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Re: This might be a silly idea, but...


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Re: I think it was a joke


Latest news on enterprise storage systems

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Who had money on Samsung and Red Hat joining forces on next-gen memory software?


Latest news and analysis of enterprise networking and internet infrastructure technology

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Re: RE: Simple question: if knowledge is so completely lost...

Personal Tech

Latest news from the world of personal and professional technology

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What about Microsoft?

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open One decade, 46 million units: Happy birthday, Raspberry Pi 59
open IT advice fuelled by beer is the best IT advice of all, right? 51
By Piro
open Apple seeks patent for 'innovation' resembling the ZX Spectrum, C64 and rPi 400 205
open Intel blasts Bitcoin mining, unveils own mining kit 22
open IBM cannot kill this age-discrimination lawsuit linked to CEO 47
open Dell PC backlog woes strike again amid component shortfall 4
open Intel targets edgy 5G and AI with new chips, software 3
By HildyJ
open Fujitsu confirms end date for mainframe and Unix systems 68
open Network equipment lead times to remain painfully long into 2023: Gartner 7
open India surpasses a billion active mobile subscriptions 7
By yclinux
open Ukraine invasion may hit chip supply chain – analysts 15
open China makes using cryptocurrency a crime – again 7
open Ukraine's IT sector looks to business continuity plans as Russia invades 27
open Intel brings Evo thin, light laptop spec to vPro systems 2
open FAA now says 5G airports may interfere with Boeing 737s 66
open Americans far more willing to hand over personal data 49
open HPE rolls out Private 5G for enterprise customers 1
open Schneider Electric says supply chain held it back 7
open Lenovo's data center business finally makes a profit 2
open Arm China boss happy with Nvidia acquisition collapse 7
open US imposes sanctions as Russia invades Ukraine 221
open Marvell, Dell team on SmartNIC for 5G servers 2
open HMRC: UK techies' IR35 tax appeals could take years 57
open Tonga's submarine cable reconnects to the world 7
open Nokia Bell Labs gets funding to cool down data centres 21
By Roland6
open Construction starts on another Asia-Europe undersea cable 23
open UK starts to ponder how Huawei ban would work 53
open HPE, Qualcomm team for virtualized 5G network kit 1
open PC OEMs are sitting on 10 weeks-plus of DRAM, says Trendforce 11
open Intel CEO Gelsinger spells out five-year renewal plan inspired by iconic leaders 7
By Rainer
open Intel reveals GPU roadmap with hybrid integrated discrete graphics 24
open JPMorgan Chase readies for post-quantum security world 20
open RISC-V keeps its head down amid global chip war 68
open Cisco can't say when long waits for hardware will end 6
open IBM merges 13 APAC nations into one regional organization 1
By Yes Me
open 'We gave it our best shot' Nvidia CEO tells Wall Street after failed Arm deal 7
By Aitor 1
open Ericsson admits it may have paid off ISIS terrorists 14
open Chip CFOs get a crash course in silicon geopolitics 3
open UK regulator 'broke international law', says Facebook 28
open Nutanix reshuffles product portfolio into bigger bundles 2
By jtaylor
open Intel buys Tower Semiconductor to expand fab business 7
open This data center will be Europe’s first with hydrogen backup power 57
open FTC celebrates after Nvidia-Arm deal collapses 9
open Foxconn takes Delhi's cash, commits to India chip plant 3
open AMD, Xilinx complete world's biggest semiconductor merger thanks to stock boom 5
By TeeCee
open Intel's plan to license x86 cores for chips with Arm, RISC-V and more inside 32
open Canalys: Foldable shipments could 'exceed 30 million by 2024' 11
open Qualcomm jumps on Wi-Fi 7 bandwagon amid chip shortage 2
open Semiconductor market correction could come in 2024 5
By msobkow
open The end of free Google storage for education 44
By JWLong



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