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Edge + IoT

Latest news from the Internet of Things and the edge-of-network world

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Imagination licenses RISC-V CPU cores for smart TVs, IoT, embedded stuff


Latest news on software offered as a service

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Seems a bit feeble

PaaS + IaaS

Latest news on platforms and infrastructure offered as a service

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Re: "UniSuper had duplication in two geographies as a protection against outages and loss"


Latest news from the world of resellers, distributors, integrators, and more in the IT channel

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Funding Round more like Sunk Cost Fallacy

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open Taiwan quake to hit chipmakers' capex, not chip supply 1
open Lambda borrows half a billion bucks to grow its GPU cloud 8
open Microsoft unbundling Teams is to appease regulators, not give customers a better deal 54
open TSMC shrugs off impact of Taiwan earthquake 3
open AWS severs connection with several hundred staff 13
open French lawmakers take a swing at cloud monopolies 6
open Cloud server host Vultr rips user data licensing clause from ToS amid web 'confusion' 27
open CEO of UK's National Grid warns of datacenters' thirst for power 168
open Scaleway shows off its new RISC-V devices at Kubecon 4
By ldo
open Cloudflare says it has automated empathy to avoid fixing flaky hardware too often 14
open EU antitrust cops probe Microsoft ties between Entra ID and 365 services 29
open Japan's NTT and NEC reckon they can boost optical network capacities 12x 4
By ldo
open First the Super Bowl, now this: Kansas City getting a Google bit barn 3
open Britain enters period of mourning as Greggs unable to process payments 251
open Microsoft reseller Bytes says more than 100 undisclosed share trades linked to ex-CEO 12
open McDonald's ordering system suffers McFlurry of tech troubles 109
open Claims emerge that Citrix has doubled price of month-to-month partner licenses 31
open SAP accused of age discrimination, retaliation by US whistleblower 10
open Microsoft decides it's done with Azure egress ransoms 14
open Sunak's defunct SaaS scheme spent seven percent of budget designed to help 100,000 SMEs 26
open Meta sues ex infra VP for allegedly stealing top-secret datacenter blueprints 4
By Lurko
open VMware by Broadcom promises more, cheaper, training, starting around May 8
open The S in IoT stands for security. You'll never secure all the Things 58
open Job interview descended into sweary shouting match, candidate got the gig anyway 222
open Amazon bends to Euro watchdogs, waives egress fees for folks ditching AWS 3
By wknd
open Amazon goes nuclear, acquires Cumulus Data's atomic datacenters for $650M 13
open Companies flush money down the drain with overfed Kubernetes cloud clusters 13
open 40k servers, 400k CPUs and 40 PB of storage later... welcome to Google Cloud 13
open Underwater cables in Red Sea damaged months after Houthis 'threatened' to do just that 100
open Multiple billions up for grabs as UK government launches cloud services tenders 41
open Gen AI and cloud optimization help Asian SuperApp Grab turn a profit 3
By druck
open Boss at one of Microsoft's largest resellers quits, admits secret share deals 10
open China Unicom becomes Middle Kingdom's second carrier with a billion subscribers 2
open Microsoft says it'll throw €3.2B at AI ops in Germany 10
By Bebu
open Microsoft 'retires' Azure IoT Central in platform rethink 24
By Dan 55
open UK Cabinet Office hits pause on £9M Microsoft deal 33
open NHS in Wales bets big on Microsoft with deal worth nearly half a billion 28
By MrGreen
open India weighs 18 bids to build subsidized local chip factories 1
open Cloudflare joins the 'we found ways to run our kit for longer' club 14
open Think tank funded by Big Tech argues AI’s climate impact is nothing to worry about 12
open Twitter spinout Bluesky ends invite-only phase and opens its doors to all comers 21
open Two of India's most prominent startup tech giants are in deep trouble 18
open ASEAN bloc to build submarine cable network, link government apps 1
By Bilby
open Restrictive licensing keeps businesses grounded in cloud vendor vortex 11
open Amazon extends the life of its servers to six years, expects $900m benefit in 90 days 16
open Singtel does the 'we’re building datacenters to host Nvidia clusters’ thing 1
By Bebu
open Oracle is hiring two new teams to build its cloud faster and stronger 5
By Ashto5
open Alphabet just banked $3B by stretching life of its servers 14
By Ianab
open Cory Doctorow has a plan to wipe away the enshittification of tech 159
open Microsoft signals expansion of APAC datacenter fleet with 'land acquisition' hire 4