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Latest news and analysis of data-center server systems

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Re: This might be a silly idea, but...


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Re: I think it was a joke


Latest news on enterprise storage systems

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Who had money on Samsung and Red Hat joining forces on next-gen memory software?


Latest news and analysis of enterprise networking and internet infrastructure technology

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Re: RE: Simple question: if knowledge is so completely lost...

Personal Tech

Latest news from the world of personal and professional technology

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Googleless and Un-Binged

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open Huawei re-orgs to formalize business PC sales 1
open Nvidia, Intel, others pour $130m into optical chip startup Ayar Labs 3
open Semiconductor sales forecast to hit $676b in 2022 1
open Taiwan to dominate chipmaking market for foreseeable future 11
open Supercomputer lab swaps lead-acid UPS batteries for alkaline gear 24
By Snapper
open Apple's grip on iOS browser engines disallowed under latest draft EU rules 97
open China again signals desire to shape IPv6 standards 70
open Meta physical: Facebook parent to open its first real-world store 5
By 43300
open Hawaiian Airlines to offer free Wi-Fi via SpaceX's Starlink 12
open Elon Musk set to buy Twitter in $44b deal, promises stuff 159
open Apple and Intel likely the first to use TSMC’s 2nm node in 2025 5
open Elon Musk's Twitter mega-takeover likely imminent 47
open Mastering metadata key to shifting data fast, says Arcitecta 1
open Foxconn factories near Shanghai cease operations over COVID-19 cases 8
open Microsoft exposes glue-free guts of the Surface Laptop Studio 62
By BGatez
open Timetable for industrial action ballot against BT imminent 6
open SpaceX's Starlink service lands first aviation customer 31
open Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba makes 9 datacenter energy patents available 7
open SoftBank aims to keep control of Arm after IPO – report 14
open Plans for Dutch datacenter to warm thousands of homes 29
open ZX Spectrum, the 8-bit home computer that turned Europe onto PCs, is 40 160
open Not to dis your diskette, but there are some unexpected sector holes 202
open Intel forms graphics lab to make games look more real 9
By BGatez
open Elon Musk says he can get $46.5bn to buy Twitter 63
open Amazon to spend 11 days of annual profit developing robot warehouse workers 14
open Europe twists YouTube's arm to get better cookie consent popups 32
By Kaki
open Google tests battery backups, aims to ditch emergency datacenter diesel 54
open NASA taps commercial partners for near-Earth communications network 4
open ASML CEO: Industrial conglomerate buying washing machines to rip out semiconductors 42
open OneWeb inks deal to launch its LEO satellites from India 21
open UK government preps tech suppliers for £8bn mega framework 6
open Apple geniuses in Atlanta beat New York to the punch, file petition to unionize 26
open Brave, DuckDuckGo to unplug Google's AMP where possible 47
open Ex-eBay security director to plead guilty to cyberstalking 9
open Growing US chip output an 'expensive exercise in futility', warns TSMC founder 41
open AMD: Our Epyc CPUs helped Mercedes win F1 Constructors' Championship 12
open Netflix to crack down on account sharing, offer ad-laden cheaper options 144
open Google 'Switch to Android' app surfaces in iOS App Store 26
open Departing Space Force chief architect likens Pentagon's tech acquisition to a BSoD 58
open Big Apple Apple Store workers hope to form union 19
open Intel promotes graphics chief Raja Koduri weeks after Arc discrete GPU reveal 3
By kat_bg
open Smartphone shipments expected to drop again for Q1 2022 1
open Ryzen Pro CPUs are better for work than Intel's, claims AMD 21
By jglathe
open Immersion-cooled colo is coming to Ohio... via a crypto-mining datacenter 34
open Intel: Our fabs can mass produce silicon qubit devices 7
open Logitech Lift: Vertical mouse for those with small hands 25
open Twitter faces existential threat from world's richest techbro 147
open Shanghai lockdown: Chinese tech execs warn of supply-chain chaos 47
By Twanky
open Beanstalk loses $182m in huge flash-loan crypto heist 93
By AlbertH
open TSMC’s 2025 timeline for 2nm chips suggests Intel gaining steam 5


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