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Pentagon confirms footage of three strange craft taken by the Navy are UFOs (no, that doesn't mean they're aliens)


Offbeat stories and capers for like-minded technology professionals

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open Brit Salesforce exec Gavin Patterson becomes transfer target for controversial European Super League 3
open On a dusty red planet almost 290 million km away... NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter flies 35
By rcxb
open Elon Musk's SpaceX bags $3bn NASA contract to, fingers crossed, land first woman on the Moon 51
open Pentagon confirms footage of three strange craft taken by the Navy are UFOs (no, that doesn't mean they're aliens) 91
open Age discrimination class-action against HP and HPE gets green light to proceed 26
open Fridges... in... Spaaaaaaace: Engineers book ride on the Vomit Comet to test astro-refrigerator 22
open Home office setup with built-in boiling water tap for tea and coffee without getting up is a monument to deskcess 110
open Customs raid rumbles black market for primary school e-learning materials in fiercely competitive Hong Kong 6
By tmTM
open Best of FRANDs: Judge allows Apple retrial following $506m patent infringement ruling 22
By DS999
open How not to apply for a new job: Apply for it on a job site 96
open Patent battle over Facebook Live and 'walkie talkie' tech rattles through High Court in London 14
By hoola
open We're on our way already: Astroboffins find 5 potentially habitable Tatooine-like systems from Kepler 'scope 24
open Pigeon fanciers in a flap over Brexit quarantine flock-up, seek exemption from EU laws 171
By jake
open Listen, son... Monster trucks just aren't cool anymore. Real winners drive Tesla Roadsters 36
open Docking £500k commission from top SAS salesman was perfectly legal, rules judge 82
open Jackie 'You have no authority here' Weaver calls on the UK to extend Coronavirus Act provisions for online meetings 39
By Boothy
open Blue Origin sends Mannequin Skywalker aloft again, testing out comfier capsule for future space tourists 15
open Ice, ice maybe? Astrobotic will ride SpaceX's Falcon Heavy to the Moon in 2023 and drop off NASA's water-hunting rover 3
open China requires 'self-correction' of monopolistic behaviour by 34 local web giants 20
open Who'd have thought the US senator who fist pumped Jan 6 insurrectionists would propose totally unworkable anti-Big Tech law? 98
By jake
open Beijing steps on Alibaba's Ant Group by forcing it to submit to same regulation as banks 9
open NASA writes software update for Ingenuity helicopter to enable first Mars flight 49
open It is 60 years since the first cosmonaut reached orbit and 40 years since the Shuttle first left the launchpad 14
open UK's National Rail backs down from greyscale website tribute to Prince Phil after visually impaired users complain 63
open We have never given census data to anyone – not even the spy agencies, says the UK's Office for National Statistics 49
open China whacks Alibaba with US$2.8bn fine for breaking antitrust rules 15
open India's open-source community challenges crypto-busting content-removal and ID-recording Code 4
By ThatOne
open Satellite collision anticipated by EU space agency fails to materialize... for now at least 41
open Amazon claims victory after warehouse workers in Alabama vote to reject union 31
By Falmari
open SpaceX's Starlink: Overhyped and underpowered to meet broadband needs of Rural America, say analysts 110
open NASA's Mars helicopter spins up its blades ahead of hoped-for 12 April hover 63
open How to ensure your tech predictions catch on in a flash? Do the mash 70
open Feature bloat: Psychology boffins find people tend to add elements to solve a problem rather than take things away 98
open ‘Can COVID-19 vaccines connect me to the internet?’ 40
By gerdesj
open What's this about a muon experiment potentially upending Standard Model of physics? We speak to one of the scientists involved 69
open UK reseller sues Microsoft for £270m in damages claiming prohibitive contracts choke off surplus Office licence supplies 35
open Ex-Geeks staff lose legal bid to claw back withheld training costs from final paycheques 39
open Greenland's elections just bolstered China's tech world domination plan 35
open Software in space race heats up: Microsoft eyes satellite image processing with Thales Alenia Space's digital image analyst 4
By RegGuy1
open Privacy activist Max Schrems claims Google Advertising ID on Android is unlawful, files complaint in France 100
open Jeff Bezos supports US tax rise after not paying it for two years – and paying tiny amount in 2019 50
open We finally get to spot a burnt-out comet and what is it covered in? Talcum powder 28
open DARPA adds RISC-V to its Toolbox: Defense researchers can get special access to SiFive chip designs 5
open Is that... is that a piece of Unikitty? Remembering Skylab via the medium of Lego 13
open CERN boffins zap antimatter with ultraviolet lasers in the hope of revealing the secret symmetry of the universe 73
By Rich 11
open Australian ponders requiring multiple IDs to sign up for social media, plus more crypto-busting backdoors 100
open A floppy filled with software worth thousands of francs: Techie can't take it, customs won't keep it. What to do? 177
open Easily distracted by too many apps, too many meetings, and too much asparagus 75
open Yep, you're totally unique: That one very special user and their very special problem 196
open Scientists stumped by strange X-rays from Uranus 36



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