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Re: "Epson can't sell lasers any more"

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Vaccine dreams: A trip to Oxford to see a biscuit tin, some bed pans and ChAdOx1 nCov-19


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Re: So answer this.


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Offbeat stories and capers for like-minded technology professionals

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Grant who?

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open DXC Technology fined $8m by SEC for misleading investors 1
open Tough luck, Brits: Binance suspends UK deposits and withdrawals 52
open Anyone want an International Space Station? Slightly used 132
open China debuts bonkers hybrid electric trolley-truck 82
By M7S
open MIT researchers propose modular, multi-mission Moon robots 1
open Sandia opens up ultra-fast X-ray cameras to speedy shutterbugs 7
open Uber and Lyft gig worker win overturned: You're a contractor, Harry 6
open Microsoft and GM deal means your next car might talk, lie, gaslight and manipulate you 147
open NASA wants a telescope on the far side of the Moon 51
open Pentagon whistleblower Ellsberg given months to live 18
By Lomax
open Silicon Valley Bank's UK arm bought by HSBC for 1 British pound in rescue deal 49
open Yes, Samsung 'fakes' its smartphone Moon photos – who cares? 87
open Silicon supply chain players plot exodus from China in wake of ASML's exit 23
open China launches yet another crackdown on social media 18
By sabroni
open US government says Silicon Valley Bank depositors can get their cash on Monday 36
open Hold off on that 2046 Valentine's date, asteroid might hit Earth 30
open Welcome to Muskville: Where the workers never leave 94
open Silicon Valley Bank seized by officials after imploding: How this happened and why 133
open BOFH: I care a lot ... about onion bhajis 101
open Boffins find 'missing link' between interstellar ice and what comes out of the tap 26
open Two tech-centric banks strike trouble, spooking markets 12
open US officials probe Tesla's incredible detaching steering wheel 43
By Fonant
open Adidas grapples with $1.3B in unsold Yeezy sneakers after breaking up with Kanye West 92
open The Moon or bust, says NASA, after successful SLS/Orion test flight 68
open South Korea warns US: The CHIPS Act leaves a sour taste 18
By Roland6
open Inaugural flight of first (mostly) 3D-printed rocket aborted 10
open Wannabe space 'superpower' UK tosses £1.6M at eight research projects 65
open AmigaOS 3.2.2 released for those feeling nostalgic 73
open Tech demo takes brain scan, creates a picture of what you're looking at 42
open NASA fixes solar observation spacecraft by turning it off and turning it on again 41
open South Korea moves to resolve WWII dispute with Japan that troubles tech supply chains 24
open Japan's next-gen H3 satellite launch vehicle fails on debut 6
open The cause of last December's failed satellite launch? Nozzle material, says ESA 8
By cray74
open China accelerates drive for scientific self-sufficiency 21
open Why our solar-storm sats corrode – and probably not what you expected 17
open Hubble images photobombed by space hardware on the up 25
open Can we interest you in a $10 pocket calculator powered by Android 9? 89
open To explore caves on Mars and the Moon, take a hint from Hansel & Gretel, say boffins 31
open China leads the world in tech research, could win the future, says think tank 27
open Ericsson fined for dodgy Djibouti dealings and warned over Iraqi indiscretions 5
By Xalran
open Funnily enough, FDA forbids Elon Musk's Neuralink human experiments 25
open UK space faces cash freeze unless watchdogs step up 17
open Defense boffins take notes from sci-fi writers on the future of warfare 29
open NASA finds crashing spacecraft into asteroids is a viable defence strategy 37
open Find pushes back birth of Europe's steel hardware to about 3,000 years ago 47
open Havana Syndrome definitely (maybe) not caused by brain-scrambling energy weapons 36
By teebie
open FBI boss says COVID-19 'most likely' escaped from lab 237
open Double trouble for NASA with two spacecraft on the fritz 3
open Not just you in the night: Tiny bugs use superpropulsion to eject huge volumes of pee 50
By ArrZarr
open If we plan to live on the Moon, it's going to need a time zone 136