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Latest news and analysis of data-center server systems

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Re: Glad to see


Where Business meets supercomputers: Home of The Register's HPC Community

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It's Just a Stupid Valve


Latest news on enterprise storage systems

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Re: ...And Then There's The Problem Of Old Application Software....


Latest news and analysis of enterprise networking and internet infrastructure technology

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CIX confusion.

Personal Tech

Latest news from the world of personal and professional technology

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Re: I rather like HP printers and Instant Ink


CxO at The Register: Your Tech Compass for the C-Suite

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Digital democracy or IT anarchy? Gartner flags the low-code revolution

Public Sector

Your Public Sector Pulse: Where Policy Meets Tech Innovation

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Re: I must be a bit thick

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open Datacenter would spoil beautiful view ... of former industrial waste dump 53
open Suits ignored IT's warnings, so the tech team went for the neck 111
open Microsoft: Iran's cybercrews got stuck into Israel days after Hamas attacked – not in tandem 32
open It's perfectly legal for cars to harvest your texts, call logs 111
open Arm flexes financial muscles post-IPO, but shares get a reality check 3
open Gauss we've all got a fresh option for a gen AI handheld: A Samsung device 10
open Nexperia sells Newport Wafer Fab to American chipmaker for $177M 11
open EU lawmakers scolded for concealing identities of privacy-busting content-scanning 'experts' 54
open Apple exec defends 8GB $1,599 MacBook Pro, claims it's like 16GB in a PC 182
open Google mulled offering paid-for no-logging private Search subscription 24
By teebie
open Digital democracy or IT anarchy? Gartner flags the low-code revolution 17
open Sales bonanza at ASML as China stockpiles chipmaking kit 4
By Snowy
open Wipro: Get back to the office for three days a week or else 19
By MyffyW
open Major telco outage leaves millions of Australians disconnected 36
open Uncle Sam snooping on US folks? Not without a warrant, lawmakers agree 37
open Quantum computing next (very) cold war? US House reps want to blow billions to outrun China 5
By DXMage
open Ventana bumps performance on Veyron RISC-V silicon to surely speed up servers 2
open WeBroke WeWork, WePromise WeFix it: How subleasing giant hopes to survive bankruptcy 27
open Intel to build hush-hush fabs to bake chips for US military 6
open UK may demand tech world tell it about upcoming security features 150
open Epyc 3 ain't done yet – AMD extends availability to 2026, unleashes six more SKUs 2
By Roland6
open Overheating datacenter stopped 2.5 million bank transactions 20
By t245t
open Hardware hacker: Walling off China from RISC-V ain't such a great idea, Mr President 53
open Ireland to develop datacenter powered by fuel cells 17
open Vanishing power feeds, UPS batteries, failover fails... Cloudflare explains that two-day outage 26
open Woo-hoo, UK ahead of Europe in this at least – enterprise IT automation 12
open You can buy personal info of US military staff from data brokers for just 12 cents a pop 15
open ICE faces heat after agents install thousands of personal apps, VPNs on official phones 9
open Microsoft scratches Surface device policy – some get extensions of up to 6 years 3
open Open source license challenges part 461: Element plots move to AGPLv3 8
By Tynach
open Home of the world's longest pleasure pier joins public sector leak club 26
By tinman
open UK throws millions at scheme to heat homes with waste energy from datacenters 189
open YouTube cares less for your privacy than its revenues 198
open Beijing signals it may let Micron out of the penalty box in the Middle Kingdom 2
open Developing AI models or giant GPU clusters? Uncle Sam would like a word 18
open Brits make Amazon, Meta stop using third-party data to undercut rivals 40
open Apple slams Android as a 'massive tracking device' in internal slides revealed in Google antitrust battle 41
open We're getting that fry-day feeling... US Army gets hold of drone-cooking microwave rig 79
open Musk's broadband satellite kingdom Starlink now cash flow positive – or so he claims 39
open We're feeling pretty anti about these social networks 9
open Brit pensions scheme flushed £74M when it walked from Atos deal 12
By Lurko
open Mid-contract telco price hikes must end, Ofcom told 86
open Google ends partnership to build four San Francisco GoogleBurbs 32
open Arm grabs a slice of Raspberry Pi to sweeten relationship with IoT devs 39
open Apple's year ends with surging services, a billion subscribers, and a view of generation next 2
open Uber, Lyft to hand back $328M of stolen wages to NY drivers 13
By IGotOut
open US Commerce Dept pinky swears it won't push American spyware on world-plus-dog 8
By Bebu
open Amazon's $1.4B price-raising 'Project Nessie' algorithm exposed in FTC antitrust fight 16
By Roland6
open GPS leading your phone astray? We can just fix that in code, startup claims 13
open Snowflake puts LLMs in the hands of SQL and Python coders 2