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Edge + IoT

Latest news from the Internet of Things and the edge-of-network world

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Broadcom buying VMware could create an edge infrastructure and IoT empire


Latest news on software offered as a service

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Infosys board asks boss Salil Parekh to stay another 5 years

PaaS + IaaS

Latest news on platforms and infrastructure offered as a service

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Despite 'key' partnership with AWS, Meta taps up Microsoft Azure for AI work


Latest news from the world of resellers, distributors, integrators, and more in the IT channel

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Re: Question for the economists here ...

Deep dive into “Off-Prem” topics

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open 'Significant business growth' fueled Microsoft's emissions rise 8
open Developer adoption is our priority, profits second, Cloudflare tells bankers 7
open Microsoft introduces pay-as-you-go tier for Power Apps 5
By msobkow
open Azure pulls in front of AWS in public cloud adoption 13
By Nafesy
open £5bn up for grabs in UK govt G-Cloud 13 framework 3
open If you're a founder and hungry for cloud credits, Microsoft has a hub for you 2
open It's not WW3. Spotify, Discord, Google Cloud had a wobble 6
open Intune out of tune after an Android 12 update? Help's coming 2
By _LC_
open UK govt signs IT contracts 'without understanding' the needs 85
open Cloudflare, Akamai: Why we're not pulling out of Russia 44
By __g
open Amazon pressed to be more transparent about tax 5
By Cederic
open Will this Mobileye IPO fund Intel's comeback plan? 2
open Alibaba smart electric vehicles now in mass production 2
open Amazon cuts credit for charities to access web services 22
open Enterprise IT finds itself in a war zone – with no script 40
open Russia acknowledges sanctions could hurt its tech companies 57
open Microsoft says hello again to China, goodbye to Russia 29
By Snobol4
open Oracle, SAP suspend business in Russia amid invasion 14
open Yahoo shutters email service in China 5
open UK internet pioneer Cliff Stanford has died 81
By Soruk
open What is it with cloud status pages not reflecting reality? 24
open Kyndryl completes hyperscaler trifecta with AWS partnership 2
By rcxb1
open Work chat app Slack suffers services outage 13
open China details relocation plan for up to five million datacenter racks 28
open Akamai's Linode buy: Good for enterprise, risky for others 12
By ayay
open HPE, Samsung invest in quantum startup Classiq 3
open IT vendors set to use headline inflation to justify price hike 14
By msobkow
open London university on hunt for £17m SAP ERP replacement 19
open AMD, DoiT to help Google Cloud customers optimize for Epyc 3
open EU digital sovereignty: Cloud players unconvinced 15
open Amazon, Visa strike global truce on credit card charges 47
By TeeCee
open AWS to build 32 more small clouds around the world 14
By Kev99
open IBM Consulting assimilates cloud firm for Azure expertise 11
By spold
open UK's National Savings & Investments bank looks for new IT partner in £172m deal 12
open Akamai buys Linode for $900m 9
open EU Data Protection Board probes public sector use of cloud 17
open F5 integrates products into 'Distributed Cloud Services' 2
By Roland6
open IBM Cloud to offer Z-series mainframes for first time – albeit for test and dev 14
open Singapore signs for Azure-hued sovereign cloud from Microsoft 16
open Cringe: Salesforce latest megacorp to jump on non-fungible tokens bandwagon 13
open Microsoft adds Azure AD Join to Windows 365 Cloud PC 5
open Azure Site Recovery points now live for 15 days in case undetonated ransomware lurks 3
open Do you trust your provider farther than you can throw them? Cloud priorities shifting in post-COVID world – IDC 7
open Google Cloud takes a gap year. It may come back with very different ideas 12
open EU digital sovereignty project Gaia-X hands out ID tech contracts 12
open Amazon stretches working life of its servers an extra year, for AWS and its own ops 44
open OpenStack-to-the-edge darling StarlingX hits 6.0, makes useful config tweaks 2
open Update 'designed to improve user experience' takes down the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal 53
open Grab some tissues: Meta's share price tanks after Facebook emits latest figures 71
By Mike_R
open Google Cloud started running its servers for an extra year, still loses billions 46


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