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open Salesforce calls some workers back to the office amid slowing sales 7
open US commerce bosses view EU rules as threat to its clouds 109
open Exchange Online and Microsoft Teams went down in APAC because Microsoft broke itself 31
open Cloudflare hikes prices by a quarter, blames the accountants 15
open Amazon unfreezes some hiring to expand its datacenter footprint 1
By ecofeco
open As recession looms, Workday warns that legacy HR systems need updating 15
open 'Russian missiles can't destroy the cloud': Ukraine leader describes emergency migration 29
open AWS CEO Adam Selipsky promises 'Zero ETL' future in re:Invent keynote 16
open AWS intros homebrew Graviton CPU tuned for HPC, network stack tuned to updated Nitro system 1
open AWS joins the water positive gang, claims it will be there by 2030 24
open Singapore branches out onto internet of trees 15
open Doctors call for greater scrutiny of bidders for platform that pools UK's health info 58
open Low code is no replacement for software development, say German-speaking SAP users 39
By Tom100
open Google and Microsoft add more renewable energy for datacenters 11
open University orders investigation into Oracle finance disaster 45
open Amazon to spend $4.4b in India as it adds second AWS region 2
By man_iii
open AWS gives older EC2 instances a legacy lifeline 4
open It would take a 'catastrophic' recession to stop tech spend growth, says IBM boss 21
open OpenStack thriving, survey says, but growth comes from a few big users 3
By jimt2
open Investor tells Google: Cut costs now and stop paying staff so much 69
open tsoHost pulls plug on Gridhost service with just 45 days' notice 38
open NHS tech chief dismisses concerns over loss of statutory power to protect patient data 35
open IBM to fire Watson IoT Platform from its cloud 18
open US Department of the Interior seeks $1b single-vendor cloud contract 6
open Alibaba hides 11.11 shopping festival sales figures for the first time 3
open Salesforce trims workforce as growth slows post-lockdowns 2
open Euro clouds lodge another complaint against Microsoft over anti-competitive licenses 26
open Google cut contractors off from online 'Share My Salary' spreadsheet, union claims 16
open Microsoft gives away '$400m in cloud support' to Ukraine 12
open You fire 'em, we'll hire 'em: Atlassian sees tech layoffs as HR heaven 12
open Alibaba Cloud plans for a fifth of its servers to use homebrew Arm CPUs by 2025 4
open Amazon freezes corporate hiring amid worsening economic outlook 7
open Alibaba Cloud goes even more serverless as it tries to become a utility 2
open China reminds world shock and ore can hurt tech supply chains 55
open The world was promised 'cloud magic'. So much for that fairy tale 74
open Is it any surprise that 'permacrisis' is the word of the year? 33
open Oracle and Huawei clouds the big movers on Gartner's conjured quadrilateral 7
open Economic headwinds be damned, cloud migrations 'not stopping' 5
open Microsoft boss Nadella's compensation pack swells 10% to $55m 21
open AWS warns of demand slowdown as customers seek to cut spend 5
open OVHCloud results show its November price hike will be a nice little earner 1
open Lenovo thinks customers simply love IT-as-a-service 4
open Google's Alphabet to review every project after $6bn decline in profits 45
open Government IT provider UKCloud goes into liquidation 39
By StevenB
open Microsoft will help trim your Azure bill to encourage loyalty 7
open What's up with WhatsApp? Messaging platform suffers outage in the UK 28
open Larry Ellison fought internal battle to kill Oracle's first-generation cloud 11
open IBM doesn't think Brexit is such a bad thing these days 45
open Blazing South Korean datacenter operator raided by cops, blames its own batteries 2
open Oracle's Larry Ellison shares fears of bankrupting Western civilization with healthcare 39