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Re: Reciva Radios


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Salesforce lures staff with $10 donation to charity for each day they're in the office

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Re: "Europe's digital economy must be built on a European foundation"


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AI could be a genuine threat to them

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open Tiny Brit tech firms win spots on £1.84B public sector contract. Kidding, it's the usual suspects 23
open Fujitsu sets out on 5-year mission to standardize ERP on SAP S/4HANA 9
open Microsoft switches gears, keeps Exchange Online's CARs around until Sept 2024 1
open Microsoft coughs up some change after allegedly selling software to no-no companies 13
open Ofcom tempted to bring in competition watchdog to sniff the UK cloud market 8
open Tech giants looking for ways to wriggle out of UK digital tax, watchdog warns 49
open Unilever claims it's a 'cloud-only enterprise' – now with added OpenAI 15
open When Google cost cutting goes molecular: Staples, sticky tape, and PC sweating 45
open British govt tech supplier Capita crippled by 'IT issue' 53
By Alumoi
open Euro cloud providers react to MS potentially cutting deal on antitrust 2
open Google Cloud pitches 'Gen Apps' – low-code AI-based tools, not post-millennial kids 7
open Oh, really? Microsoft worries multicloud complicates security and identity 8
open Alibaba to separate into six parts. Take that HP and IBM, with your puny two-way splits 4
open Rackspace racks up job cuts amid market downturn and talk of offshoring 15
By Bond007
open Ammo-maker says TikTok's datacenter site could deprive it of electricity 41
open Outage rates fall, but major ones will cost more. Oh and don't bank on SLAs 9
open Activist investor Elliott holds off board-level influence at Salesforce 3
By Mayday
open Accenture puts 19,000 staffers' heads on the chopping block 35
open Microsoft breaks geolocation, locking users out of Azure and M365 35
By AndrueC
open Microsoft admits Azure Resource Manager failed after code change 20
open India gives itself a mission to lead the 'Global South' into 6G era 8
By Raj
open SpaceX tries to de-orbit Amazon's request for a satellite broadband shortcut 31
open Amazon lays off another 9,000, because why not? 10
open Don't Be Evil, a gaggle of Googlers tell CEO Pichai amid mega layoffs 26
open The Shakespearian question of our age: To cloud or not to cloud 66
open Google Cloud's US-East load balancers are lousy with latency 11
open Microsoft pauses delayed partner ecosystem security update to count its money 2
open Microsoft dips Teams in the metaverse vat with avatars ahead 29
open Singapore software maker says own hardware in colo costs $400M less than cloud 37
open Chinese biz banned from buying US tech rent it instead 7
open Microsoft wants you to build quantum apps in Azure, the cloud that's both up and down 9
By druck
open Salesforce latest to sprinkle ChatGPT on itself, will ask language models to write code 8
open WFH? Google Cloud's offices like a 'ghost town' before new policy 41
open US lobbyists commission report dismissing proposed EU cloud regulations 20
open Hands up anyone happy with Uncle Sam's $50B IT mega-job. Anyone? 7
open Zoom chops president it hired less than a year ago 28
open Salesforce banks savings by sweating tech infrastructure for an extra year 8
open Zoom: The sound of web chat biz's annual profits nosediving 6
open Salesforce under investor pressure to dump more staff 6
open Arm has legs: VMware's Bitnami starts packaging apps for Graviton and Ampere 1
open Infosys founder slams working from home, side hustles, as slowing India's growth 29
By Persona
open Google staff asked to share desk space in latest cost purge 57
open Phở no! Vietnam's last working submarine cable glitches out 14
open Microsoft signals cloud cash grab is over as it pushes more cost-effective Azure VMs 2
open Tech job vacancies hamper England's digital health plans 46
open Like AirTags, but for cargo: Qualcomm teases SaaSy tracking service 2
open Save $7 million on cloud by spending $600k on servers, says 37Signals' David Heinemeier Hansson 74
By eldakka
open Google's APAC outpost joins the global job cuts club 2
open Microsoft's Outlook: Cloudy with a chance of junk-mail-stuffed inboxes 9
open Airbus in talks to buy 30% chunk of Atos's breakaway cybersecurity biz 2