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At Steve Kerr, re: getting lost.


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Re: What's going to cost more?


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Lan complexity

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open Your kids' chances of becoming programmers? ZERO 214
open UK digital secretary Oliver Dowden starts national security probe into proposed Arm-Nvidia merger 9
open Japanese auto chipmaker Renesas expects to resume full production next month following fab blaze 6
open Huawei could have snooped on the Dutch prime minister's phone calls thanks to KPN network core access 33
open Plot twist! South Korean telco uses 5G to fight coronavirus via hospital-patrolling robot 11
open You want a reboot? I'll give you a reboot! Happy now? 53
open India appoints ‘IP Guru’ to push nation towards IPv6 20
open Google's FLoC flies into headwinds as internet ad industry braces for instability 66
open Will tech show IFA really return this year as a 'full-scale' shindig? Place your bets now 2
open To have one floppy failure is unlucky. To have 20 implies evil magic or a very silly user 200
open Global chip shortage probably won't let up until 2023, warns TSMC: CEO 'still expects capacity to tighten more' 5
open Last chance to grab an iPhone Mini as savvy analyst reckons Apple will scrap it next year 27
By Dave559
open Microsoft OneDrive for Windows 7 drives off a cliff for business users 41
open Infosys says staff are leaving it again – a sign COVID crunch is receding 6
By batfink
open Irish privacy watchdog sticks GDPR probe into Facebook after that online giveaway of 533 million profiles 36
open Vote to turf out remainder of Nominet board looks inevitable after .uk registry ignores reform demands 71
open OMG! New free speech social network won’t allow members to take the Lord’s name in vain 80
open Huawei tells the FCC it can't force US carriers to scrap its gear – that's Congress's job 6
open UK watchdog blesses Virgin Media and O2's union, says there's no risk of market distortion or competition loss 23
By Dave559
open Got $10k to burn? Ultra-rare Piet Mondrian-esque Apple laptop is up for grabs on eBay 24
open Telecoms Diversification Task Force urges UK government to give smaller hardware vendors a bigger slice of the 5G pie 5
open After years of dragging its feet, FCC finally starts tackling America's robocall scourge 47
open Microsoft's Surface Laptop 4 now includes AMD options for biz customers, boasts up to 19 hours of battery life 25
open Northrop Grumman's MEV-2 gives Intelsat satellite a new lease on life until the next rescue in another five years 23
open Nominet chooses civil war over compromise by rejecting ex-BBC Trust chairman 62
open Intel offers to produce car chips for automakers stalled by ongoing semiconductor supply drought 25
open FCC urges Americans to run internet speed app to counter Big Cable's broadband data fudging 31
open The COVID-19 pandemic is still going – and so is the PC buying spree: Shipments up 55% on the Before Times 13
open Jensen Huang's kitchen gets another viewing as Nvidia teases Arm-powered supercomputing chip Grace 8
open New drinking game idea: Down a shot every time Huawei blames US sanctions for the current tech industry woes 4
open Bless you: Yep, it's IBM's new name for tech services spinoff and totally not a hayfever medicine 60
open Fire up that Macintosh II: Retro techhead gives the web a Netscape 1.1 makeover 19
open Quality control, Soviet style: Here's another fine message you've gotten me into 168
open Lenovo's latest gaming monster: Eight cores, 3.2GHz, giant heat sink, two fans. Oh, and it has a phone bolted on 28
open Microsoft drops 64-bit OneDrive into the pool: Windows on ARM fans need not apply. As usual 32
open Prince Philip, inadvertent father of the Computer Misuse Act, dies aged 99 223
open For blinkenlights sake.... RTFM! Yes. Read The Front of the Machine 160
open Cisco takes small steps towards IT-as-a-service, more software-defined networking 1
By _LC_
open Biden administration effectively slaps bans on seven Chinese supercomputer companies for military links 9
open W3C Technical Architecture Group slaps down Google's proposal to treat multiple domains as same origin 24
By ewanm89
open Apple extends Find My support to third-party vendors including Belkin, Dutch bike maker VanMoof, and Chipolo 6
open Remember AMD, Xilinx were merging? Shareholders give thumbs up to $35bn deal 3
By bazza
open DoorDash delivery drivers try to manipulate the food biz's payment algorithm to earn a living wage in gig economy 31
open US national parks to be smothered under blanket of liquid-hot Magma. Yes, the open-source 5G software 18
open UK government launches new tech watchdog – because the digital sales tax went so well 1
By Kane
open Google putting its trust in Rust to weed out memory bugs in Android development 52
open How big might IT spending get in 2021? Gartner: How about $4 trillion. And no, you can't have a new MacBook 11
open What chipageddon? Samsung says sales and profits soared in Q1 1
By Cuddles
open Seagate claims it shipped its third zettabyte of storage in record time 20
open Taiwan’s PC-fest COMPUTEX cancels real-world edition – three months after promising in-person gathering 3



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