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James Webb smells someone having barbecue in galaxy 12 billion light years away


Offbeat stories and capers for like-minded technology professionals

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open NASA freezes ice-hunting cubesat Moon mission for good after thruster fail 6
open Dyson moans about state of UK science and tech, forgets to suck up his own mess 417
open Big Tech mainstays named as targets of PwC tax law leak 3
open Astronomers say they've seen the largest explosion yet – and we just had to talk to them 27
open Perseverance rover shows up Curiosity with discovery of Martian water park 23
open BOFH: Ah. Company-branded merch. So much better than a bonus 172
open Microsoft signs up to buy electricity produced by fusion, perhaps in 2028 18
open Alien rock causes cosmic disturbance in New Jersey home 36
open EU-US Privacy Framework could make life easier for a data biz, if it survives 18
open NASA tests bot built to slither across, and beneath, alien worlds' ice 9
open The Hubble Space Telescope is sinking! Two startups want to save it for free 27
By ThatOne
open This upstart is selling tickets for a SpaceX trip to the world's first private space station 19
open The world of work is broken and it's Microsoft's fault 59
open Korea hopes US will extend sanction exemptions for SK hynix and Samsung 1
open Cisco: Don't use 'blind spot' – and do use 'feed two birds with one scone' 218
open Star Fomalhaut has dusty little secret – two more debris belts and a potential planetary party 5
open Meta CEO doesn't Zuck at Brazilian jiu-jitsu, apparently 22
open Of course Russia's ex-space boss doubts US set foot on the Moon 108
open Vietnam to require registration of social media, even on global platforms 5
open Irony alert: Major airport to be interrupted for two hours to replace UPS 9
open China lands mysterious reusable spacecraft after 276-day trek 25
open Eta Aquariid meteor shower peaks this weekend, and will be one for the ages 19
open Hubble spots stellar midwife unit pumping out baby planets 20
open Four out of five Uranus moons likely to have ocean under crust 32
open Ex-OpenSea exec convicted in first-of-its-kind case of insider trading of NFTs 6
open Ten-day optical burst shows star eating giant planet, scientists say 10
open Pixies keep switching off my morning alarm, says Google Pixel owner 66
open Fresh GDPR ruling says even 'minor anxiety' could mean payouts for EU folks 45
open I've seen things you wouldn't believe, like an atom about to photosynthesize 21
By LionelB
open Storing the Quran on your phone makes you a terror suspect in China 56
open Universe-mapping Euclid satellite arrives in US ahead of July launch 9
open Handwritten Einstein essay on theory of relativity goes under the hammer 22
open Major decision on GDPR compensation rights expected soon 21
By IT Hack
open Smuggler busted heading for China with dodgy GPUs … and live lobsters 14
By Dave559
open Saturn's rings are shrinking and boffins will use the Webb 'scope to find out why 16
By ThatOne
open Pornhub walls off Utah in age-verification law protest 74
open Eco warriors sue FAA over Starship fallout, claim watchdog is lost in space 29
open How Sandia hopes to accelerate US hypersonic weapons development 10
By TeeCee
open Uncle Sam sounds like it may actually do something about rampant visa H-1B fraud 32
open Boffins claim to create the world's first wooden transistor 51
open Space: The final frontier, or the next venture capital gold rush 3
open Europe floats patent overhaul, which obviously everyone's thrilled about 8
By veti
open China's Mars rover finds signs of 'modern' water 4
open Ashlee Vance spills the beans on the secret exciting life of space startups 10
open ESA's Jupiter-bound Juice spacecraft has a sticky problem with its radar 29
open BOFH takes a visit to retro computing land 137
By JulieM
open NASA tweaks Voyager 2's power supply to avoid another sensor shutdown 54
By ian 22
open Brit fusion magnets set for US gamma ray bombardment test 10
open Just what the universe needs right now: A black hole with wind 18
open China space agency reckons Zhurong Mars rover has probably been done in by dust 4