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Re: building earthed through ThickNet

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Vaccine dreams: A trip to Oxford to see a biscuit tin, some bed pans and ChAdOx1 nCov-19


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Re: Claims against Gerry Berg have been dismissed


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Mars Ingenuity helicopter and Perseverance are talking again


Offbeat stories and capers for like-minded technology professionals

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Failed gambler? How about an algorithm that predicts the future

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open NASA boffins seem to think we're worth saving from fiery asteroid death so they're shooting a spaceship at one 76
open LoRa to the Moon and back: Messages bounced off lunar surface using off-the-shelf hardware 49
open Genetically modified E coli bacteria produce ink for 3D printing programmable objects 13
By hatti
open Joint venture: Uber Eats to offer weed orders in Ontario 17
open James Webb Space Telescope gets all shook up – launch delayed again 39
open Fancy being an astronaut but didn't go to uni? Your time may have finally come 5
By HildyJ
open China's hypersonic glider didn't just orbit Earth, it 'fired a missile' while at Mach 5 100
open Russia's orbital insanity is almost beyond redemption – but there's space for improvement 94
open Beijing issues fines for 43 Big Tech M&A deals all the way back to 2012 4
open Everything but the catch: '90s pop act or a successful mission for Rocket Lab? 17
open Regulators on three continents probing Nvidia's $40bn purchase of Arm, CFO confirms 8
open New study demonstrates iodine as satellite propellant... in space 47
By Jan 0
open It's fake ooze, don't fall for fake ooze: Alien fossils found on Mars might just be simple chemistry, uni pair warn 37
open RIP Bernie Drummond: Celebrated ZX Spectrum artist and programmer on Batman, Head Over Heels, Match Day II 17
open Northrop Grumman throws hat in the ring to design NASA's next-gen Lunar Terrain Vehicle 24
By MyffyW
open A 'national security' issue: blocks Nvidia's Arm deal for now, inserts deeper probe 64
open From the studio that brought you 'Mortal Wombat' comes 'Pernicious Possum' 30
open SAP patent not inventive enough to get legal protection, judge rules 17
open Russia blows up old satellite, NASA boss 'outraged' as ISS crew shelters from debris 119
open A diverse range of processing units linked via interconnects. Sounds familiar? Yes, it's IBM's quantum computing 4
By Steve K
open NASA auditor's reality check says '2026 at the earliest' for Artemis Moon landing 11
open Cruel and unusual IT fail upstages Megan Fox. Transformers: Windows in disguise 21
open Ofcom slams slammers: Telcos fined for switching punters' phone lines without their knowledge or consent 15
open Earth's wobbly companion is probably the result of a lunar impact, reckon space boffins 38
By KBeee
open Brit analysts formed pact to crash Autonomy's market valuation, ex-CFO tells US court 22
open Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an Electron rocket descending to the ocean? 12
open BOFH: You drive me crazy... and I can't help myself 103
open Still reeling from the Great Facebook Blackout of 2021? Turns out Zuck is not the worst offender 4
open ESA tries listening to a red rover on the Red Planet: How did it go? The sound of silence 2
open International Space Station fires rockets to dodge chunk of destroyed Chinese satellite 30
open Google loses appeal against $2.7bn EU antitrust fine for distorting competition in price comparison websites 37
open Swiss lab's rooftop demo shows sunlight and air can make fuel 76
open Ofcom announces plan to protect endangered species – the Great British phone box 32
open Google swats away £3bn Safari Workaround ad-tracking cookie lawsuit in Supreme Court victory 32
open NASA delays crewed Moon landing until 2025, citing technical infeasibility 31
open Another 100 space tourists buy a ride from Virgin Galactic: $25k of that ticket deposit is 'non-refundable' 38
open Rolls-Royce set for funding fillip to build nuclear power stations based on small modular reactor technology 211
open Now that's a splash down: Astronauts spend 8-hour trip to Earth in diapers after SpaceX capsule toilet breaks 38
open Belgium watchdog reckons online advertisers should be data controllers under GDPR 14
open Slapped wrists at Broadcom as FTC approves order against 'anticompetitive' conduct 3
By JWLong
open Hibernating instrument on Hubble roused as engineers ponder message problem 45
By hoola
open One click, one goal, one mission: To get a one-touch flush solution 76
open So it is possible for Jeff Bezos to lose: Court dismisses Blue Origin complaint about Moon contract award to Elon Musk 28
open 22-year-old Brit accused of Twitter SIM-swap heists charged with $784k cryptocurrency theft 26
By Falmari
open NASA picks spot at Moon's South Pole to perform first ice-drilling experiment 19
open SAP expects to rid car fleet of fossil fuel engines by 2030 – but still more than happy to take money from oil industry 19
By Roland6
open Samsung releases pair of jeans that can't do anything except cover your legs and hold a Galaxy Z Flip 3 72
open Remember the 'guy in a jetpack' seen flying close to passenger jets? Probably just balloons, says FBI 23
open What a clock up: Brit TV-broadband giant Sky fails to pick up weekend's timezone change, fix due by Friday 107
open Of course we've tried turning it off and on again: Yeah, Hubble telescope still not working 54


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