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Venerable ICQ messaging service to end operations in June

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Re: a "stablecoin" that would maintain its value, in this case by matching the US dollar


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Re: New Zealand changing words?


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Offbeat stories and capers for like-minded technology professionals

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open Apple may have made itself a target before the EU's Digital Markets Act comes into force 16
By 43300
open Boeing paper trail goes cold over door plug blowout 98
By herman
open Tesla Berlin gigafactory to take week-long nap after suspected arson 9
By herman
open Beijing plans at least three new rockets – maybe reusables too 6
open Toyota, Samsung accelerate toward better EV batteries 23
open Olympic-level server tossing contest seeks entrants – warranty voiding guaranteed 16
By rg287
open Want to be a NASA astronaut? Applications are open 4
open Russia plans to put a nuclear reactor on the Moon – with China's help 26
By jetjet
open Boffins propose fiber-optic network for the Moon 24
open NASA and Japan's X-ray satellite space 'scope sends first snaps of distant galaxies 4
open YouTube workers laid off mid-plea at city hall meeting 46
open Tesla Berlin gigafactory goes dark after alleged eco-sabotage 54
open Watchdog calls for more plugs, less monopoly in EV charging network 92
open Juno fly-by detects lower levels of oxygen on Europa than expected 21
open Twitter's ex-CEO, CFO, and managers sue Elon Musk for $128M 49
open NASA's satellite pit stop project runs out of gas 2
open Legal eagles demand $6B in Tesla stock after overturning Musk's mega pay package 58
open NASA's Mars Sample Return Program struggles to get off the drawing board 18
open The batteries on Odysseus, the hero private Moon lander, have run out 37
open Lordstown Motors to pay $25M in SEC settlement over misleading investor claims 6
By tmTM
open Google sued by more than 30 European media orgs over adtech 6
open Uncle Sam explores satellites that can create propellant out of thin air 19
open New solvent might end winter charging blues for EV owners 55
open FAA gives Boeing 90 days to fix serious safety shortcomings found in report 27
open Willy Wonka event leaves bitter taste with artificially sweetened promises 46
open Nikola founder faces ranch forfeiture following fraud conviction 13
By Rod.h
open Palantir boss says outfit's software the only reason the 'goose step' has not returned to Europe 97
open Odysseus probe moonwalking on the edge of battery life after landing on its side 25
open FAA gives SpaceX a bunch of homework to do before Starship flies again 60
By cray74
open ESA's ERS-2 satellite began to come apart earlier than predicted 6
open Japan's SLIM unexpectedly wakes up on Moon after month-long nap 14
open 72 flights later and a rotor blade short, Mars chopper loses its fight with physics 23
open It is a bird, a plane or a Chinese spy balloon? None of the above 26
open Intuitive Machines' lunar lander tripped and fell 33
open Varda capsule proves you don't need astronauts for gravity-defying science 7
By fishman
open Google Maps leads German tourists to week-long survival saga in Australian swamp 77
By thomn8r
open Google co-founder Brin named a defendant in wrongful death complaint 31
By dwrolfe
open BOFH: In the event of a conference, the ninja clause always applies 95
open NASA warns as huge solar flare threatens comms, maybe astronauts too 19
open Please stop pouring the wrong radioactive water into the sea, Fukushima operator told 41
open Intuitive Machines' Odysseus prepares for Moon landing 8
open Japanese Yakuza boss charged with nuclear trafficking by the US 15
By ecofeco
open Boeing-backed air taxi upstart Wisk plans to fly you across town at UberX prices by 2030 57
open Google releases Gemma – LLMs small enough to run on your computer 8
open A small Alaska town wants a big bronze Riker 20
By Badbob
open London's famous BT Tower will become a hotel after £275M sale 67
open Trident missile test a damp squib after rocket goes 'plop,' fails to ignite 139
open Microsoft veteran on how to blue screen your way to better testing 18
open Neuralink patient masters mind-mouse maneuvers – if Musk is to be believed 23
open Japan launches satellite to eyeball derelict rocket stage 11