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Re: building earthed through ThickNet

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Vaccine dreams: A trip to Oxford to see a biscuit tin, some bed pans and ChAdOx1 nCov-19


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Re: Claims against Gerry Berg have been dismissed


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Mars Ingenuity helicopter and Perseverance are talking again


Offbeat stories and capers for like-minded technology professionals

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Failed gambler? How about an algorithm that predicts the future

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open Microsoft sends HoloLens 2 into a care home... Nope, not a headline gag about retiring the tech. They actually did this 4
open NASA's Curiosity finds signs of ancient life on Mars. Or maybe not. More data needed 27
open I own that $4.5bn of digi-dosh so rewrite your blockchain and give it to me, Craig Wright tells Bitcoin SV devs 95
open Autonomy's Mike Lynch gets yet another judgment date as US extradition wrangling continues 22
By Franco
open ESA boss gives update on stricken Sentinel-1B imaging satellite: All is not lost yet 5
By ThatOne
open Big shock: Guy who fled political violence and became rich in tech now struggles to care about political violence 50
By jake
open European Space Agency whittles wannabe astronauts down from 23,000 to 1,391 10
open Billionaires see wealth double during pandemic as tech bros lead the charge 56
By nijam
open Autonomy founder's anti-extradition case is like saying Moon made of cheese, US govt tells UK court 50
open Move over exoplanets, exomoons are the next big thing 23
open Epoch-alypse now: BBC iPlayer flaunts 2038 cutoff date, gives infrastructure game away 105
open Alien life on Super-Earth can survive longer than us due to long-lasting protection from cosmic rays 83
By Psmo
open Google and Facebook's top execs allegedly approved dividing ad market among themselves 42
By ArrZarr
open Lawmakers propose TLDR Act because no one reads Terms of Service agreements 36
open Support specialist Rimini Street found in contempt of court for continued Oracle copyright infringements 12
open Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne rocket deploys seven satellites with third successful mission 14
open No more DRM-free downloads as Amazon's ComiXology app set to disappear inside Kindle 34
open Microsoft hires law firm to review sexual harassment policies, probe gender discrimination 7
open Could BYOB (Bring Your Own Battery) offer a solution for charging electric vehicles? Microlino seems to think so 86
open Weed dispensary software company's ambitions pruned after Spotify trademark clash 52
open HMRC tool for measuring IR35 status is so great, employers are ditching it in their droves 45
open Anonymous employee review site Glassdoor research: Tech companies dominate the best places to work 33
open NASA's Mars InSight trips into safe mode and ESA's Sentinel-1B gives scientists the silent treatment 22
open Software engineer jailed for 2 years after using RATs and crypters to steal underage victims' intimate pics 96
open A slice is better than none: Apple gives in, allows third-party app billing systems in Korea, per local law 11
open North Korea says it's launched a third hypersonic missile, this time reaching Mach 10 27
By tmTM
open Massive rugby ball-shaped planet emerges from scrum of space 'scope sightings 41
open European Space Agency: Come on, hack our satellite if you think you're hard enough 16
By Ignazio
open Meta Platforms demands staffers provide proof of COVID-19 booster vaccine before returning to office 101
open Perseverance on the rocks: Pebbles clog up the rover's Martian sample collection 34
open Canon: Chip supplies are so bad that our ink cartridges will look as though they're fakes 122
open The James Webb Space Telescope has only gone and deployed its primary mirror 65
open Feeling virtuous with a good old paperback? Well, don't. Switching to traditional media does not improve mood 53
open Notes on the untimely demise of 3D Pinball for Windows 36
open Robotic arm on China's space station does a demo, swings out 20 degrees and back while holding cargo ship 21
open Not looking forward to a greyscale 2022? Then look back to the past in 64 colours 142
open Nothing's working, and I've checked everything, so it must be YOUR fault 163
open North Korea worried a lot of countries when it said it test-fired a hypersonic missile in Japan's direction 13
open Bitcoin 'inventor' will face forgery claims over his Satoshi Nakamoto proof, rules High Court 76
By Freddie
open Ceefax replica goes TITSUP* as folk pine for simpler times 98
open Fugitive mafioso evaded cops for two decades until he was spotted on Google Street View 41
open Heart attack victim 'saved' by defibrillator delivery drone* 64
By Swarthy
open NASA confirms International Space Station is to keep orbiting through 2030 26
open Alexa and Webex to hitch a ride around the Moon on Artemis I – what could possibly go wrong? 15
open Facebook files challenge to UK Giphy buyout ban by complaining CMA was 'unfair' and 'irrational' 14
By tiggity
open IBM bosses wrongly sacked channel salesman after Tech Data joint venture failed, tribunal rules 34
open Bork ends where it began. At McDonald's, home of the finest bork product 10
open Halo Infinite ups the nostalgia factor for fans of the originals, but it's not without limits 11
By TonyJ
open Did you look up? New Year's Day boom over Pittsburgh was exploding meteor, says NASA 18
open You wood not believe what a Japanese logging company and university want to use to build a small satellite 93


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