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Re: Fortunately Useless


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Re: "weeks after it slowed hiring in the US"

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You didn't ask for it but Nvidia's gonna get you a metaverse-as-a-service cloud


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open UK regulators to scrutinise cloud resilience in response to financial services sector's reliance on the fluffy stuff 17
open French tech giant Atos issues second profit warning in 7 months 3
open How's 2022 going for you so far? Hopefully better than it is for IBM Cloud 11
By fg_swe
open Planning on buying a new motor? Chip shortages set to hit UK carmakers this year and next 13
open Tencent unexpectedly offloads stake in fellow Chinese giant 3
open AWS power failure in US-EAST-1 region killed some hardware and instances 67
open New submarine cable to link Japan, Europe, through famed Northwest Passage 58
open Nottingham University awards cloud finance and HR deal in £29.75m deal 2.5 years after Unit4 upgrade 14
open TikTok tops Google to win Cloudflare’s 2021 traffic ratings 8
By IGotOut
open Sage to acquire remaining stake in ecommerce platform Brightpearl for £225m 5
open US Government Accountability Office explains why it sustained Microsoft's protests over $10bn NSA contract 6
By msobkow
open Oh no, here we go again, groans the internet as AWS runs into IT problems. Briefly this time 7
By Chronos
open Study says SEC 10-K not fit for purpose when it comes to Big Tech, and the companies are using that to their advantage 9
open West Sussex County Council faces two-year delay to replace ageing SAP system for Oracle 22
open AWS flicks the switch on an Indonesian region 1
open HCL accused of wage theft, underpaying H-1B workers by at least $95m a year 13
By AmyInNH
open AWS postmortem: Internal ops teams' own monitoring tools went down, had to comb through logs 11
open ZOE COVID Study app starts the week with a lockdown of its own 9
open Better CEO is 'taking time off' after firing 900 staff on Zoom 44
open Cloud darling Hashicorp's IPO raises $1.22bn amid modest gains from a $80 start 4
open WTF is a 'software-defined community cloud'? 5
By TeeCee
open The big AWS event: 120 announcements but nothing has changed 3
By Zed Zee
open Big Tech's private networks and protocols threaten the 'net, say internet registries 5
open Meg Whitman – former HP and eBay CEO – nominated as US ambassador to Kenya 72
open South Korea sets site reliability engineering standards for Big Tech 5
open AWS wobbles in US East region causing widespread outages 54
open Thought NHS Digital's wind-down meant it would stop writing cheques? Silly you. It's gone on an IT buying spree 34
open Tech Bro CEO lays off 900 people in Zoom call and makes himself the victim 118
open Alibaba splits itself into Chinese and overseas ops 6
open Not only was the UK Financial Ombudsman Service's Workday system months late, 38 IT workers' jobs are at risk 11
open When it comes to renting tech kit, things can get personal, very quickly 21
open AWS adds another Arm CPU to its cloud: Apple's M1 2
open ByteDance launches a raft of public cloud services 2
open Microsoft 365 admins 'flooded' with bulk and bogus notifications for over an hour 11
By ecofeco
open Computers cost money. We only make them more expensive by trying to manage them ourselves 54
open Nextcloud boss: You gotta fight … for your right … to 'plug into Windows and offer the exact same service' 22
open All your database are belong to us: AWS wants every data silo on its platform 2
open Microsoft's Teams Essential tier seems designed to coax people on to Business Basic 23
open So it turns out Google would like to pass Knative to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation after all 1
open Big challenge with hardware subscriptions? Getting what we need, not what someone else wants us to have 10
open AWS unveils Graviton3 Arm chips and more. But the real story is the slide from IaaS to packaged solutions 5
By fg_swe
open The climate is turning against owning our own compute hardware. Cloud is good for you and your customers 81
By Roland6
open Euro-telcos call on big tech to help pay for their network builds 32
open Nextcloud and cloud chums fire off competition complaint to the EU over Microsoft bundling OneDrive with Windows 32
By Roland6
open Renting IT hardware on a subscription basis is bad for customers 53
By oiseau
open Smart things are so dumb because they take after their makers. Let's fix that 84
By Dan 55
open Indian government warns locals not to use Starlink's internet services 38
By rajivdx
open AWS is on the threshold of adulthood, but is nowhere near grown up 11
By Korev
open Singapore's DBS bank suffers digital fail – yes, regulatory bodies have noticed 1
open AWS chops data transfer fees by massive extension of free tier – 2 months after rival previewed R2 Storage 7
By PoojaY


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