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Latest news and analysis of data-center server systems

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Where Business meets supercomputers: Home of The Register's HPC Community

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SambaNova injects a little AI mojo into US supercomputer lab's nuke sims


Latest news on enterprise storage systems

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Latest news and analysis of enterprise networking and internet infrastructure technology

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open Quantum of solace: Rigetti to cut workforce as it faces Nasdaq delisting 2
By IGotOut
open Arm China lays off staff amid chip war and licensing concerns 4
By IGotOut
open Atos tossed €20m to build Max Planck Society supercomputer 2
open Four top euro carriers will use phone numbers to target ads and annoy Google & Facebook 63
open Tech job bonfire rages on as Microsoft, GitLab and others join in 14
open Subsidies? All UK chip industry needs is tax, rule tweaks, claims rightwing thinktank 47
open What's up with IT, Doc? Rabbit hole reveals cause of outage 164
open Cheating carriers could cost web-starved Americans billions in subsidies 20
open IBM health benefits blackout leaves retirees footing the bill 35
open SpaceX cuts off Ukraine's 'offensive' Starlink use 60
open No more free love: Netflix expands account sharing restrictions 99
open The Balthazar laptop: An all-European RISC-V Free Hardware computer 55
By jake
open Classiq to school academia in quantum computing with help from Microsoft 4
open Intel wants another €3.2b from German gov for Magdeburg mega fab 45
open Glasgow staff form UK's first Apple union after historic vote 27
open Not so good morning Vietnam, as government announces, then buries news of Intel investment 4
open Japan may go easy on China over export bans on chipmaking equipment 2
By Tron
open Americans have the right to livestream police traffic stops … probably 19
open Biden attacks Big Tech's data addiction, wants more protection for kids 5
open Used EV car batteries find new life storing solar power in California 40
open Microsoft-Activision deal will hurt UK gamers, says watchdog 3
open US and EU looking to create 'critical minerals club' to ensure their own supplies 23
open 5% of the cloud now runs on Arm as chip designer plans 2023 IPO 9
open Could RISC-V become a force in high performance computing? 28
open China's Yangtze Memory reportedly lays off staff, evicts them from company housing 20
open China to stop certifying fax machines, ISDN and frame relay kit 19
open Google pushes fake abortion clinic ads to lower-income women, report says 33
open FTC backs down over Meta's acquisition of VR biz Within 2
open US environment agency says it can regulate crypto farms - are datacenters next? 4
open Big three cloud giants tighten grip as overall spending slows 2
By JacobZ
open Fortinet's latest ASIC promises 2.5Gbps of SSL inspection at the edge 9
open Mitsubishi gives up on Japan's first domestically manufactured passenger jet 37
open Arm still strong despite SoftBank loss as shipments pass a quarter of a trillion 8
By Snapper
open US stalkerware developer fined $410,000 and ordered to modify apps so they reveal spying 12
open Power grid worries force Amazon to run Oregon datacenters using fuel cells 9
open Microsoft is changing how it handles device diagnostic data to keep EU sweet 10
By Filippo
open Dell planning job cuts as PC demand jumps off a cliff 8
open Eager young tearaway almost ruined Christmas with printer paper 97
open Wikimedia Foundation confirms, and bemoans, Pakistan ban 33
open Semiconductor world in for a rough ride as chip bubble bursts at the high end 27
open Musk, Tesla win securities fraud battle over that 'funding secured' tweet 37
open Activision-Blizzard pays $35m to send SEC away, Microsoft merger still in doubt 5
open As Apple sales slide, Tim Cook says fanbois will tolerate higher iPhone prices 38
open British government torched over lack of chips strategy 40
By Roland6
open Qualcomm feels the squeeze because you don't want a new smartphone right now 7
open Prepare to be shocked: Employees hate this One Weird Clause 173
By Not Yb
open China unveils massive blockchain cluster running homebrew tech 16
open Meta, which pays for web scraping, sues to stop web scraping 21
open AMD's pricy cache-packed Ryzen 7000X3D CPUs ship this month 6
open FTC prescribes GoodRx a $1.5m pill after 'sharing health info' with web giants 8
By Brian 3