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State of Maine says Workday has shown 'no accountability' for farcical $56.4m HR upgrade

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KPMG wins Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council's £18m everything-and-the-kitchen-sink IT deal


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Makes perfect sense

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open UK Home Office tenders £5m for a supplier to help it greenlight IT projects. Yes, you read that correctly 13
By HildyJ
open Ex IBM sales manager, fired after battling discrimination against subordinates, wins $11m lawsuit 29
By Terry 6
open Azure adds programmatic pricing API to help you sniff out global deals 2
open Element rolls out bridge for Microsoft Teams to cross into Matrix's encrypted comms land 1
open State of Maine says Workday has shown 'no accountability' for farcical $56.4m HR upgrade 21
open OVH services still not fully restored as boss rates ongoing recovery efforts a 'real nightmare' 24
open Tata Consultancy Services added just 7* customers in FY21 ... and 40,000 staff as revenue, profit flattened 7
open Salesforce's get-back-to-work strategy starts with 'Volunteer Vaccinated Cohorts' on designated floors 12
By Nifty
open UK government opens vaccine floodgates to over-45s, NHS website predictably falls over 62
open 'Chinese wall'? Who uses 'Chinese wall'? Well, IBM did, and it actually means 'firewall' 106
open State of Iowa approves $17m in budget for Workday project after bid to use coronavirus relief funds was denied 5
By cd
open KPMG wins Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council's £18m everything-and-the-kitchen-sink IT deal 8
By Nifty
open Vietnam reveals state-run Alibaba-and-Amazon alternative, aims it at the EU 16
open South Africa's state-owned energy firm to appeal after court rules Oracle does not have to support its software 48
open Website maker Wix embarks on weird WordPress-trashing campaign, sends 'influencer' users headphones from 'WP' 30
By Ian 55
open UK government rings £1.5bn dinner bell for software design and implementation, 54 vendors come running 9
By hoola
open Huawei re-org: Chinese giant merges its cloud and compute business units 1
By Magani
open Toshiba launches cloudy managed IoT database service running its own GridDB 1
open AWS straps Python support to its automated CodeGuru tool, slashes prices – just don't go over 100,000 lines 9
open Think tank report names and shames 'stakeholder capitalist' Salesforce for paying no corporate income tax in the US 36
open Subaru parks plans to make 58,000 cars due to brakes on silicon supply chain 21
open If you can't log into Azure, Teams or Xbox Live right now: Microsoft cloud services in worldwide outage 37
open Pakistan’s IT minister objects to tax changes he thinks may harm local IT industry 3
By veti
open Oracle dangles new cloud lift-and-shift service in the wake of SAP RISE 1
open State of Maine orders review of $54.6m Workday project as it alleges delivery failure and threatens cancellation 40
open Facebook's new hookup: A pair of submarine cables to link North America, Indonesia, Singapore 18
open Bad news for automakers: That fire at the Renesas chip plant was worse than expected 18
open OVH reveals it's scrubbing servers – to get smoke residue off before rebooting 61
open Salesforce to face trial after software used by Backpage 'to track sex traffickers, pimps, johns on social media' 19
open Microsoft 365 tries again at filtering swearing, bad behavior: Classifiers for seven languages offered 64
open Ex-IBM staffer files lawsuit claiming company stole his cloud computing tech IP 13
open China’s 2020 cloud infrastructure spend outpaced the world, says analyst 4
open Can you imagine Slack letting people DM strangers in another org? Think of the abuse. Oh wait, it did do that 19
open Workday bets big on staff coming back to the office by splurging $172.5m on HQ and five more Bay Area buildings 18
open AWS names Adam Selipsky new CEO as Andy Jassy preps to take Jeff Bezos' big chair 2
open Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole Council awards reseller a multimillion-pound contract for Microsoft services 4
By Steve B
open OVH flames scorched cloud customers with pledge to build data centre fire simulation lab 44
open Cloudflare reheats network-as-a-service buffet with WAN plan 2
By Nedron
open Crafty: Cricut caught out by user revolt, but will cloud stop play? 25
open OVH writes off another data centre – SBG1 – and reveals new smoking battery incident 29
open Cloud builders hoover up 60% of ALL servers sold in 2020 as enterprise bit barns left to sweat 2
open AWS acknowledges that deploying to its cloud is too hard for .NET developers – so here is a tool to automate it 2
open SQL now a dirty word for Oracle, at least in cloudy data warehouses 33
open Wikimedia Foundation to offer community's free content via paid-for Enterprise API 9
open OVH says burned data centre’s UPS, batteries, fuses in the hands of insurers and police 78
By Roland6
open AWS throws its home-grown Arm CPUs at new memory-intensive instance type 2
open Fancy doing a little... experiment? Chaos comes to AWS as Fault Injection Simulator goes live 4
open Citrix preps ‘Project Bifrost’ to make cloud-to-cloud moves a rainbow ride 1
By TonyJ
open Microsoft customers locked out of Teams, Office, Xbox, Dynamics – and Azure Active Directory breakdown blamed 77
open Google’s site reliability senseis offer to train you in their mystical ways 7



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