stations to take off over Japan in 2026 2
open ASUS creates a substance: Ceraluminum, which fuses aluminum and a ceramic 51
open Intel details how Lunar Lake PC chips deliver 120 TOPS 2
open Intel challenges AMD's Epycs with a 144 e-core Xeon 12
By Dadz
open Court accepts Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim's insider trading settlement 7
open HP-Autonomy: Attorneys wrap up arguments in Mike Lynch's stateside criminal fraud trial 15
By bazza
open Arm CEO aims to conquer half the Windows world in 5 years 17
open Arm chief exec scored $70M in New York IPO bonanza 9
open Microsoft to spend $3.2B on expanding cloud and AI in green energy-rich Sweden 9
open US standards agency reports back on just how good age verification software is 23
open It's make your mind up time as Atos sets deadline to pick rescue package 3
open Huawei to go: China's tech giant No1... in foldable smartphones 2
open UK may not hit goal of 95% mobile coverage, commons committee warns 68
By Roland6
open Qualcomm wants to target all ‘all form factors’ with SoCs that power Copilot+ PCs 4
open Screwdrivers: is there anything they can't do badly? Maybe not 232
By Fried
open STMicro bags €2B from Europe for Sicily car chip fab 1
open AMD reveals the MI325X, a 288GB AI accelerator built to battle Nvidia's H200 1
open Twitter 'supersharers' of fake news tend to be older Republican women 210
By TheNoob
open Twitch ditches Safety Advisory Council, relaunches with vetted 'ambassadors' 13
By Zibob
open The Canon Cat – remembering the computer that tried to banish mice 51
open TikTok said to be working on US-specific version of its content algorithm for months 10
open Google finally addresses those bizarre AI search results 86
open Surging datacenter power demand slows the demise of US coal plants 7
By stevebp
open Recycling old copper wires could be worth billions for telcos 61
By Stevie
open UK Surface owners can now take misbehaving laptops to Currys 52
open Thanks for coming to help. No, we can't say why we called – it's classified 170
open Dell predicts 20 percent jump in memory and SSD prices later this year 3
open IT infrastructure scared away potential buyers of struggling e-commerce site 42
open Singapore to offer enterprises incentives to buy greener hardware 1
By Lurko
open Amazon to add 15 datacenters to atomic-powered campus 8
open Latest user-repairable Framework laptop includes Core Ultra, 2.8K display 10
By phuzz
open Palantir bags $480M from Pentagon to inject battlefield AI into the entire military 12
open Amazon Prime Air delivery drones allowed off line-of-sight leash 7
open Verizon joins satellite phone party, links up to AST SpaceMobile 1
By xyz