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Edge + IoT

Latest news from the Internet of Things and the edge-of-network world

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Imagination licenses RISC-V CPU cores for smart TVs, IoT, embedded stuff


Latest news on software offered as a service

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Re: I wish them luck

PaaS + IaaS

Latest news on platforms and infrastructure offered as a service

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If it barks like a dog in the night....


Latest news from the world of resellers, distributors, integrators, and more in the IT channel

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Oracle scores big win with Fujitsu Japan for its Alloy partner cloud

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open Microsoft drops out of top three for UK software and IT services 8
open Two top execs quit Infosys mere months after its president skipped 3
By Kane
open Washington plans to block Chinese access to AI cloud services 6
open IBM kills its Education Cloud after just two-and-a-bit years 7
By druck
open VMware, AMD, Samsung and RISC-V push for confidential computing standards 7
open AWS to expand Ohio bit barns to the tune of $7.8B 3
open Server shipments fall ... just as AI drives demand for costlier kit 3
open TCS bags £234M Teachers' Pensions deal as Capita set to end 29-year run 12
open IBM bets $4.6 billion that cloud bills and IT sprawl will be enduring problems 10
open Mega-data platform worth half a billion will suck in info from family doctors 30
open Vultr Cloud Alliance rises to take on cloud Goliaths 1
By fatkoth
open Without competition, TCS wins back UK pensions body in £1.5B mega-deal 15
open Microsoft Azure OpenAI lets enterprises feed corporate secrets to ChatGPT 22
By uqrxur
open Google formally accuses monopolist Microsoft of trapping people in its cloud 24
open Suit alleges Oracle oversold and under-delivered on NetSuite software 4
By Grunchy
open AWS makes its hybrid cloud behave a bit more like normal, boring, on-prem servers 5
By 43300
open Alibaba boss steps down to become boss of Alibaba Cloud 1
By excperr
open Tech vendors have been hiking prices by up to 24% amid inflation 14
open Bad times are just starting for India's IT outsourcers, says JP Morgan 70
open Amazon isn’t sold on AMD’s tiny Zen 4c cores in manycore Bergamo processors 1
By Hurn
open AWS experiment with Lambda in cloudless configuration fails to impress 9
open Microsoft keeps quiet amid talk of possible DDoS attack against Azure 6
By Craig 2
open WFH mandates bad for staff morale and stunt innovation 64
open Singapore's government writes a standard for datacenter ops in the tropics 7
open Google HR hounds threaten 'next steps' for slackers not coming in 3 days a week 84
open Salesforce lures staff with $10 donation to charity for each day they're in the office 14
open Sweden’s Evroc going full Viking with Euro cloud to raid US providers 14
open Microsoft battles through two 365 outages in one day 36
open Google shows cloud customers it's happy to have an open relationship 1
By Korev
open CRM giant Salesforce's focus on margins sees sales growth slip 1
open Google veep calls out Microsoft's cloud software licensing 'tax' 54
By Grogan
open Get ready, Snowflakes: Azure AI is coming for you with one click 6
open Individual data platforms for all health providers under controversial NHS plans 11
open Top cloud players reject Microsoft's attempt to settle EU licensing complaint 17
By ChoHag
open Rackspace datacenter infrastructure took 12-hour nap in London, Sydney, Hong Kong 23
open Microsoft appeals UK's block on Activision deal 7
open Born in the USA! Broadcom will produce American-made RF modules for Apple 7
By ivorb
open Keir Starmer's techno-fix for the NHS: Déjà vu disaster or brave new blunder? 138
open Google Cloud upgrades with next-gen accelerator that embiggens its VMs 1
By mirachu
open Alibaba plans to spin off cloud division within 12 months 1
By Grunchy
open NHS England spends £8M to extend Microsoft deals by a month 52
open Multicloud isn't necessary, says Gartner … until it is 13
open Search the web at least once every two years or risk losing your Google account 53
open Microsoft tries a deeper dive into Azure Firewall traffic 3
open EU monopoly cops probe complaints about Microsoft Azure 13
By Michael
open Hey Apple, what good is a status page if you only update it after the outage? 21
open Gartner: Stop worrying and love the cloud, with all its outages and lock-in 35
open Developers now able to 'customize' their Azure Virtual Desktop experience 1
By ecofeco
open Microsoft Azure CTO believes confidential computing is the future of targeted advertising 24
By 43300
open Uncle Sam mulls dumping monolithic software stacks for modular blocks 11