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Zilog to end standalone sales of the legendary Z80 CPU


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Re: Simple solution?


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Re: Anytime I hear about stuff like this

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Re: deja vu


CxO at The Register: Your Tech Compass for the C-Suite

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Unusual destinations...

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Meta comms chief handed six year Russian prison sentence for 'justifying terrorism'

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open Investors threw 50% less money at quantum last year 10
By druck
open 'Exemplar' digital hospitals trust hit by multiple tech-related traumas 25
open Zen Internet warns customers of an impending IP address change 114
open AMD bets demand for its MI300 accelerator will balance dips across other product lines 2
open The literal Rolls-Royce of EVs is recalled over fire risk 54
By balrog
open The latest cold war is already being fought in the supply chain trenches 2
open Raspberry Pi on IPO plans: 'We want to be ready when the markets are ready' 55
open UK lawmakers say live facial recognition lacks a legal basis 32
By Dr_N
open Leaked email: Unit4 ERP system leaves some school staff with 'nil pay' 44
open Fairberry project brings a hardware keyboard to the Fairphone 35
open Things are going to get weird as the nanometer era draws to a close 19
open Japanese government finally bids sayonara to the 3.5" floppy disk 63
By JT_3K
open X hiring 100 content cops in bid to tame Wild West of online safety 27
open Amazon calls off $1.7 billion iRobot buy, blames regulators 15
open GPS interference now a major flight safety concern for airline industry 72
open The real significance of Apple's Macintosh 71
open That runaway datacenter power grab is the best news for net zero this century 120
open One person's shortcut was another's long road to panic 73
open ICANN proposes creating .INTERNAL domain to do the same job as 192.168.x.x 142
open Competition is decreasing in enterprise IT – and you’ll be poorer and dumber for it 31
By thondwe
open TSMC finds its green chips are highly sought after... the edible ones 13
By ldo
open As NSA buys up Americans' browser records, Uncle Sam is asked to simply knock it off 18
open Intel warns of Q1 nosedive... and its shares follow suit 8
open UK merger of Vodafone and Three in competition watchdog's crosshairs 23
open Virgin Media comes top of the flops for customer complaints 37
By G7mzh
open Standards-obsessed boss ignored one, and suffered all night for his sin 118
By Larry D
open The EU-US Trade and Tech Council sounds fancy but, really, what's the point? 4
open Telco giants show it's tough selling 5G kit right now 12
By druck
open Top-tier IT talent doesn't stick around in 'mid-market' organizations 36
By 43300
open Amazon Ring sounds death knell for surveillance as a service 57
open Google settles with Singular Computing over claims of stolen AI chip tech 8
open Software troubles delay F-35 fighter jet deliveries ... again 64
open Datacenters could account for a third of Ireland's electricity by 2026 31
open Boeing goes boing: 757 loses a wheel while taxiing down the runway 65
By tapanit
open Logitech warns of logistical impact of Houthi attacks in Red Sea 13
open HPE's updated Spaceborne Computer-2 ready to hitch another ride to the ISS 3
By ldo
open ASML orders boom but export restrictions could hamper growth 12
open Does AI give InfiniBand a moment to shine? Or will Ethernet hold the line? 6
open Apple has botched 3D for decades. So good luck with the Vision Pro, Tim 80
open Taiwan connects its first home-grown quantum computer to the internet 5
By hi_robb
open Seoul restores smartphone subsidies because premium handsets are apparently essential 8
open Tesla Cybertruck gets cyberstuck during off-roading expedition 91
open Intuit ordered to use the word 'free' less freely in its ads 10
open Ex-IBM staff ask US Supremes for help in bringing age-discrimination battle to court 13
open Europe's first exascale system will be slotted into modular containerized datacenter 3
open Musk lashes out at Biden administration over rural broadband 63
open Microsoft hires energy mavericks in quest for nuclear-powered datacenters 41
By ThatOne
open David Mills, the internet's Father Time, dies at 85 35
open Users now keep cellphones for 40+ months and it's hurting the secondhand market 100
open Legacy tech shoots down Ministry of Defence's supply chain improvements 19