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Latest news from the Internet of Things and the edge-of-network world

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Re: Reciva Radios


Latest news on software offered as a service

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Duke Uni libraries decamp from 37Signals' Basecamp over CTO's blogs

PaaS + IaaS

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AWS rakes in half a billion pounds from UK Home Office


Latest news from the world of resellers, distributors, integrators, and more in the IT channel

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China’s annual e-tail frenzy broke records – trust us, say government, Alibaba and

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open Citrix pulls the plug on its User Group Community 4
open AWS exec: 'Our understanding of open source has started to change' 18
open China's first undersea datacenter sinks – as planned 1
By Paul 87
open Duke Uni libraries decamp from 37Signals' Basecamp over CTO's blogs 42
open Google submits complaints about Microsoft licensing to UK competition regulator 7
open AWS rakes in half a billion pounds from UK Home Office 35
open You're so worried about AWS reliability, the cloud giant now lets you simulate major outages 9
open Two sats, one customer: Japan's NTT signs up for Amazon's space internet 1
By xyz
open AWS plays with Fire TV Cube, turns it into a thin client for cloudy desktops 28
By Tim99
open Black Friday? More like Blackout Friday for HSBC's online and mobile banking 39
By navarac
open Stop shaming service providers for outages, argues APNIC chief scientist 24
open India's $20B Smart Cities Mission isn't, and has hardly scratched the surface after eight years 3
open Microsoft adds FPGA-powered network accelerator to Azure 6
open Telco CEO quits after admitting she needs to carry rivals' SIM cards to stay in touch 48
open Civo CEO on free credits, egress fees, and hauling it all back on-prem 9
open Microsoft's Swiss army knife app hopes to cut through cloud clutter 6
By s. pam
open Alibaba cancels cloud spinoff, blames US chip sanctions 2
open Motives of multi-cloud users? Compliance and dodging vendor lock-in top the list 1
By Dimmer
open China’s annual e-tail frenzy broke records – trust us, say government, Alibaba and 6
By DS999
open Want a well-paid job in tech? You just need to become a cloud-native god 60
open Alibaba takes more of Salesforce behind the great firewall 2
open Microsoft 365 Copilot 'generally available' – if you can afford 300 seats 15
open Cloudflare dashboard, API service feeling poorly due to datacenter power snafu 8
By t245t
open European Commission loves Oracle enough to sign six-year cloud deal 15
By Ken G
open Fujitsu public cloud to be absorbed into main biz, then refreshed 5
By druck
open AWS CEO talks up AI to focus minds of Wall Street types 2
open AWS says it wants in on the European sovereign cloud game 11
By druck
open It's 2023, so Lenovo made a bendy smartphone concept all about hybrid cloud AI 16
open Google Cloud misses revenue estimates – and it's your fault, wanting smaller bills 15
By Kev99
open Microsoft admits 'power issue' downed Azure services in West Europe 16
open Indonesia grounds second broadband satellite to free up digital inclusion funds 2
open Sorry kids, Infosys and Wipro have cancelled graduate recruitment 11
By MyffyW
open Amazon to drop a cool $1B on Microsoft 365 cloud suite 19
open Down and out: Barclays Bank takes unplanned digital detox, customers not invited 33
open $6.2B in profit wasn't enough: Nvidia hikes GeForce Now prices for Canada and Europe 10
open So this one time, at Bandcamp, half the staff were laid off 45
By ecofeco
open Atlassian buys 'asynchronous video' outfit Loom for almost $1 billion 25
open Gulf states and 'The Stans' could become new tech hotspot – analyst 17
open Obscured by clouds: Time for IaaS vendors to come clean and play fair 9
open China updates national computing plan with calls for more edge, storage, memory, and … Blu-ray? 10
open Amazon, Microsoft under UK regulator's eye as cloud market probe confirmed 5
open Microsoft delays debut of IoT security offer due to 'unexpected system challenges' 11
By hoola
open Microsoft introduces AI meddling to your files with Copilot in OneDrive 49
open Microsoft attempts to woo governments with Cloud for Sovereignty preview 5
open Nukes, schmukes – fuel cells could power future datacenters 45
open UK IaaS market: Deeper probe by competition regulator lands soon 5
By xjru
open Game on: FTC tries again to block Microsoft Activision merger 1
open Why can't datacenter operators stop thinking about atomic power? 71
open Alibaba Cloud to bring its AI PaaS out from behind the Great Firewall 1
open Bermuda, your data, Google's gonna take your US data 14