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Re: building earthed through ThickNet

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Vaccine dreams: A trip to Oxford to see a biscuit tin, some bed pans and ChAdOx1 nCov-19


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Re: Claims against Gerry Berg have been dismissed


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Mars Ingenuity helicopter and Perseverance are talking again


Offbeat stories and capers for like-minded technology professionals

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Failed gambler? How about an algorithm that predicts the future

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open NASA's new black hole spotter makes it into orbit 8
open Amazon fined €1.13bn by Italy's antitrust authorities for abusing its power 27
open China: Bars app that often hosted dissenting conversations 14
By nijam
open Gas giant 11 times the mass of Jupiter discovered in b Centauri binary system 17
open OK, boomer? Gen-X-ers, elder millennials most likely to name their cars, says DVLA 94
open Actual metal being welded in support of the UK's first orbital 'launch platform' 43
open Don't panic about cyber insurers pulling up the drawbridge, says Lloyd's 10
By msobkow
open UK and USA seek new world order for cross-border data sharing and privacy 39
open German court rules cookie preference service that shared IP addresses with US firm should be halted 34
By msobkow
open Microsoft signs settlement with US Justice Dept over 'immigration-related discrimination' claims 10
open Google launches lawsuit against a blockchain-enabled botnet 7
open Boffins demonstrate a different kind of floppy disk: A legless robot that hops along a surface 20
open Hubble Space Telescope restored to service: No repeat of those missing messages, but here's a software patch anyway 19
open Shocking: UK electricity tariffs are among world's most expensive 241
open Indian government committee slams 'gross misuse' of internet shutdowns – even in Kashmir 5
By Cederic
open It's primed and full of fuel, the James Webb Space Telescope is ready to be packed up prior to launch 56
open Fail: Exam paper marked by Elon Musk up for auction 12
By Dale 3
open Uber's gig economy business model takes a blow from London legal double-whammy 19
open Galileo satnav system gets two new somewhat confusing satellites 39
open China's Yutu rover spots 'mysterious hut' on far side of the Moon 120
open Battlefield 2042: Please don't be the death knell of the franchise, please don't be the death knell of the franchise 31
open What will life in orbit look like after the ISS? NASA hands out new space station contracts 42
open Chill out to the sounds of an expert typing on a variety of mechanical keyboards 25
open One white cat and a volcano short of a Bond villain: Rocket Lab's Peter Beck shows off the 'Hungry Hippo' 26
By MyffyW
open Dev loses copyright appeal over forensic software after judges rule suite was owned by his employer 34
By Falmari
open A smarter alternative to password recognition could be right in front of us: Unique, invisible, maybe even deadly 81
open When you think of a unit of length, do you think of Antony Gormley's rusty anatomy? 50
open Ubiquiti dev charged with knocking $4bn off firm's value after insider threat spree 8
By ICam
open ESA's Mars Express picks up plaintive bleeps of China's Zhurong rover, adding much-needed comms redundancy 6
open UK data watchdog fines government office for disclosing New Year's gong list 21
By tiggity
open What a bunch of bricks: Crooks knock hole in toyshop wall, flee with €35k Lego haul 106
open Russia: It isn't just us – a bit of an old US rocket might get as close as 5.4km to the ISS 41
open Microsoft shareholders vote for a report into harassment within the company 4
By Cederic
open ESA's Solar Orbiter sails safely past Earth despite orbiting debris concerns 12
open We've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Mega-comets lurking in solar systems, spewing carbon monoxide 11
open UK competition regulator to Meta's Facebook: Sell Giphy, we will not approve the purchase 27
open You, me and debris: NASA cans ISS spacewalk because it's getting too risky outside 39
By Filippo
open Hubble space 'scope brings its Cosmic Origins Spectrograph back online 9
open AI-enhanced frog stem cells start to replicate in entirely new ways 30
By herman
open James Webb Space Telescope may actually truly launch this century, says NASA 24
By adam 40
open UK Home Secretary delays Autonomy founder extradition decision to mid-December 11
open UK Space Agency wants primary school kids to design a logo for first Brit launches 58
By Augie
open Nuclear fusion firm Pulsar fires up a UK-built hybrid rocket engine 54
open You forced me to use this fancypants app and now you're asking for a printout? 121
open BOFH: What if International Bad Actors designed the vaccine to make us watch more Steven Seagal movies? 153
open India backs away from digital services tax after US pressure 13
open Desktop bust and custom iPhone 13 Pro made from melted-down Tesla car for the Elon Musk dork in your life 60
open Autonomy accounts whistleblowers may testify at founder Mike Lynch's US criminal trial 8
open ESA's Solar Orbiter will swing past Earth this week – sure hope nobody created a big cloud of space junk up there 30
open Theranos' Holmes admits she slapped Big Pharma logos on lab reports to boost her biz 52


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