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Re: "Epson can't sell lasers any more"

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no profit

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Re: Trailblazer, hmmm

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Vaccine dreams: A trip to Oxford to see a biscuit tin, some bed pans and ChAdOx1 nCov-19


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Re: So answer this.


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Surely the wrong kind of fruit...


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Re: 25 <b>YEARS</b> sounds a bit long


Offbeat stories and capers for like-minded technology professionals

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Grant who?

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open Royal Mail wins worst April Fools' joke 2023 61
open It is now safe to turn off your brain: Google CEO asked Bard to plan his dad's 80th birthday 22
open Trade ministers flag researchers as possible vector of tech sanction-busting 6
By Grogan
open Tesla ordered to pay worker $3M-plus over racist treatment 40
open Virgin Obit: Launch company files for bankruptcy in US 22
open NASA names astronauts picked for next Artemis Moon test flight 46
open Parisians say au revoir to shared e-scooters 56
open Paid and legacy Twitter verification now indistinguishable 58
open India flies – and lands – reusable autonomous spaceplane 8
open Astronomers (re)discover never-before-seen phenomenon on Saturn 11
By wub
open Ex-politico turned Meta hype man brands Metaverse 'new heart of computing' 42
open Virgin Orbit lays off 85% of staff as funding deal falters 61
open Today's old folks set to smash through longevity records 117
By TomG
open Boffins: Microgravity impacts cell repair systems in proteins 15
open Boeing's first-ever crewed mission in Starliner ISS spacecraft delayed to late July 17
open Google (sort of) loses in Indian antitrust appeal 4
By v13
open Scientists speak their brains: Please don’t call us boffins 218
open Boffins claim discovery of the first piezoelectric liquid 28
open British Prime Minister Sunak’s plans for UK NFT on ice 32
open Moon's glass beads contain enough water to support a mission 33
open Is Neuralink ready for human brain implants? Allegedly so 30
open India-based cybergang busted for selling fake KFC franchises 14
open The most bizarre online replacement items in your delivered shopping? 100
By gotes
open No 'decoupling' here: Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm sing China's praises 9
open Boeing Starliner's 1st crewed trip to the ISS delayed again over battery overheating risk 26
open Matthew Brown Companies confirms it's in funding talks with Virgin Orbit 7
open Forget general AI, apparently zebrafish larvae can count 23
By DS999
open BOFH: The Board members are looking very ill these days 69
open Where in the world is Terraform Labs villain Do Kwon? Montenegro, actually 12
open Toshiba board supports – without recommending – $15 billion takeover bid 6
open Terran 1, world's first (mostly) 3D printed rocket, lifts off ... and fails to reach orbit 12
open First-known interstellar Solar System visitor 'Oumuamua a comet in disguise – research 42
open Japanese outfit's private Moon mission enters Lunar orbit 16
By Zolko
open Space dust that regularly hits Earth could contain proof of alien life 13
open Indian state turns off internet for 27 million, for four days, to stymie one man 14
By Raj
open Winnie the Pooh slasher flick mysteriously cancelled in Hong Kong 33
open Software-controlled food tech: 3D printed pipe-dream, or fatal stack instability? 14
open NASA's space nuclear power program is a hot mess 8
By Orv
open Acer pedals into e-cycle market with AI and big data in its basket 17
By sgp
open Student satellite demonstrates drag sail to de-orbit old hardware 42
open Earth is running out of places for stargazers to do dark deeds in the name of science 24
open Potatoes in space: Boffins cook up cosmic concrete for off-world habitats 38
By JassMan
open Hong Kong's state-sponsored SEO on national anthem strikes the right note 12
open Now collapsed SVB's parent files for bankruptcy as Biden calls for stiffer penalties 35
open UNIX co-creator Ken Thompson is a… what user now? 91
open Capital crunch: Virgin Orbit confirms all ops on pause until Tuesday 24
open NASA spots first evidence of an active volcano on Venus – in a big pile of CD-ROMs 11
open Reg fashion: Here's what the well-dressed astronaut will wear on the Moon in 2025 62
By ian 22
open Here's a fun idea: Try to unlock and drive away in someone else's Tesla 146
By Solviva
open Firefly gets nod from NASA to deliver Lunar Pathfinder to the Moon 14